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Chapter 55 But You Will Not Believe it (2)

"I know." Although Bai Zhi Rui agreed, yet her tone sounded like sob, moreover she was bitting her lips forcefully.

Chen Jing felt she couldn't stay to look at this: "Ting Yu, how could say something like that to Zhi Rui? Why can't she look for that mother and son? Now it was Su Ran who pushed her down, and made her lost the child, why should she just be patient and accommodating to Su Ran?"

"Enough!" Song Ting Yu's cold eyes glared to Chen Jing: "Ma, I haven't scold you for this thing. Do you know what did you do? You know clearly Wei Xi just underwent surgery, he needs to becalm, why should you make trouble in his sickroom? Are you wishing he to experience bad thing again?"

Chen Jing's face turned sour: "What are you saying? How could I know that if he see her, he will be on problem? What are you take me to be? Am I that ruthless? Ruthless than Su Ran?"

Even her words didn't forget to mention Su Ran, hearing that Song Ting Yu felt extremely ear-pierce: 'Don't connect everything to Su Ran. Ma, I hope you will be sincerely think about Wei Xi. Don't let his mood and feeling to be fluctuate, could you do it? If you cannot do it, then just don't frequently appear in front of him."

Chen Jing was in furious mood: "Song Ting Yu, I'm Song Wei Xi's grandma!"

Song Ting Yu's as cold as before: "If you know that you are his grandma, then you should know what should you do, what is good for him."


Looking at Chen Jing, Bai Zhi Rui moved close to her and comforted her: "Auntie, you are okay right."

Then she looked at Song Ting Yu: "Ting Yu, okay, don't say anymore."

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips: "You guys just go back first, I will look at We Xi."

Hearing that he wanted to go Su Ran, no matter how her heart was unwilling, yet now she didn't dare enough to express it out, because she really terrified that Song Ting Yu will get angry.

After seeing his tall figure started to leave, Chen Jing's face slowly turned calmed, she looked at Bai Zhi Rui: "You need to grasp him firmly. Don't let yourself lost to Su Ran that you don't have Song Ting Yu anymore."

"I know, auntie." Bai Zhi Rui said with a low voice.

Song Ting Yu once again returned to the sickroom, Lin Cheng Huan was helping Su Ran to treat her wound, his action was so gentle and cautious, he was afraid that he will hurt her.

Yet Song Wei Xi was watching them while he was sitting down on the bedside, his big eyes were blinking, and his little lip continuously muttered: "Mama, is it hurt? Is it hurt?"

Su Ran smiled: "It's not hurt, really not hurt."

"Done." Lin Cheng Huan threw the cotton swab to the trash bin, and tidied up the things. Accidentally he looked toward the doorway, and noticed Song Ting Yu's return.

"Mr Song." He greeted.

Son Ting Yu looked at a suitcase that placed on the ground, his face showed a indescribable expression: "Mr Lin really used to rush back from abroad."


"After you got off the plant, you just directly come to look at Wei Xi. Sorry to trouble you."

Lin Cheng Huan as before was very gentle and refined, he kept on smiling: "Mr Song, no need to courteous. Wei Xi is a kid that I know and observe since little. In my heart, I already regard him as my son. He had something bad happen, no matter what I will come back."

Su Ran's gaze all along revolved between these men, since Song Ting Yu entered the room, she able to clearly feel the atmosphere was changing.

Moreover after Lin Cheng Huan finished his word before, Song Ting Yu's eyes narrowed, and his eyes' expression turned dangerous.

Although Lin Cheng Huan was still smiling, yet it also noticeable, his eyes brought a provocaation.

The atmosphere between them was like a time bomb.

Su Ran really afraid that it will explode at any moment.

Every time these two men ran into each other this will happen, they are incompatible like a fire and water, although they never really exploded, but this solely silent war was enough to let her fear.

So before Song Ting Yu said anything more, Su Ran said to Lin Cheng Huan: "Cheng Huan, you had been in the airplane for a long time, then after it you directly went to the hospital. You look very tired, so just go home and rest for a while."

Originally Lin Cheng Huan wanted to reject her idea, yet he also understood Su Ran's intention so he didn't want to make things difficult for him. Moreover, in Lin family he indeed had some matter to handle.

So he nodded, and picked his suitcase up: "Then I will go home first, remember to treat the wound on face."

"I know."

Su Ran glanced at Song Ting Yu, knew that he would stay here. So she said to Lin Cheng Hua: "Let me send you out."

"Uncle Lin, bye." Song Wei Xi raised his face and waved at him: "Remember to come again and visit me."

"Wei Xi needs to rest well, later on Uncle Lin come again."


After Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan went out, the sickroom was left just two of them.

Yet this little guy looked like he was planning to ignore Song Ting Yu, he just leaned on the bed, and took the book on the table and read it eagerly.

Inside Song Ting Yu's heart, a feeling of failure arose.

He never been seen as invisible person by others. These days, don't mention Su Ran, even Wei Xi didn't want to speak to him.

Yet this is kid is his son.

He moved the chair and placed it in the sickbed bed, he decided to chat nicely with Song Wei Xi. But when he about to sit down, Song Wei Xi just raised his head from his book: "Papa, why don't you look for that Auntie Bai?"

Song Ting Yu didn't expect this little kid will say something like this. He was startled then, his expression turned awkward, then coughed: 'Wei Xi, chat with me."

Song Wei Xi didn't appreciate his good intention, he even didn't raise his eyes to look for a while, his gaze was fixed on his book, and grumbled: "Papa, if you want to chat, you should look for that Auntie Bai to chat."

Now every sentence he said to Song Ting Yu, were invetiable linked to Bai Zhi Rui.

Song Ting Yu didn't really willing his word this moment will sump up his ridiculement toward him, but it seemed reliable.

"…." Song Ting Yu put down the book on his hand, and placed in the side.

Song Wei Xi wrinkled his eyebrow, and with resentment he said: "Papa, what are you doing?"

"Song Wei Xi." Song Ting Yu's tone became more serious: "Let's chat."

Song Wei Xi noticed his serious expression, silent, and finally nodded: "Okay then, what are you want to talk?"

His sudden question made Song Ting Yu unable to answer.

He just wanted to open Song Wei Xi's heart, let there was no misunderstanding between them. He really didn't hope that forever they will just be like this.

He didn't say anything, yet Song Wei Xi started to talk: "Papa, do you know why I fought with that Chen Xiao Bao?"

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