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Maybe at that time you are too late to cherish it (2)

Tang Zi Chu said it, then he left slowly.

"Wait a minute." Song Ting Yu called him, used his hand to point out to the magazine: "Call the editor of magazine to chat, ask him about the source of these things."

Because Su Ran was always a low-keyed, so before Song company's annual party, those An City's magazine never really published her photo. She became the topic of the conversation among people because her and his matter, they all believed that she used tricks to get into Song family, but no one ever discussed regarding her matter and Lin Cheng Huan.

Song Ting Yu didn't think this matter to be this simple.

"Okay, Chief Song." Tang Zi Chu said it then left the meeting room to give a call.

Song Ting Yu wanted to sort out the materials so he went back to his office. Originally he wanted to read the material, yet he noticed that he unable to concentrate.

He flipped a few pages, but the image of that magazine kept on appear on his mind. Before the magazine was slipped into his materials, he looked at it and threw it to the trash bin.

At this moment Tang Zi Chu got into his office room: "Chief Song, the editor of the magazine just said last night he got a package, and inside it was these materials, moreover, inside it were photos…."

"Package?" Song Ting Yu placed his hand on the table, his long fingers tapped the table for several times. Tang Zi Chu was unable to predict what's on his mind, he was just stayed silent. Then he raised from his chair, took the coat from the hanger, and pointed to the magazine on the trash bin: "Tell that magazine group, let them immediately erase that news, if not just let them to reappear in the An City."

"Okay, Chief Song."

Tang Zi Chu just finished his word, afterward, Song Ting Yu left quickly.

He walked so hurriedly, it was obvious what was his mood now.

The whole An City said, Bai Zhi Rui was Song Ting Yu's most loved woman, but Tang Zhi Chu never saw it this way.

"Ma, look at this, I don't lie to you, right? I've said earlier to you that relationship between Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan is not simple. You still don't believe. The fact is already being published, even the gossip magazine and newspaper also write something like this. How could you still don't believe it?" Chen Jing stood in front of Madame Song, on her hand was a spread out of magazine.

Madame Song looked at the newspaper on her hand: "Why could you able trust a gossip magazine?"

"But, Ma, this photo is authentic. Look at this, look at this photo in the airport, they were so intimate." Chen Jing now was indicating to the moment of togetherness of Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan in the airport, when they were having a private talk, and Lin Cheng Huan's act of affection by stroking Su Ran's forehead.

Even they could capture that moment clearly and precisely, it was obvious the photographer had an early preparation, moreover had precise purpose.

"That day Ran Ran was bringing Song Wei Xi to the airport, I also know this matter…."

Chen Jing's face didn't look good; "Ma, even at this moment, you still want to protect Su Ran? I know you are really good toward her, but when the fact is put in front of us, how could you still not believe it? Moreover didn't I think about our family? Think of it, it is not long from last accident that happened on the annual party? Now something like this happen again? Our Song family's reputation was being ruined by her…."

"Okay, enough!" Madame Song felt her word was too provoking to her ears, she raised her head to look at Chen Jing: "I observed you always target on Ran Ran every time and every moment. You really dislike her, you make me unable to be suspicious whether you have any intention? Is it because you really like that opera singer? And want to cast aside Ran Ran, and help that opera singer to occupy the position of Mrs Song? I tell you. Chen Jing, today you listen to my word clearly, even there's one day Su Ran will not be our Song family's member, don't you let your Bai Zhi Rui think that she could enter our Song family as long as I still alive. Except I'm dead, understand?"

Chen Jing was speechless when she heard it, her face turned sour.

She knew that Madame Song really fond of Su Ran, but she didn't expect her to be at this stage. Now Su Ran was exposed of her relation with Lin Cheng Huan, she actually stayed firm to protect her?!

Why is it?

"You haven't answered me, do you understand?"

Madame Song said it, so Chen Jing even she didn't willing, she could only nodded her head, and said: "I understand."

"Regarding Ran Ran's this matter, don't you mind about it. We will take care of it. You just need to handle your own matter. If you like to stroll, just go stroll. If you like to play Mahjong, just go play. I don't care about what you do, yet if you dare to do something behind my back, I will not just let you off."

Chen Jing was already a mature lady, but this moment she didn't dare to rebel against Madame Song's ultimatum.

With her serious expression, she said to Chen Jing: "You just go first."

The time Song Ting Yu went inside the living room, he noticed his mother was leaving with the bitterness in her face. He frowned, and guessed it definitely because Su Ran's matter.


"Ting Yu, you are back? Sit down." Madame Song waved her hand and pointed out to the sofa in front of her: "Do you know about Su Ran's matter?"

Song Ting Yu nodded.

"What do you think of it?"

Song Ting Yu said without indescribable mood: "It just nothing more a masterpiece of that low quality of reporters."

Madame Song sighed: "I also think like that, I believe Su Ran will not do something like that. She had entered our Song Family for four years, I've been interacted with her for four years. I know what type of person she is, yet…."

Madame Song looked at him, and continued: "Sometimes a person couldn't help to control their heart. Ting Yu, I don't know what do you think, whether you regard Ran Ran as your wife or not. But if yes, then you need to cherish her, if not many men are queueing for her. If she didn't have heart to you, then perhaps the time you want to cherish her, it will be too late."

Song Ting Yu was silent for quite a long time: "I understand, Grandma."

Madame Song waved her hands, and just said those words. She really couldn't intervene the way of his thinking: "This matter please handle it carefully, don't let it to be a big matters, it will impact our Song family's reputation."

"I know."

Song Ting Yu noticed Madame Song want to go, so he help her to raise up from the sofa. He called the maid to help her up.

He then looked around for Su Ran's figure, but didn't find it. Even Song Wei Xi was not home.

He heard from the maid that today she took Song Wei Xi out to the child theme park.

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