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She tried hard to open her eyes to look at what did Gu Dong Cheng do, yet she was helpless, she couldn't look clearly and fainted again.

This time Gu Dong Cheng left quickly. Tian Mi was fainted for several time. Every time she felt the same thing happened. Her arm was raised up and then pricked.

She always kept on this kind of state. The time Mu Chu Cheng's people found her and took her to leave. She didn't felt happy to leave.

The time she woke up again, there were familiar faces in front of her.

Her parents, Su Ran, Lin Cheng Huan and Tang Zi Chu.

Tian father and mother looked at her, then they cried happily: "Mi Mi, you are awake."

Tian Mi thought that she had illusion, she was startled and looked at the person in front of her: "Pa, Ma…"

Her mother hugged her: "It's us. Mi Mi, it's okay. You are okay, you are being helped….."

"Ma…." Tian Mi noticed that she was not dreaming. It's real. She was out from Gu Dong Cheng's evil hand.

It's been a long time since she met her parents.

She felt she would be crazy soon if she kept on being there.

But it's good now that she could come out and meet familiar faces.

Looking at how Tian Mi cried, her mother felt very sad. She hugged her and patted her back: "Mi Mi, don't cry anymore, don't cry. It's okay. Ran Ran has asked people to help you out. You will be okay now. Mama will not let Gu Dong Cheng, that bastard to bully you!"

Her father's eyes were red, he used his hands to wipe his tear and smiled: "Okay, don't you cry anymore. Mi Mi is back now. It's a good thing, we need to be happy for it, so don't cry anymore…"

Su Ran passed tissue and Tian Mi took it and wiped her tears.

Tian Mi lost weight a lot.

Tian Mi's mother used her hands to clutch Tian Mi's face: "My baby has suffered. If I know this earlier about how kind of person Gu Dong Cheng is, in the beginning I will not let you marry him…"

Tian Mi choked: "Ma, it's unrelated to you. It's my wrong. I thought that he was worthy. I didn't expect that I would marry an evildoer."

Her mood started to calm down, then she looked around: "Ran Ran, Cheng Huan, Assistant Tang, thank you for helping me. If not, I don't know what would happen to me. It's possible that I will be crazy person."

"It's okay, now you are okay." Su Ran patted her hands and looked at her eyes;" But this time we need to thank Mr Mu…"

"Mr Mu?" Tian Mi was confused, she thought that it was Lin Cheng Huan and Tang Zi Chu helped her out, it turned out to be Mr Mu…

"He is Ting Yu's friend, Xi He also knows him. He is from Mu family of Jiang City." Su Ran explained in a simple way.

Though previously Song Ting Yu was great, but now he was locked in the detention center so everyone seemed to be controlled by Gu Dong Cheng, they couldn't do anything.

Tian Mi nodded and understood it. Her spirit was quite low now, her face was not really good. So everyone didn't want to bother her, they let her to lay down and take a rest.

But Tian Mi wasn't willing to stay in the hospital, she didn't feel secure because previously she was caught again in the hospital by Gu Dong Cheng.

She didn't want to be brought away again.

"I definitely want to appear in court, I want to testify against Gu Dong Cheng. I want let him to enter the prison and receive punishment…"

Tian Mi didn't want to keep on staying on hospital, and everyone didn't want to force her. After all, the doctor said that she was okay but she had received mental torture so her health was weaker. She needed to go home and took a rest. She would be better soon.

Now Tian Mi was an important witness. Gu Dong Cheng should look for a way to grab her back. So she couldn't go home with her parents. It's too dangerous. Luckily, Lin Cheng Huan's house is big. Even though Su Ran and Song Wei Xi stayed there, there was still a lot of empty rooms. So he asked Tian Mi and her parents to live temporarily at his place till the condition was calm down.

Tian Mi had been together with them for two days. These days her parents kept on buying a lot of supplement and making herbal soup for her. But she didn't look too well. Moreover, she sometimes felt anxious. She could dream and scream.

She also sometimes twitched. She didn't feel safe.

It wasn't very serious at the firs time. But it's getting worse, she couldn't control herself.

This moment she sat down on the sofa and felt very sad. She seemed to be longing of something, but she didn't know what was it. She started to twitch again. She hugged her head and curled up on the sofa.

Song Wei Xi at first was playing Lego on the carpet, the first time he noticed her, he put his toys down and asked: "Auntie Tian, what happened?"

Tian Mi suddenly raised her head. Her eyes were glaring at him, her face was deathly white. She looked fierce and full of sweat. Her appearance scared Song Wei Xi. He retreated a few steps: "Ma, Ma Ma…. Grandma Tian, Auntie Tian…. she…."

Hearing Song Wei Xi's voice, everyone rushed. Mother Tian ran over and hugged Tian Mi: "Mi Mi, what happened to you? Don't you scare me? What happened to you? Say it… tell me…"

"Ma, I feel unwell, un…wellll…" Tian Mi raised her face to take a breath.

Su Ran called the doctor.

Lin Cheng Huan also came over with his maid pushing his wheelchair. Looking at Tian Mi's condition, his face turned serious: "You guys come over toward her, hurry and control her."

Her power now was really strong. Moreover because she was unwell, she wanted to hit her head to the coffee table.

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