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The Sole Mutual Understanding

This should have what Song Ting Yu most wanted sentences to hear from her, but this moment his face turned colder, he pursed his mouth, and stayed silent.

Su Ran ignored him, wiped her face, laid down with her back toward him, and pulled her blanket up.

Song Ting Yu stood there, stared at Su Ran's back for a long time, and at the end he turned his body and left the room.

He also didn't know how could he say something like that, he was never a nosy person, but toward Su Ran's problem, it seemed to be unrelated to him, yet he pretended to not see and hear about it.

But as it happened, he couldn't do it.

Not only he couldn't do it, instead every time he caught of a sight of her with Lin Cheng Huan together, he immediately felt uneasy.

Moreover, he also didn't really like to look how Lin Cheng Huan's way of looking at Su Ran, his gentleness and pampering attitude toward her; he was regarded her as the whole world most precious treasure.

He certainly a madman…..

Song Ting Yu got in to his car, leaned on the steering wheel, closed his eyes, and used his hands to massage his head.

He felt it was certainly because his fight with Bai Zhi Rui, so it was the reason he was at loggerheads. Because his bad mood, so it let him to be completely confused.

This night, Song Ting Yu didn't go into the sick room, but he also didn't go home, he just stayed the night in the car.

He was waken by his phone's ringtone, the dark sky outside already started to be brighten.

Song Ting Yu was very tall, he was 180 cm, his hands and legs also long. Being placed inside this narrow car for a night, he felt his limbs and trunks were aching.

He wrinkled his brow, extended his hand to look for her phone. He didn't look clearly for the caller, he just directly answered it.

The call was from Chen Jing: "Ting Yu, where are you going this early morning? This early you are going to work, why are you not having your breakfast first?"

"No, yesterday I had problems to handle, so I went out."

Chen Jing stayed silent for a while: "Are you being together with Su Ran?"

Song Ting Yu didn't say anything, Chen Jing continued: "Ting Yu, what did truly happen with you and Bai Zhi Rui? She called me, she said that you didn't even take her call…"

"I just think that she needs to be calm for a while, wait until she is calm then we will talk."

"She is so love you, for her to know your matter with Su Ran, it is common for her to be sad, you need to be more understanding…." Chen Jing's tone in all respects showed her deep caring toward Bai Zhi Rui.

But this moment, Song Ting Yu didn't have the patience to hear it, "Ma, I will handle my own matter, no need for you to intervene. If you have a lot of time on your hand, it's better for you to care for Wei Xi for a while."

Though he was back from abroad for a while, he could sense that Chen Jing was not fond of Song Wei Xi at all, didn't know if it was because the Su Ran, or other reasons.

But in short, Song Ting Yu didn't like people to care for his problem, for this point, including his birth mother.

Song Ting Yu didn't listen anymore for Chen Jing's words, he hung up the phone and took his coat. He opened the door's car, and went to Su Ran's room.

Although it was early in the morning, but Su Ran had waken up. This night, she looked like to not have a good rest, because her face was still paled.

When Song Ting Yu came, she was tidying up. It supposed because she afraid that Song Wei Xi's to be worry so she wanted to get out of hospital.

Song Ting Yu's whole body had a strong aura, even though he just stood up in front of the door quietly, Su Ran whose inside could felt his presence.

She didn't really want to care about her. Because her sorrowful realized, every time she interacted with him, it will end up in bad term.The sole mutual agreement that they had is only likely on the bed.

Clearly there was no whatsoever feeling and spiritual agreement, but the funniest moment, their body was that cooperative.

Su Ran didn't say anything, Song Ting Yu also didn't say anything. He just stood there on the doorway, and looked at her

Until a figure with white clothes,Lu Zhan, patted his shoulder and with suspiciously said: "Why don't you get in, why did you stand outside? Where is Su Ran?"

Song Ting Yu pointed to the inside room, "Inside."

"It's good that you are both here." Lu Zhan said: "Wei Xi's doctor in charge is hoping to let you meet him for a while."

Su Ran startled, immediately stopped her movement, and with her soft voice that sounded a little bit shivering: "What happened?"

Lu Zhan smiled: "It supposed he just want to chat with you guys about Wei Xi's condition, it's nothing, just come to his office for a while."

Song Ting Yu glanced to Su Ran: "We will immediately go there."

After Lu Zhan left, they both together to the doctor's office.

This was about fifty years old specialized doctors which experienced of studying abroad, he kindly let them to sit on the chair: "Mr Song, Mrs Song, please sit down."

Su Ran thought about Song Wei XI, how can she had thought to sit: "Doctor Xu, is there any development about Song Wei Xi's illness?"

Doctor Xu slight smiled: "Mrs Song, don't need to be to nervous. His illness temporary are okay, but no matter what, his illness couldn't wait for long…" He used his long hand and pushed his glasses: " So I would like to ask Mr Song Mrs Song, do you have any good news yet?"

Su Ran and Song Ting Yu both understood what the doctor's means with "good news" it was indicated with conceiving the second child.

Su Ran remembered that there was a kind of pregnancy test paper, that could in advance somewhat inspect if pregnant or not. So on the way home, she let Song Ting Yu to stop at the drug store, she went in to buy that thing.

She was too afraid that something bad will happen to Song Wei Xi, so she know whatever Doctor Xu said was true, Song Wei Xi couldn't wait for long time.

Going back to Song house, she impatiently went to the restroom to use the pregnancy test. Yet the result was clear, she was not pregnant.

She used the test paper, sat down on the cover of the toilet bowl, and covered her disappointed face.

Sometimes a thing as conceiving child could be discovered but not sought, the first time she be together with Song Ting Yu, she directly conceived Song Wei Xi.

But this period of time, almost every night she was together with Song Ting Yu, but this second child was somewhat slow.

Su Ran stayed at the restroom for quite long time, the time she stood up she, she threw the test paper to the trash. Then washed her hand and faced, she looked herself on the mirror. She took a deep breath, she knew Song Wei Xi's illness could not wait any longer, she needed to be pregnant as soon as possible.

At night Song Ting Yu didn't go home to eat dinner, she heard that he had a business gathering.

After he went home, he directly went to the study room, hearsay he had some matters to handle.

From downstairs, she took a glass of milk, the time she passed by the study room's room, she hesitated there for a moment. Didn't know if she will bother him if she knocked on the door.

The time she was hesitated and paced back and forth, the door of the study room was opened.

Song Ting Yu stood on the doorway, looked at her, and startled: "You look for me?"

Su Ran was beating so fast at this moment, she responded vaguely for a while, she gave him the glass of milk to the front of her: "I helped you to take a glass of milk

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