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Because I'm  the Shameful Third-Party (2)

Su Ran's face immediately paled, she pursed her lips and nodded: "I know."

They had undergone to every method, yet it all failed. This is the last and most successful way, so Su Ran didn't have any choice.

Actually to see Song Ting Yu and Song Wei Xi's strained relationship, she really thought a lot about it, to give birth to another, does she want to let him to experience same path as Song Wei Xi?"

Later on that kid will live snd he ask her, why should she make him as rescue medicine? Why should she be that selfish?"

She already thought about all this, but she didn't dare to go deeper.

Now except this, what could she do?

Leaving the doctor's office, they walked one in the front and one in the back, they didn't have any interaction.

Su Ran was thinking of her matter, and also didn't know whether Song Ting Yu was also thinking about that matter.

When they passed the corner, Song Ting Yu finally said something: "You go back first, I will look for A Zhan for a while."

Su Ran nodded, and didn't care about him.

During her way to Song Wei Xi's sickroom, she could hear Wei Xi's voice from great distance: "You go away, I don't want to see. Don't you stay here, also don't let my Mama look at you…."

Faintly she head there was Chen Jing's excoriated sound: "Wei Xi, why don't you have any manner? Bai Auntie just come to visit you, why you drive her out? Who teach you to be this impolite? You are like a wild kid, indeed a son will be like the mother."

Su Ran raised her eyebrows, and paced hurriedly toward the room.

Bai Zhi Rui and Chen Jing was standing in front of the bed, and Song Wei Xi hugged Lin Cheng Huan's waist tightly, and on the ground was a turned over thermos, the white porridge were thrown out everywhere.

Lin Cheng Huan twisted his eyebrows: "Mrs Song, now Song Wei Xi just get better, he need calmness to be better. Please leave first."

Chen Jing looked like was provoked by this sentence, she laughed coldly and looked at Lin Cheng Huan for a while: "Who are you? Why should you care about our Song family's matter? Mr Lin, your words before, what is your position to say something like that? Su Ran's friends? Or other position? Are your relationship simply a friend?

This moment Chen Jing's tone was too aggressive, it sounded to be unpleasant to hear. It let the usual warm Lin Cheng Huan turned cold: "Mrs Song, please conduct your words with dignity. How to say you are an elder, you are older from us for a lot of years. How could you say something without thinking it throughly? Don't you afraid to be a junior's joke?"

Lin Cheng Huan's tone was not too emotional, his voice as before was clam, but his words were poking Chen Jing's heart. Her face was turned really ugly: "What are you? What are your right to teach me?"

She raised her right hand, and wanted to slap Lin Cheng Huan's face.
Along with clear and melodious slap sound, everyone was startled.

Because her slap was hit on Su Ran's face, her white skin immediately showed a clear red slaps sign.

Just before, Su Ran ran hurriedly and pushed Lin Cheng Huan away, and she didn't have any chance to avoid it. She was slapped by Chen Jing.

"Ran Ran, are you okay?" Lin Cheng Huan worried about her.


Song Wei Xi used his little hand to pull Su Ran's arm.

Su Ran shook her head, and took the handkerchief from Lin Cheng Huan's hand and wipe the blood on the corner of her lips. Chen Jing's slap was too powerful that it didn't only hurt her cheeks, but it also swell her lips.

Chen Jing was fiercely provoked by Lin Cheng Huan's word, so she just acted. She also didn't expect her to help Lin Cheng Huan to avoid her slap. This moment she regained her calm, and ridiculed: "Saying you are not in any relationship, who will believe it?"

Su Ran swept a glance to Chen Jing, then smiled really cold to her: "I respectfully address you as Ma, but it didn't mean you could talk something nonsense. That you could trample me as you wish. I just want ask if you know that Wei Xi just backed from gate of hell? Do you know that he almost lost his life?"

Chen Jing also unwilling to be outdone: "What is the use of knowing?"

Su Ran laughed coldly for a while: "Then do you see Wei Xi as your grandson? If you do, you should know that Doctor Xu strictly emphasized that he need to rest. You clearly know he doesn't like to see her, why should you bring her? What do you want to do?"

Su Ran never willing to be in fight with Chen Jing in front of Song Wei Xi, because no matter how, Chen Jing is Song Wei Xi's grandma. So these years, toward her words and actions, she always tolerated it.

But she unable to tolerate her wholeheartedly toward Bai Zhi Rui that she said something like this about Song Wei Xi.

For which reason she said Song Wei Xi is a wild kid?

"Su Ran, you….!" Chen Jing was really mad, her face turned red as if she was about to explode.

Lin Cheng Huan worried she will do something to Su Ran, so he placed her and Wei Xi together closely behind him.

Yet before Chen Jing able to do anything, Song Ting Yu came inside the room.

He didn't clearly see what happen inside, also didn't hear any thing. The moment he went it, he just noticed there was a lot of people inside, moreover each one of them were in unpleasant expression, the atmosphere in the room was really strange.

"What happened?" He went inside, and noticed Bai Zhi Rui. He frowned, and said: "Why are you here?"

"Ting Yu, I…." Bai Zhi Rui's voice sounded she was treated wrongly and helpless: "I just heard that Wei Xi also stays here, so I just come to see him. I knew it from past days, I always want to visit but I didn't have any change. So I just visit today, but I didn't expect this will happen…."

Chen Jing noticed Song Ting Yu's was looked ghastly, and said: "I was the one who took Zhi Rui here, she is hospitalized, yet her heart is still thinking about Wei Xi. So she asked me to help her to make some porridge for Wei Xi. But do you know what Wei Xi do? He didn't say anything just knocked it out, look…."

"Because she is cruel person, she bullied my Mama. I will not drink her porridge…" Song Wei Xi said it loudly.

Chen Jing's expression was getting angrier: "Hear it right, I don't hear wrong? Look at how Su Ran teach her child? During that night party, she pushed Bai Zhi Rui down that she lost her kids, yet now she also taught him to say Zhi Rui is the cruel one!"

Su Ran looked Song Wei Xi's condition was not really right, she worried he will remember that night's event again. She didn't wait until Chen Jing finished her words, she just pointed to the door: "Go out, you all go out. Immediately go out!"

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