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In A Hurry

After that commands, Madame Song with warm face said patiently to Wei Xi: "Your dad is home and Wei Xi also had grown up, need to learn to stay at your own room"

Madame Song asked the nanny to take Wei Xi to his new prepared room, then she turned her back and looked at Song Ting Yu and Su Ran, said: "You both sit down, I have something to talk to you both."

Su Ran knew what Madame Song wanted to say. Even all maid in the house also knew it, so all of the hurriedly leaving the room. Now, it was just fifth of them in living room: Madame Song, Song Ting Yu, Su Ran, Chen Jing and Song Ting Yu's father, Song Ming Xuan.

"Wei Xi's illness can't wait, Ting Yu, Ran Ran, you need to hurry, as soon as possible conceived a child, then give birth to a child, that way Wei Xi can be saved."

Su Ran lowered her hand and didn't make any sound, she knew there's already no other way, just can be this way. Song Wei Xi was the only thing she cherishes most in life (lifeblood), no matter what she will help him to live.

Looking at how Song Ting Yu pursed his lips and said nothing, Song Ming Xuan with deep voice said: "Ting Yu, did you hear what grandmother said?"

Song Ting Yu leaned to the sofa, his both eyes set at the elders on the opposite of him: "Having a second child, how can you do it?"

Su Ran understood his meaning, Song Wei Xi was not the child he hoped, and gave birth to the second child will also not what he expected. They all will facing the same fate that Song Ting Yu's heart will not be them forever.

Madame Song with the gloomy expression said: "The second child will also be part of our Song's family, you say what can we do?"

Looking that Madame Song didn't understand his meaning, Song Ting Yu shrugged, stood up, and went up.

"Ting Yu! Song Ting Yu!" Song Ming Xuan was extremely mad, but how loud he called him, Song Ting Yu didn't turn his head.

Madame Song looked at Su Ran: "Ran Ran, don't worry, no matter what way, I will make he and you conceived the second child, Wei Xi will be okay."

" I know, Grandma." Su Ran smiled bitterly

Song Ting Yu's hate and rejection in such way was Su Ran's fault? But what can she do? For Song We Xi, she ready to do anything.

Su Ran opened the bedroom's door, when she entered, Song Ting Yu was standing near the window, he was calling someone.

His voice was completely gentle and soft, his low voice coaxed the person on the phone.

No need to think, Su Ran knew who was in the phone with him, except his most loved woman, Bai Zhi Rui, who else could it be?

She took off her outer coat and entered the bathroom. Today was very busy, she felt her whole body were uncomfortable, so she wanted to take a bath, then went to Wei Xi's room to accompany him to take afternoon nap.

She set off a bathtub full of water, took off her clothes and went to lay down on the bathtub. She had a lot of things on her mind, but at this moment, she wanted to forget it for a while.

She closed her eyes, leaned over the edge of the bathtub, felt the warmth of the water surrounded her body, now her whole body finally relaxed a bit.

Suddenly, she heard the bathroom's door was opened by someone, she was surprised, immediately opened her eyes. Her first respond was took the towel she put on the side and covered her whole body.

"In this broad daylight, you take a shower?" Song Ting Yu buckled his both hands, mockingly laughed: Su Ran, you sure enough were in hurry."

Regarding to his sudden break in, Su Ran was not very happy, pursed her lips, pointed to the outside: "Go out!"

Song Ting Yu bent his waist, used his finger to hook the clothes she took off before, picked it up, and threw it to her body: "Wear the clothes and go out, I have something to say to you."

Looking at his dashing silhouette went out of the bathroom, Su Ran just realized she was so mad that her heart was beating fast.

Su Ran took a deep breath, finally wiped dry her body, put on the clothes, and go out.

Song Ting Yu sat down on the bed and lowered his head while played with his phone. When he heard Su Ran came out, he raised his eyes: "I don't want to have another child with you anymore."

He stayed silent for a while, and with his cold eyes: "But this only way to save Song Wei Xi, so I don't have any choice, but I will not touch you."

Su Ran raised her head, didn't know what did he mean. As a matter a fact she and Song Ting Yu, although, they were married, but for her, she was the same as stranger. So wanted she and he be together to share one bed and pillow, her heart was also full of rejection. However that was for Song Wei Xi, but she didn't have any choice.

She knew that Song Ting Yu loathes this way, he wanted to keep himself pure for his most loved woman? But she really did want to know, he will use what kind of method to solve this problem.

Song Ting Yu gave his phone to her: "We can try test tube baby."

Su Ran serenely spoke the truth: "The success of test tube baby was very low. If it continuously failed that what happened? Wei Xi cannot wait for a long time."

Song Ting Yu's handsome face appeared mockery laughed: "Su Ran, do you really wish for me to touch you? These four years, don't tell me, that you have no man by your side."

Su Ran's face slightly paled, she just know Song Ting Yu was seizing the opportunity to humiliate her.

"The success rate was low doesn't mean it have no chance."

"But Wei Xi will not be able to wait that long." Su Ran bit her lips, " We can try one time, but if it was not successful then…"

"If it was not successful, I can only used the safest way then, sleep together with you to make you pregnant?" Song Ting Yu laughed coldly and raised from the bed, came toward her: "Su Ran, I want you to agree to my one term."

"What term?" Regarding his sudden approach, Su Ran felt not usual, she stepped back a few steps, made some distances with him.

Seeing her action, Song Ting Yu didn't care, his thin lips gradually opened: "After Song Wei Xi's recovery, I want to get divorced with you."

It turned out this was his intention…

The marriage between originally was not her wish, she nodded her head, responded frankly: "Okay."

Her fast respond and no slightest reluctance, made Song Ting Yu startled for a while. He felt he didn't really understand the woman in front of him, didn't she was married him for whole Song family's wealth? How can she easily agreed to his term? Or actually inside her heart earlier have another intention?

"After the divorce, you will not be Mrs Song anymore." Song Ting Yu couldn't control himself to remind her: "Everything that you have now will be gone."

"I know." From the start these all was not what she wanted, it was not what she loved.

"Okay, Su Ran, remember what did you said today." Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes and said: "Tomorrow let's go to have the check-up, so prepared yourself."

Su Ran nodded, turned her body to leave the door. Madame Song happened to be passed: "Ran Ran, how is it? What did Song Ting Yu's mean?"

Su Ran laughed slightly toward her: " Grandma, don't worry. Wei Xi will be healthy."

If the matter about test tube baby was known by Song family, it will be a trouble

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