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She heard that this project was really an important project, it would be a problem for Song company if something bad happened.

Su Ran changed her shoes and went upstairs. The time she passed the study room. She slowed her step and looked at the door. The door was not fully close, however, the maids didn't dare to pass by without any permission.

Su Ran could hear Madame Song's old voice: "Now that we lost this project, it will be a great problem for our company. We may not able to explain clearly to them."

"Grandma, for this matter you should blame me. I don't handle it well…." It was Gu Dong Cheng's voice.

Madame Song sighed: "How could we blame you? You already did it with your greatest effort, everyone should take responsibility for this…"

Su Ran didn't hear Song Ting Yu said something. She just directly went to her room, she sat down on the sofa.

So it turns out there was a problem, no wonder today Song house is really quite.

Although it is hard to avoid problem to raise, but for the broad director, they will not view it that way. They definitely would someone to take the blame.

Now Song Ting Yu basically had taken over all the Song company matter, so he should be responsible one for this project. This project was in the crucial time, Song Wei Xi also had an accident, so Song Ting Yu also couldn't leave him….

Didn't expect that this project will be just gone…

Su Ran sat down and thought about that matter for a long time. The time she heard that the door was opened. She raised her head and looked at Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu didn't expect her to go home today, he was startled for a while: "I thought you are in the hospital, what do you want to take?"

Su Ran didn't say anything. She just stood up from the sofa and went toward him: "Before I heard to what you guys discussed in the study room, you lost the project?"

Song Ting Yu took off his tie and threw it to the other side, he nodded: "Right."

"Then what will happen? Do we still have…"

Song Ting Yu knew what would she say, he turned his head: "It's impossible, they had signed the deal.."

"How can it be so quick…"

Song Ting Yu smiled: "Okay, this matter I will handle it. Take a shower first, later on I will go with you to the hospital."

Su Ran shook her head: "You don't need to go. Just sleep at home. Wei Xi will be taken care by me and Auntie Fang. Moreover, they are still a lot of people takes care of him." She knew that tomorrow they definitely will have a meeting. Song Ting Yu needed to give explanation to the broad directors.

Recently he always slept with her in the hospital, he didn't have a good sleep. She had a sofa to sleep, but he only could sit down on the sofa and sleep.

How could he have a meeting if he didn't have a good sleep?

Song Ting Yu nodded: "Then let me send you there and I will go back again…"

Su Ran felt it was so troublesome: "No need…"

"Don't refuse me. This late how could I let you drive that far. I will not be at ease." Song Ting Yu said seriously.

Su Ran just could obey him. She went inside the bathroom and tidied her things. Then she and Song Ting Yu went to the hospital.

The next afternoon, Doctor Xu as usual came to check up on Song Wei Xi. He said that his recovery was good, but he needed to stay for several more days.

This let Song Wei Xi's face turned bright, he smiled. Perhaps it was because he hates to stay in the hospital, and he will leave the hospital soon.

After this he could live his life the same way as the other kids.

Today Xi He brought Xi Nuo Nuo over to the hospital to visit Song Wei Xi.

Xi Nuan Nuan also heard Doctor Xu, she pulled Song Wei Xi's hand: "It's great, Brother Wei Xi. Do you hear it? You will leave the hospital soon. Then you will return to the school, that time let's sit down together okay?"

"Not good, I don't want." Song Wei Xi frowned.

"Why? We are these good. Why don't you want to sit with me?" She already uses to his attitude, Xi Nuan Nuan laid her rounded belly on Song Wei Xi's bed. But she couldn't climb up.

Xi He said: "Nuan Nuan, what are you doing? Get off, don't disturb Wei Xi."

"No I want to get up and sit down with Brother Wei Xi. I'm too short, I want to get up and speak face to face with him. Why doesn't he want to sit together with me."

Song Wei Xi: "….."

"Nuan Nuan!" Xi He said loudly.

"It's okay." Su Ran smiled, she carried Xi Nuan Nuan up and placed on Song Wei Xi's bed.

Xi Nuan Nuan sat down and with her little lips said: "Brother Wei Xi, I tell you. My Papa and grandma has come back. Now they live with me. Wait until you are healthy, then come to my house. I will introduce them to you."

Hearing Xi Nuan Nuan's words, Su Ran was startled, and looked at Xi He:"Nuan Nuan's father is back?"

These years she never any information about Xi Nuan Nuan's father.

Xi He smiled, but her smile was unnatural and lonely. She nodded yet she wasn't willing to say anything.

Xi Nuan Nuan kept on holding Song Wei Xi's hand and chattered. She was like a little sparrow.

Although Song Wei Xi kept on frowning, but he didn't stop her.

Madame Song was here today, she sat down on the sofa. Looking at that two kids made her smile continuously.

Xi He felt a bit embarrassed. Xi Nuan Nuan always be a talkative girl, especially in front of someone she likes.

"I'm sorry, Madame Song. This little girl is too noisy…"

"Ai, I like her. What is the point of being quiet…." Madame Song waved her hands and smiled brightly.

"Right, it's right." Xi Nuan Nuan said, "Mama always thinks that I'm too noisy. Papa also. Every time I say something in front of him, he always asks me to go away."

Her words made everyone laugh loudly.

This mother and daughter stayed there not for a long time, Xi He got a call and brought Xi Nuan Nuan home.

The one that called her seemed unhappy. Su Ran stood close to her so she could hear it. It was a man, but Su Ran didn't know who was it.

Su Ran didn't know whether it was Nuan Nuan's Papa or not…

After the call, Xi He carried Xi Nuan Nuan up and said: "Madame Song, Ran Ran, I will go first."

In the afternoon, Song Ting Yu also came.

Su Ran didn't ask him about the meeting today. She felt that if he wants to tell her, he will say it.

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