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Chapter 6 Distinct Affection

Although it was winter now, but the playground was still full of a lot of people, so Su Ran was afraid that Song Wei Xi got lost. Therefore, all the way she tightly held his hand, she was not dare to let go.

Originally Song Wei Xi was a lively and active little kid, but after he was sick, he hadn't gone outside for a long time. So when he looked at the playground, his excited eyes were shinning brightly.

He wanted to play everything he saw.

But his health couldn't permit him to play everything, so Su Ran just let him played a few that didn't look dangerous, and not really thrilling games.

The time after they went out of the playground, all along the way back to car, Song Wei Xi didn't really talk, Su Ran knew he didn't play to his heart's content, she squatted down and said to him: "Wei Xi, Mama promises you that when you are healthy, I will bring you again to play. That time you can play everything that you want, okay?"

Song Wei Xi was very understanding, nodded his head: "I know."

This active and lively kid, yet he got that kind of illness, Su Ran's heart was really ache for him. But she couldn't express it in front of Wei Xi, she just clutched his hand and laughed softly: "Let us go to have dinner, okay?"

Su Ran held Song Wei Xi's hand, turned her head to Song Ting Yu and said: "If you are busy, you can go first, I and Wei Xi can take a taxi home."

Just a moment ago, she looked that his phone hasn't stopped to ringing continuously, she knew he was busy, and she didn't want to delay his time.

Song Ting Yu heard her, raised her eyebrow: "You want me to be scold by grandma?"

Su Ran was thinking of him, but he didn't appreciate it, so she didn't say anything anymore.

All three of them went to the restaurant, this restaurant was the one that Su Ran and Song Wei Xi's frequently visited.

No matter how Song Ting Yu didn't want to admit, Su Ran was a good mother, she always meticulously cared Song Wei Xi, just like this moment. Before the dinner, she always helped him first to be ready. When they were eating, she also always all the time put her attention on him, always helped him to pick some dishes.

When Song Wei Xi felt full, he looked around, suddenly pointed to the entrance door: "Mama, Uncle is there."

Su Ran looked at the figure he pointed, from the restaurant's revolving door, just entered a few men, led by tall and handsome man, it was really Lin Cheng Huan.

He also recognized the mother and son, and said to the person beside him a few words, then came over toward them.

Song Wei Xi was happy to meet Lin Cheng Huan: "Uncle Lin."

Lin Cheng Huan smiled warmly, stroked his hair: "Wei Xi, are you full yet?

"I'm full."

Lin Cheng Huan then glanced toward Song Ting Yu, nodded his head toward him: "Hi, Chief Song."

Song Ting Yu knew this gentle and kind man in front of him. It was Lin family group's young master Lin Cheng Huan, only he didn't expect that he seemed to be closed to this mother and son.

Because of courtesy, Song Ting Yu also nodded toward him.

Soon after, Lin Cheng Huan looked at Su Ran: "I was just coming back from a business trip, originally I wanted to visit Wei Xi, but the doctor said that he has left the hospital."

Su Ran nodded her head, slightly smiled: "Right, he just left the hospital yesterday."

Lin Chen Huan's friends were waiting him, so he needed to back soon: "Let's just talk some other time."

"Wei Xi, Uncle needs to go first."

"Bye, Uncle Lin."

Song Ting Yu leaned at his chair, his perfect corner of mouth slightly hooked up, his eyes glanced at Lin Chen Huan's back shadow for a while. He was a man, so toward man act of looking toward a woman, so he was sensitive toward any kind of special eyes' expression, and Lin Chen Huan was looking at Su Ran with that special eyes' expression, it was distinct affection!

Song Ting Yu's finger was placed on the table, his both eyes were carefully scrutinized both of them, and his face was hanged up he profound smile.

Song Ting Yu thought, now he could finally understand why that time Su Ran readily promised to get divorced after Song Wei Xi's recovery.

Su Ran felt that Song Ting Yu's gaze set at her, Su Ran slightly raised her head, and looked his eyes was mocking her. She didn't want to care why he looked at her that way, so she just quickly turned her head.

When they finished their food, the time they left the restaurant, Su Ran brought So Wei Xi to wait in front of the entrance door while Song Ting Yu took the car.

Su Ran saw that Song Wei Xi was feeling cold, because something came out from his nose, so Su Ran just lowered her head and looked for a tissue to wipe his nose.

Song Wei Xi caught a sight of a candy paper airplane flied over, it looked like so attractive, that slowly he followed it. All of sudden ahead appeared a car, don't know how it appear there, soon it was heading toward Song Wei Xi.

Su Ran listened to a noise, Su Ran raised her head, that moment her heart almost stopped beating, and Song Wei Xi because of being badly scared just stood at the ground unmoving.

Didn't care of anything, Su Ran immediately stepped forward, before that car about to bump into Song Wei Xi, Su Ran just carried him to the side, and at that moment, the car was bumped to the road's railing, and a smoke come out.

Fortunately, that driver was okay, he opened the door, and came toward Su Ran and Song Wei Xi: "Miss, are both okay? So sorry, before my brake is failing."

Su Ran not in the mood to care about him, pulled the kid who was in her embrace: "Wei Xi, are you okay?"

Song Wei Xi was so scared that his face just deathly pale, hugged Su Ran, after a while, little by little replied her: "Mama, I'm okay…"

"Wei Xi, you made me so scared." Su Ran carried him from the ground.
The parking lot was at the opposite of the restaurant, when the accident happened, Song Ting Yu's car just recently came out. The side of the road was set up with railing around it, he opened his eyes to observe the accident that just happened, yet, he incapable to immediately hurry. Then, he looked Su Ran just rushed out.

Looking at the mother and son both were well, he felt a little bit relaxed, he hurriedly drove over. He tried supported Su Ran to stand: "Are you okay?"

Su Ran shook her head, except her face looked somewhat pale, looked okay. And Song Wei Xi also didn't get any injury, just being scared off.

From her embrace, Song Ting Yu picked up Song Wei Xi: "Let's get in the car first."

Coming back to Song's residence, Su Ran firstly went to Song Wei Xi's room, helped him to take a bath, changed clothes, then carried him back to the room again. At this moment, Song Wei Xi's little face just recover some color. He took initiative to hug Su Ran's neck: "Mama, I'm sorry."

Su Ran knew that time he was chasing after that airplane paper, she lowered her head and kissed his forehead: "Wei Xi, next time at the road side, you need to be more careful, okay?"

Song Wei Xi was so obediently nodded his head.

Su Ran waited until he was sleeping only then she left the room. She went downstair quietly, and took out a first-aid kit. Then she sat down on the sofa, lifted trouser legs. Around her knee, there was a wound with an indistinct trace of blood. Gradually dry up wound and trousers material was sticked together. With a great difficulty, she slowly pulled apart the cloth. Then she opened the first-aid kit, took out the sterilizer water to disinfect the wound for a while. Suddenly a hand stretched out and took the sterilizer water from her hand

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