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As long as the result was what they want, the process were not really important.

“That’s good then.” Madame Song said

The next day in the morning, Song Ting Yu just took Su Ran to the hospital to do the check up.

It looked like they have arranged all the things, so today when they came, he directly took Su Ran to the doctor’s office.

The little nurse let them to wait there for a while. After a while, the doctor’s office door was opened from the outside, a person, who wore a doctor’s coat and looked tall and young man, went inside.

That man smiled to them and said with a smile: “You all have come.”

“A Zhan.” Song Ting Yu greeted him with a low voice

“I already helped to make an appointment, you can just go over there.” Lu Zhan put down the notebook on his hand on the table: “If your grandma knows, I suppose she will not forgive you both.”

“That’s why I need to keep it secret.” Song Ting Yu raised his brow: “You don’t need to send us over, just call the nurse, I know that you are very busy.”

The early preparation of the test- tube baby was one hundred percent important, it related to the success rate, it cannot be done carelessly.

After arriving at the hospital, Su Ran just knew that what kind of preparation should be done in early stage, she felt a bit regret for agreeing to Song Ting Yu’s request.

But now there was no way turn to back, just hoped that this will be a success. If not, everything will just be a waste of energy.

The time they left the hospital, Su Ran’s face looked pale, Song Ting Yu casted a glance at her: “As long as this time is success, Wei Xi will not be waiting for a long time…”

“You don’t need to talk more…” Su Ran faintly cut off his word, she thought in Song Ting Yu’s heart Song Wei Xi was not as important as his love, Bai Zhi Rui: “I know you don’t want touch me, but for me, you were also a stranger. Not a lot of people will agree to share the bed with the stranger.”

Her way of telling him this, is it for telling him that she didn’t like him too?

Song Ting Yu’s eyes’ expression somewhat cold: “That may not be the case, four years ago didn’t someone just do it?”

Su Ran’s face was white, embarrassedly turned her face. Four years ago’s matter, indeed was her father planned it. Since it was her father planned it, in his eyes, how come is it different from her doing?

Song Family.

Song Wei Xi and Madame Song were sitting down on the living room and watched television. Looking at their both return, on Madame Song’s face appeared a smile.

All of sudden, she hugged Son Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, do you want to go outside to play?”
Because of Song Wei Xi’s health reason, so this period of time he didn’t go to kindergarten. Now even he already went out of the hospital, however as his illness not yet cured, he couldn’t go there.

“Great grandma, do you want to take me out to play?” Song Wei Xi blinked his big eyes toward Madame Song.

“Your Papa and mama will take you.” Madame Song pointed to Song Ting Yu and Su Ran who just came in, both of them were startled.

“Grandma, it’s okay for me alone to take Wei Xi.” Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu will not willingly agree to go, it was okay as they, mother and son, did’t really need his companion.

“You guys one family three people go together.” Madame Song commanded: “Wei Xi, go change your clothes.”

The time Song Wei Xi slid down from sofa, he secretly whispered at Madame Song’s ear: “Actually I don’t want Papa to go with us, but because your request, then I will just let him follow us.”

Madame Song felt amused because of Song Wei Xi’s mischievous word, used her hand to stroke her head, and replied in whispers: “Then you need to take care your Mama carefully, don’t let your Papa bully her.”

“Don’t worry, just leave it to me, I definitely will protect mama.” Song Wei Xi patted his chest.

Because of Madame Song’s command, no matter how Song Ting Yu didn’t want to go, he need accompany both mother and son to go outside.

Inside the car, Song Ting Yu turned his head to look at the those mother and son, who are 100 percent intimate: “Where to go?”

Su Ran asked Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, where do you want to go?”

“The zoo.” Song Wei Xi answered without thinking.

Su Ran lightly pinched her small nose: “but it was winter days now, look, outside was full of snow, if you go to the zoo, you will not see anything then.”

“Then where should we go?” Song Wei Xi opened his bright and intelligent eyes toward her.

Su Ran thought for a while: “Let’s go to playground, okay? Wasn’t it the place that you really like to go in the past?” Today was weekend days, there will be a lot of people, Song Wei Xi love a crowded places.

“Okay.” Song Wei Xi replied happily, this mother and son decided then just told Song Ting Yu: “Papa, you just drive us to playground.”

Because of the illness, Song Wei Xi always afraid of cold, so he always a lot of clothes: thick fur jacket, knitted hat, shawl, glove.

This moment he leaned over to Su Ran’s embrace: “Mama, sing me a song.”

“What song do you want to hear? How about a song about a sheep with a wolf?”

Song Wei Xi pouted, somewhat with feeling of dislike: “Mama, you are really childish, I don’t want to hear that song. I want to sing <>, that song.”

Being cold-shoulder by her three years old son, Su Ran’s face became somewhat flushed. That song about sheeps and a big grey wolf was a song that she learned for along time. She originally want to made into lullaby song for Song Wei Xi, but not even once he heard it.

“I cannot sing it.”

“Come one, give your phone to me.” Song Wei Xi fished out the mobile phone from her pocket, his small finger typed on the handphone. He found the music player: “Mama, you look for yourself. Then follow the song along to sing it.”

Su Ran had no choice, forced to find that song which her’s son requested <> and played it loud, then followed along the song. Her musical talent was not high, especially in singing, but she on and off keyed sang this song. She felt embarrassed, but Song Wei Xi heard with a keen pleasure. Su Ran eyed the driver, Song Ting Yu, through the mirror. His dashing eyebrow was frowning.

Difficultly singing this song to the end, they finally arrived at the playground. Su Ran relaxed, before got off the car, she once again arranged Song Wei Xi’s clothes. Outside was really cold, she couldn’t let him be cold.

Before Song Ting Yu parked the car, Su Ran and Song Wei Xi got off first. Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi and bought tickets, and waited for Song Ting Yu at the entrance. Song Wei Xi mystically held to Su Ran’s neck, his little mouth leaned to her ear and whispered: “Mama, Papa certainly touched because of your song.”

“…” Su Ran didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, even when her bad singing voice, she blushed with shame, how can it touched people? It may only scared people?

Waiting until Song Ting Yu was finished parking the car, far away he saw the scene of mother and son hugged together and whispered, their relation was really good that they didn’t care about others around them.

That moment Song Ting Yu felt that his heart was somewhat being stirred up.

He took initiative to walk up to Su Ran’s face, stretched his hand toward her: “Give Wei Xi to me, let me carry her.”

Su Ran was silent for a while, but still in the end, she nodded her head. When she about to pass over Wei Xi to Ting Yu, who knows this little brat suddenly not willing. He still not used to Song Ting Yu’s touch: “Let me walk by myself

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