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Song Ting Yu and Madame Song went outside for a while to chat.

The time they both returned to the room, their face were somewhat imposing.

Su Ran brought a thermos toward Song Ting Yu: "You haven't have your lunch right? Hurry up eat this." She had let Auntie Fang to leave some food for him because she knew that he will biusy taht he will not care about his body and naturally he would forget to eat his lunch.

Song Ting Yu smiled: "It's just in time, I'm hungry."

Su Ran shook her head helplessly: "Next time no matter how busy you are, remember to eat your lunch."


Inside the room, Song Ting Yu sat down and ate his food while Madame Song sat down. Su Ran told a story for song Wei Xi. It's a quite good atmosphere, but suddenly there was aknock.

Su Ran thought it was Doctor Xu who came to check on We Xi. She opened the door, it was several men and women, with various ages.

Su Ran had met few of them but in important occasion for once or twice, they were the family of collateral branch of Song company.

First the one that came inside was the man with the same age as Song Ming Xuan, Su Ran knew him, he calls Song Zhen Hai. His father and Song Ming Xuan's father are brother, so he should be Song Ming Xuan's cousin.

He brought a group of people inside. He said to Madame Song: "Madame Song, we come here to visit our little master? Is he okay now?"

"Thank you for your care." Madame Song didn't see this matter as that simple. Song Wei Xi had underwent operation for several days and they didn't see them come before.

"It's good." Song Zhen Hai is not a tall guy, he is quite a fat guy. He was smiling, his smile showed other motivation, but he would only be the one what that mean.

A lot of people smiled like hm.

"We are extremely worried about him, it's good that he is better."

"Zhen Hai, if you have something to say, then say it directly." Madame Song always loathes a person that speak in a roundabout way.

"Yes, Madame Song. Today I and everyone come, except for visiting our little masters, we also want to seek of confirmation, I hope you can give explanation…."

He hadn't finished his word, the other man immediately said: "I heard that Chief Song is not the grandson of the family?"

"Nonsense!" Madame Song hit the floor with her sticks. Even though she was old, but she was still strong. Her eyes still showed her incisive glare so everyone didn't dare to see her eyes.

It was one of the director of Song company, with family name Zhang.

"I want to ask you, where did you hear that kind of rumor?"

Director Zhang eluded: "I, I….." he couldn't say anythign.

Song Zhen Hai came forward: "Director Zhang was speaking without thinking. Madame Song, please don't be angry. We are just doubting so we come here to ask for proof. Madame Song, Chief Song, please forgive us, for this matter we want to discuss it so we can understand clearly…."

"Heng!" Madame Song's face still looked serious: "A person that say something should bare a responsibility, he shouldn't just say something messily!"

"Yes yes yes." Song Zhen Hai said hurriedly: "But we just heard a scandal. If not let's make it clear, it will be no problem in the future."

"Let's not have the discussion here as it will disturb my great grandchildren. Everyone let's go back to Song house."

Madame Song finished her words and let Butler Wang to come out of the sick room.

They all left successively.

Su Ran hadn't regained herself after that shocking moment.

She felt this matter was not simple that suddenly they were asking about that.

This wouldn't be so easy to explain.

Song Ting Yu also stood up and prepared to leave. Su Ran pulled him: "Let me go home with you."

Song Ting Yu looked at her: "Just stay here, and take care of Wei Xi."

"Auntie Fang is here, it will be okay. I want to go home with you." Su Ran held his hand and insisted.

Song Ting Yu didn't refuse her. Then held Su Ran to leave.

They came out later than everyone. So the time they arrived, everyone had gathered and sat down in the living room.

Looking at Song Ting Yu's return, they stood up and greeted.

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran sat down, then Madame Song looked at the men in front of her. "Okay, Song Ting Yu is here now. What do you want? What is your question? Where did you hear those rumor?"

Song Zhen Hai said: "It's like that, Madame Song. We just knew it two days ago that Chief Song is not Chen Jing…."

"Then you conclude that Ting Yu is not Song family grandson?"

"After all, Chen Jing is Ming Xuan's wife…"

Song Ming Xuan also rushed home and greeted Madame Song. He sat down when he heard Song Zhen Hai's word: "I have divorced Chen Jing long time ago."

Hearing that news, everyone was looking at each other and discussed something.

"What happened?" Even they didn't know what was the reason of Chen Jing being in the prison.

"I'm sorry to hide it from you guys. But it is a bad news in our family, it's a family matter…." Madame Song coughed for a while and said: "But since it creates this mess, I will not hide it from you guys and publicly declare for. awhile. Ting Yu is not Chen Jing's son, but a son from Song Ming Xuan and another woman. She died after gave birth of Ting Yu and we brought him home and let Chen Jing to take care of him. We hid it to not create the bad scandal for the family…."

"So it's like that…." Director Zhang said: "Then Madame Song you shouldn't hide it from us!"

Madame Song said coldly: "It's our own family matter!"

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