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Two maids tried to hold Tian Mi, after she was unable to move, she started to cry loudly and yelled: "Let me go, let me go!"

Mother Tian cried: "Mi Mi, what happened to you?"

"This is a break out of drug addiction."

Lin Cheng Huan's words let all the people there to be shocked? Drug addiction?

When did Tian Mi take the drug?!

Mother Tian regained her control: "It's Gu Dong Cheng, it should be him…" She moved forward and hugged Tian Mi: "My daughter, my daughter….!"

Yet Tian Mi was losing her rational, she couldn't recognize who was in front of her. For breaking free, kept on thumped on Mother Tian. Father Tian pulled her and let the maids to carry Tian Mi up to the room. Everyone was trying so hard, they tied her. Because they was afraid that she would bit her tongue. They put a towel inside her mouth. Now she couldn't speak up and couldn't move.

Her current situation let her parents to feel so sad.

They didn't expect that being away for short time, would let her be in this situation.

The doctor came quickly and injected sedative for her and she slept. Mother Tian undid the rope.

The doctor examined Tian Mi again, then chatted with Lin Cheng Huan. He confirmed: "Then Miss is in addiction. Moreover before I noticed many injection marks on her arm. The drug should be in her body now. This way it is easy to make her an addict. Moreover, they should inject a lot of dose for her. I will give her some medicines, you guys should watch her. Most people will be impatient during this time, twitching, moreover she could hurt people or herself…"

When Tian Mi woke up, she heard a sobbing noise beside her.

She opened her eyes to see who was it, she felt herself to be so tired. Her throat was sore so her voice was hoarse: "Ma, what happened to you?"

"Mi Mi, you are awake."

Tian Mi sat up and tried to remember what did happen: "Ma, what happened to me?"

Mother Mu's eyes were swollen and red, she looked at her only daughter was turned in this current condition by Gu Dong Cheng, she felt really heartbroken: "You are addicted to a drug."

Tian Mi's whole body turned rigid.

She remembered those time she was sleeping and be injected by something. Those days she didn't have any spirit and energy.

She immediately pulled her blanket away and looked at her arm.

For preventing her to get away, Gu Dong Cheng unexpectedly used this despicable way.

Mother Tian also sat on the bed. She was worried and clutched Tian Mi's hand: "Mi Mi, you need to be strong. We definitely could overcome this."

Tian Mi covered her face and pulled her hair. She felt so helpless that she couldn't kill that man.

Gu Dong Cheng, this man, she hates him!

These two days, Tian Mi kept on having break out frequently. Every time it let people trembled in fear. There was several times, she almost bit her tongue. Luckily, someone noticed it.

Every time, Tian Mi felt she couldn't bear it anymore. But she was unwilling to let Gu Dong Cheng gets away with his crime. She wanted to testify against him, she wanted to see him go down.

Just hanging to this thought, she just could try hard to live.

This two days, she broke out for three times.

The last time was this afternoon. She was breathing heavily and full of sweat. Father Tian looked that she was calming down,he undid the rope and took the towel away.

Su Ran took the medicine for her to eat. Mother Tian took care of her and wiped her sweat.

Originally they thought she was sleeping but suddenly she spoke up weakly: "When will start the court session?"

"It's tomorrow, but Tian Mi now you are…" Su Ran sighed, shook her head. She was worried about Tian Mi's condition. Would she be able to testify. She was weak.

"I want to go, I want that Gu Dong Cheng to be dead!"

If she didn't have this thought she would be crazy.

Since the beginning to the end, that man just saw her as a substitute. Once and twice he tried to hurt her. When she would be able to revenge him.

For his benefit, he unexpectedly drugged her.

"Mi Mi…, if not let's wait until you are better?"

"I'm okay…" Although her voice was light, but it was weak: "I definitely want to go."

The first court was at nine o'clock in the morning. The public prosecutor charged Song Ting Yu purposely killed Madame Song for his selfish desire.

The case brought a lot of people's attention. In the morning, there was a lot of reporters gathered to report this news.

The car couldn't get in.

Su Ran looked at the front and frowned.

Because of the reporter, they couldn't get into the lobby.

Behind them there was Gu Dong Cheng. For his presence, the media was so excited. He brought a lot of bodyguards to lead the way.

Gu Dong Cheng encountered Su Ran.

Today Mother Tian and Father Tian also came over. Looking at him, they loathed that they couldn't mince him!

Gu Dong Cheng smiled and didn't care about them. He even walked forward toward Tian Mi. Tang Zi Chu stood behind Tian Mi: "What do you want?"

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