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But You Will not Believe it (1)

If these person wanted to have a fight it is okay, yet don't do it in front of him. Don't let him to be scare once again, don't let him experience something bad again!

"Su Ran, don't you be too much!" Chen Jing said coldly.

"Get out!" She moved forward and pushed her and Bai Zhi Rui.

Song Ting Yu pulled her to stop, looked at her paled face. His heart was being poked for a while: "You go take care of Wei Xi."

He said it, then turned her body to pull Bai Zhi Rui and Chen Jing to leave the sickroom.

Chen Jing felt uncontented about it, because she never got that kind of treatment.

Su Ran could be said as the first one that treated her that way.

She finally understood, the usual Su Ran who always quiet and not really a protestor, yet it didn't mean she will fear of you.

She just put this under cover. This extremely venomous woman!

Song Ting Yu pulled them out, and stopped very far from Song Wei Xi's room.

His cold eyes looked Bai Zhi Rui: "I asked you to go back to your sickroom first, why you don't you go back?"

Bai Zhi Rui bit her lips: "I already back to the room, but I just want to look for Wei Xi… I just want to look, is it not okay? I just with good intention wanted to see him, I also really worried about him…."

"If you worry about him then you shouldn't appear there!"

Song Ting Yu didn't hear her finishing sentence, he just coldly cut her words off.

Bai Zhi Rui's eyes immediately redden, and with a sobs she said: "You feel embarrassed because my appearance there, right? Because I was the shameful third-party? Who make me like this? It's you! Song Ting Yu, it's you who make me like this!"

Bai Zhi Rui cried sadly, because she just experienced a miscarriage, her whole appearance was really pity, then she said again with low voice: "I gave up everything for you. When I just about to get famous, I retreated back from the entertainment circle because I know your grandma didn't fond of my job as an actress. I thought just being like that I can marry you, yet your grandma still didn't like me. You still marry another woman. These things I already tolerated even my heart was really aching. I bear it all, I just be your hidden woman, to the extent I am the cast aside third-party. I don't mind it, I still do it for you. The kid is gone, but Song Ting Yu, what have you given to me?"

"You threw me away alone in America and went back by yourself. You were together with Su Ran. The time I was back to give you surprise, yet you looked as if you were not happy to see my coming. Do you feel that I hindered three of you to become a family? Wei Xi is your kid, he got some problems, of course I will want to look at him. But you felt that I should not appear there!"

She forcefully wiped her tears: "Now seems that I am a rat that crossing the street, that people shout and break right?"

Bai Zhi Rui said it while cried sadly.

Upon seeing this Chen Jing was in heartache, used her hand to wipe Bai Zhi Rui's tears: "Zhi Rui, don't cry. There is no one say that to you, don't you think that way."

Then she looked at Song Ting Yu: "You still not comfort her? What Zhi Rui said was true, the originally hers, was snatched by other. How could she not feel sad and hurt? She originally just wanted to visit Wei Xi, but didn't expect something like this will happen. Why should you say that thing to her?"

Song Ting Yu rubbed his temple: "I know these years was causing great inconvenience for you. But I said already, Wei Xi is my son, I cannot not help him. If you really felt unable tolerate…."

"No…."Bai Zhi Rui suddenly yelled, as if she worried Song Ting Yu would say something that let her shocked, so she hurriedly cut it of.

She ran toward him, and extended her hand to hug him: "Ting Yu, I beg you don't say something lke that. I beg you, don't you leave me, don't you don't want me. I don't have anything. I just have you. Don't be like this. If you don't like I say this then I will not say it anymore. If you don't like me to appear in front of Wei Xi, then I will also appear in front of him, okay? I will do everything you want, just don't leave me…."

"Zhi Rui, calm down…" Song Ting Yu pulled her away.

Yet Bai Zhi Rui this moment was already lost he rationality, she continuously shook her head, and unwilling to loose her grip: "Ting Yu, I'm wrong. I'm really wrong. I shouldn't say something like that. I shouldn't meet him, forgive me okay?"

What time he ever seen this side of Bai Zhi Rui?

In many people's eyes, she was like an arrogant white swan that was inviolable.

Yet this moment her crying expression, unable to make Song Ting Yu felt nothing, he thought he really let down her.

Although the first time they were together, he also never really have any thought of being with her together.

That time they were being together, because they both willing.

Only Bai Zhi Rui always an understanding person, also never exceeded what is proper, so their relationship continued, and they were together for these long.

Afterwards, he encountered the Su Ran's problem, and was forced to marry by Madame Song. He was in resisted period, naturally rejected Su Ran. Being married with Su ran then, he went abroad, and also not because of his willingness to be together with her.

Because of her that time, in his heart, was a not tricky woman.

"Ting Yu, what are you thinking?" Chen Jing looked at his not responding attitude, and the appearance of crying Bai Zhi Rui. She felt so sad, and couldn't refrain herself to remind him.

Then he regained his awareness, he used his hand to pat Bai Zhi Rui's shoulder let her leave from his embrace: "Okay, don't cry anymore. You just lost your kid, and underwent surgery. It is not good to cry liket his.

He took the tissue from Chen Jing's hand and wiped er tears: "Before I was too harsh."

Bai Zhi Rui finally smiled through her tears, pulled Song Ting Yu's hand and said: "Then Ting Yu, you will not leave me right? You will let me stay by your side right?"

This moment didn't know why his mind was full of Su Ran's little face.

"Ting Yu…." Bai Zhi Rui's noticed his slow respond, and called him."

He used his hand to massage his head, and finally looked clearly in front of him was Bai Zhi Rui.

"Em." He nodded, and replied faintly.

"Thank you, Ting Yu. Later on I will positively be good and stayed by your side." She extended her hand to hold his hand.

Song Ting Yu fixed his gaze toward their intertwined hand, his eyes were dark and gloomily: "But later on don't you ever appear in front of Su Ran and her son. Wei Xi doesn't like to see you. He needs to be calm and rest quietly. I wish today's event will not happen again."

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