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"What is it to do with you for what I'm doing?" Gu Dong Cheng looked at him ruthlessly. He then looked Tian Mi: "I really don't expect that you really want personally to testify against me?"

"Right, I want to personally look at you suffer!" Today Tian Mi was in a good condition, she glared at Gu Dong Cheng.

"Don't talk bullshit with him, it's just a waste of energy to talk with someone like him. Mi Mi, let's go." Father Tian hugged her shoulder.

All the people went away without minding Gu Dong Cheng, they were not willing to speak or talk to him.

Gu Dong Cheng just stood there, his assistant moved forward: "Mr Gu, Mrs Gu…."

Gu Dong Cheng waved his hand and controlled himself: "It's okay."

This moment looking at Tian Mi's figure, in his mind it appeared the moments of their togetherness.

The court hearing started, Tian Mi kept on sitting on the back row. Father Tian and Mother Tian accompanied her. She kept on rubbing her temple and took a deep breath. She was praying that in this important situation, there would be no problem.

"Mi Mi, are you okay?" Mother Tian was worried about her.

Tian Mi shook her head and just bit her lips.

She felt it was too long.

Finally the door was opened, the bailiff came inside and told her that it was her turn.

Tian Mi followed the bailiff to enter the court room.

She entered the room and looked around. She noticed Song Ting Yu sat on the defendant's seat. Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan and Tang Zi Chu and her parents were watching from audience seats. There was also Gu Dong Cheng. He was also looking at her.

She shook her head and let her brain to be clear.

Previously Lawyer Zhou already discussed with her. Now after her appearance, Lawyer Zhou stood in front of her: "Ms Tian, please introduce yourself to everyone."

Tian Mi calmed her breath down and simply introduced herself. Lawyer Zhou also said: "Ms Tian, your husband is Gu Dong Cheng?"

"Yes." Tian Mi nodded.

"Regarding Song Ting Yu's case, what do you think?"

At this moment Tian Mi felt unwell, she knew that she was about to break out. She didn't know that it would be that frequent, moreover in this critical moment she will….

She was almost unable to hear the question. She tried to hold herself together. She said: "It's all Gu Dong Cheng's doing. I heard he was on the phone with someone. He planned this all, he let someone…"

Tian Mi's sight started to blur. Her head was in pain. She had trouble breathing, this moment she fell to the ground.

People were surprised. It was a mess.

Gu Dong Cheng came over and hugged Tian Mi, but Father Tian and Mother Tian came over: "Put her down, hurry up put her down, you don't have right to touch her."

Yet Gu Dong Cheng didn't mind them, he ordered his people to stop Father Tian and Mother Tian. He hugged Tian Mi out of the court.

After this happen, the court announced they would adjourn for a while.

Tian Mi was placed on the sofa of the meeting hall. She kept on twitching and breathed heavily. She cried. She bit her lips. She was helpless and hugged by Gu Dong Cheng: "Tian Mi, how are you? Endure it."

All the people came over, including the two other judges.

"What happened?"

"She is an addict." Gu Dong Cheng clutched both of her hands and let her unable to move.

She glared at him: "Gu Dong Cheng, you will not win!"

She said it then she bit Gu Dong Cheng.

Looking at this, the judge said: "Hurry up, pull her."

"No, she would be better." Gu Dong Cheng said hoarsely.

"No need to pretend!" Tian Mi glared at him, "go away, bastard!"

Finally Gu Dong Cheng let her go, Tian Mi leaned on her father's embrace. Now Tian Mi's appearance was a waste in the court.

The court will not take account of her testimony.

Tian Mi also being sent to the hospital and the court continued.

This time Gu Dong Cheng said: "Judge, you also see it right. My wife is an addict, her mood and condition is not stable. She frequently have illusion. How could you trust her words?"

"You are nonsense. It was you who drugged her!" Su Ran couldn't bear it. Now she even still could imagine how Tian Mi suffer because of him.

This man simply was not a human.

She looked at Song Ting Yu and felt terribly sad because of him. She felt that she couldn't breath.

Tian Mi couldn't be their witness anymore, they wouldn't have anymore odd of success.

What could she do?

It was the first time she felt she was helpless.

Song Ting Yu also looked at her, he held his hands. He put one on the corner of his eyes and smiled.

Su Ran knew that he was telling her to not cry. To let her not to be sad. He loves the time she smiled.

Su Ran took a deep breath for a while. Then looked at him with her smile.

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