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Your Present

Blame her?

Su Ran laughed agonizedly, these years, she already used to be apathetic. From the very start perhaps she was unwilling, but now she already felt nothing.

Su Hao is certainly will be the important part of Qiao Qing's lifetime, and she was not.

When driving her car out of Su family, Su Ran answered Tian Mi's phone, asked her to go to the studio for awhile. Because Tian Mi had some matters to attend, moreover now was the end of the year, she needed to give some people in the studio some awards, she wanted to go there to do some audit.

"Okay, I will arrived in a short while."

"Ran Ran, happy birthday." Tian Mi said before she hung up: "Later on I will bring your present too."

Su Ran startled for a while, she just remembered that today is her birthday, she really didn't remember it.

"Thank you." Su Ran hung up the phone and drove her car to the studio.

After examining the financial matter, she sat down on the office room. She took out her phone and called Lin Cheng Huan, she wanted to ask him about the money, and hoped he could take the money back.

"Cheng Huan, did you ask your people to transfer the money to my father's account?"

"No…" Lin Cheng Huan also sounded somewhat surprised: "Just now I just think to call your situation…. Your father already got the money?"

"Em." Su Ran held the pencil: "This morning he received the money, but you said you didn't transfer it, then…"

Could it be Song Ting Yu?

Her mind appeared Song Ting Yu's name, but she hurriedly denied it, how is it possible? Firstly he was against and opposed to lend some money, moreover in his eyes, we Su Family were greedy and never satisfied, how could he extended his hand to help the one that she hate?

But if this money was not from him, then who was it from?

She leaned on the chair, thought about it for a long time but still couldn't understand it.

When Song Ting Yu opened her eyes, in his face was strikingly similar little face as him.

He used his hand to stroke Song Wei Xi's forehead: "Why did you wake this early?"

"It's not early." Song Wei Xi used his little hand to lift the blanket: "Papa , where is mama?"

Song Ting Yu looked toward his side, there was no one. What time was Su Ran wake up?

"She is not downstair?"

"No, she is not." Song Wei Xi shook his hand, his eyes full of puzzlement: "Where did mama go this early? I want to be the first one to say happy birthday to her…."

"Today is Su Ran's birthday?" Song Ting Yu pulled the sheet to cover his waist, that he was quiet.

"Yes." Song Wei Xi sat on the bed, swayed his little leg: "In the past, I asked great grandma. Great grandma told me so I remember it."

Though Song Wei Xi was only three years old, but he always smart, his memory was also a good.

"Papa, what is your present for mama?" Song Wei Xi raised his handsome face to look at his father.

Present? Song Ting Yu used his hand to braced his forehead, from the start he didn't know it was Su Ran's birthday.

"This is my present for Mama."

Song Ting Yu just realized the beautiful box on Song Wei Xi's hand, he opened the case and saw the inside was wind chime from the shells.

Song Wei Xi's little hand touched the shells, he smiled and made his entire little face clearly glowing: "Mama really likes seashells. This summer I picked this from the beach, then I constructed it. Great grandma gave this case to help me to decorate it to be even more beautiful for mama."

"Papa, is it beautiful?"

"It's beautiful." Song Ting Yu closed the box, slightly smile: "Do you know where is your mama? Later on let's look for her, then we will eat out okay?"

"I know where she is." Song Wei Xi immediately said: "If mama is not in the grandma house, and she didn't be in Auntie Tian's, then she was in the studio."

Su Ran's life was always simple, she very rarely goes to other places.

"Then later on let's look for her."

Song Ting Yu took Song Wei Xi to prepare himself to be ready. When they were going out, they met Chen Jing, who just came back.

She suspiciously looked at this father and son: "Where are you guys going?"

Song Ting Yu carried Song Wei Xi's little body: "I want to take him out for a while."

Chen Jing almost skillfully able to guess: "You are looking for Su Ran?"

"Is there any problem?"

Song Ting Yu's voice showed impatient, Chen Jing always likes to trouble herself with her problem. He loathed it, even though she was his mother, she couldn't do it.

"Ting Yu!" Chen Jing's voice raised.

Song Wei Xi repeatedly looked at their both faces, used his both arm to hug Song Ting Yu's neck, with his little voice said: "Grandma, today is Mama's birthday, papa only want to take us out to have dinner."

After hearing what Song Wei Xi said, Chen Jin's face became more gloomy.

Yet Song Ting Yu didn't care about here, he took Song Wei Xi to leave.

Inside the car, Song Wei Xi was sitting in the back and keeping the box in his embrace. He said: "Papa, why is grandma look like she doesn't like mama?"

Song Ting Yu's long fingers were slightly stamped on the steering wheel, Chen Jing's hatred toward Su Ran, was hardy concealed, therefore even Song Wei Xi will also able to recognize it.

He didn't know how to explain to a three years old kids, he was silent for a while, then looked back for a glance: "Wei Xi, grandma doesn't hate your mama."

Song Wei Xi lowered his head, and looked at his both hands: "I know, she doesn't like."

Because of this matter, Song Wei Xi's mood changed to be gloomy.

For shifting his attention, Song Ting Yu changed the topic: "Wei Xi, Papa hasn't bought any present, you accompany to buy a present for mama, okay?"

Song Wei Xi's attention was shifting, he immediately nodded: "Papa, what present do you want to give to mama?"

Song Ting Yu startled again, he almost never give anything to any woman. Even Bai Zhi Rui wanted something, he only will give her money, and let her to buy it herself.

So regarding this matter, he really didn't have any experience, moreover he didn't really know Su Ran's preference.

This moment Song Wei Xi leaned forward to the window to look outside, suddenly he pointed to one direction: "Papa, you buy a flower to mama, buy roses.

Really didn't expect how could this little little guy will know woman likes rose.

However when Song Wei Xi arrived at the flower shop and he saw some fresh flowers, he wrinkled his little nose: "Inelegant."

His appearance from the start was beautiful and handsome, when he said it, it made everyone in the store to laugh.

Following time, several people fixed their gaze toward the attractive and tall father.

Song Wei Xi wandered around the flower shop, he examined every types of flower, but it seemed he didn't really satisfied with it. Until at last, he stopped in front of a type of flower, and used his little hand to pinch the petal: "Just this one."

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