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How about we go back to the bedroom?

Song Ting Yu remained calm and collected and looked at her up and down, and turned his body to go inside: "Help me to put it inside."

Su Ran followed his step and placed the glass of milk on the table: 'You do your matter, I will go back to the room first."

However Song Ting Yu gripped her wrist, and pulled her, he stared on her beautiful face, with a low voice said: "How can you go back? Don't you have something to say to me?"

"I…." Su Ran lowered her head, bit her lips, didn't say anything.

Song Ting Yu's long finger raised to her hair near her forehead, and placed it there while toying with it: "What do you want to say with me?"

She felt her heart was beating fast, it seemed it want to jump out her throat. She tried her best to settled her mood, finally raised her head to look at him on the eyes: "Today I used that pregnancy test paper….."

"Em." He lightly replied: "Then?"

"I'm not pregnant yet…"

"I know."

Su Ran startled, how could he know it? Because the time was too short, even she didn't know herself condition.

"So I…" She as before still felt so nervous. She didn't feel herself to be mature, they were both an adult woman and man, moreover, they both are husband and wife, talking about these things should be in easy- mannered.

"How about it?" Song Ting Yu immediately asked her again.

Su Ran clenched her hand on her thigh, and looked at Song Ting Yu, suddenly she closed her eyes, looked like she was deciding on the some important matter. With strong determination, she stood on tiptoe kissed Song Ting Yu's thin lips.

Because her nervousness, plus didn't have experience, so it was completely unskilled, when she kissed Song Ting Yu, she bumped into his teeth.

He frowned, slightly sighed, extended his hand to hug her waist. He held her and let her to sit down on the table.

"This is what you want to say to me?"

"I need to be pregnant." Su Ran with a great difficulty decided, so she couldn't retreat, moreover she afraid if she stopped, she will lose her courage.

For Song Wei Xi, it was the first time she took initiative.

Her delicate hands were somewhat shivered, yet she firmly placed it around his neck. She pulled the collar down and actively undo his button.

But probably because she was too nervous, so she had difficulty to undo it.

She couldn't help herself but too frenetic.

Song Ting Yu used his hand to stopped her: "Let me."

Su Ran put down her hand, she didn't look at him anymore, but she knew that he was undoing his button.

She forcefully swallowed her saliva, looking around, and just realized that they were in the study room, and this time Song Ting Yu already took off his clothes. It showed his wonderful body, and his both arms pulled her into his embrace.

Her hand gripped his arm, and said in low voice: "How about we go back to the bedroom?"

Song Ting Yu used his hand to clasp her small face, lowered his face to her lip then said: "Just right here."

In the morning, Su Ran was the first one to be awake. She turned her aching body, and released a big breath.

Yesterday was too intense, from the study room to the bedroom, it was until the midnight that they stopped and had a sleep.

Song Ting Yu's hands now was on her waist.

Su Ran gazed around his handsome face, couldn't help but to think, about his time together with Bai Zhi Rui, will it be like this?

She realized herself should not be think deeply, if she thought about it deeply, she will engulfed in strange feeling.

A feeling that made her heart appeared to be pricked by sharp needle.

She used her hands to cover her own eyes, she really didn't understand how can she had that kind of feeling.

After she woke up, she didn't have any sleepiness anymore, so Su Ran simply woke up. Her movement was gentle, she moved aside Song Ting Yu's hand, left the bed. She collected the scattered clothes on the grounds and wore it.

The whole process, her action was somewhat cautious. Today was Saturday, so Song Ting Yu didn't go to work, therefore so she didn't want to bother him.

But this her phone was vibrating, she looked at it and couldn't help to frown when she looked at the caller ID.

She took the phone, opened the balcony window, and went outside to answer it.

It was a call from Su Hao, she thought he called to ask about the money, so without waiting for him to say anything, she said something in advance: "The money, I…"

She hadn't finished her sentence, Su Hao's excitedly said: "Ran Ran, you really have a way. I already said, you are husband and wife. How can he possibly not give you the money? Remember you need to thank Song Ting Yu for me. After two days, ask him to go to our house to have dinner, I want to personally thank him…"

Su Ran frowned, and responded back: "You already got the money?"

"Right, this morning it was transferred to my account, so I directly call you…"

Su Ran startled, she looked at the sleeping Song Ting Yu from the window's glasses, she naturally knew it was not the money from her.

That should be Lin Cheng Huan who gave it.

Didn't expect that he was that quick.

Originally she wanted to give a call to Lin Cheng Huan to ask, but it was still early in the morning, she didn't want to bother him, so it was better to be later.

After Su Ran ate her breakfast, she realized Song Wei Xi still not yet wake up, she didn't want to wake him. She asked nanny to look after him, then she drove her car to go outside.

She went back to Su House, to let Su Hao to be temporarily not touched the money, because it was Lin Cheng Huan's money, moreover, now Lin's company was require capital.

But Su Hao this man, it was difficult for him to give out the money back so at last this father and daughter once again parted on bad terms.

When Su Ran was getting out from Su Family's house, Qiao Qing chased after her, stood in front her, pulled her hand: "Ran Ran, don't blame your father. He really needs this money, if he didn't stuffed in the money, Su family will be in trouble, and he will also. I don't want to see him to be in trouble, just let it be our debt to Ting Yu…"

"Ma, it is not Song Ting Yu…"

"Then who is it?" Qiao Qing was somewhat surprised, this was not a small amount, who will be this kind to give money.

"It is Cheng Huan."

"So it is Cheng Huan, then…" Qiao Qing paused and continued: "But there's no other way now…"

Su Ran didn't want to continue chat with her: "You just go back, I will go first."

"Ran Ran, don't blame me, your father was really important for me."

That was Qiao Qing said to Su Ran before Su Ran got in her car

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