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"Yes, indeed it is family private matter." Song Zhen Hai then said again: "But today Ting Yu wants to take over the Song company, his identity is important part. I hope Madame Song could understand. Our company is a family company, no matter who it should be handed over to part of our family, right?"

"Honestly, you are doubting my identity?" Song Ting Yu, who had been quiet said.

"We also don't mean it that way…" Song Zhen Hai laughed: "It's just because of the rumor, it is not really good. So for calm everyone down and the rumor to be proved wrong, it's best to give out the proof."

"Proof?" Song Ting Yu smiled coldly: "What do you mean by proof?"

"If not, Chief Song, after two days, you can do the DNA examination with Director Song. Then when the result is out, there will no rumor right? Moreover, it also could shut everyone who said that." A woman director said.

"Okay." Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes and said deeply.

"Then let's just have it that way. That time you and Director Song will do the DNA checking. It could solve this problem."

They said then Song Zhen Hai and all the broad directors of Song company left.

Madame Song said: "Who did tell this rumor?! Now unexpectedly we need to do the DNA examination."

Song Ting Yu was calm: "If the DNA examination could shut them up, it's nothing."

Madame Song sighed: "Recently there are a lot of problems. I hope after this our family will be in calm and peaceful condition. Don't know whether Chen Jing is so relax inside that she could make this rumor, how about Bai Zhi Rui's condition now?"

"She already left." Song Ting Yu said.

"Chen Jing has been watched by someone, she wouldn't do anything worse. Ma, don't worry. Moreover she doesn't have anyone backup, what could she do?" Song Ming Xuan said.

The DNA examination was done after two days.

For making it fair, Son Ting Yu and Song Ming Xuan's DNA was collected in the DNA examination center.

Their hairs were cut and put inside the plastic.

The result wasn't out yet, it would take several days. Gu Dong Cheng would be the one that take it and announce it.

Song Ting Yu said: "Now everyone could calm down right? And wait for the result."

"Of course, of course." Song Zhen Hai smiled: "Of course we believe that you are part of our family. It's just there are rumors so we need to take action to stop it, right?"

Song Ting Yu smiled and didn't mind him anymore. He turned his body and left.

He drove the car to the hospital.

He went to Song Wei Xi's room, then opened the door.

Looking at his arrival, Su Ran poured a glass of water for him: "How is it?"

"The result will be out in several days."

Su Ran noticed that he looked so tired then she went to his side and helped to massage his temple: "I am worried this matter will not be that simple, they shouldn't be unprepared…."

In this young age, Song Ting Yu is quite powerful in the company. A lot of people wants to snatch his position.

"Will it be any mishap happened during the DNA examination?"

Song Ting Yu held her hand: "Later on Bro will take it. Moreover, there will be someone that watch it."

Su Ran nodded: "Then let's not worry."

With Gu Dong Cheng, there should be no problem.

Su Ran pushed away his hand: "Close your eyes, I will help you to massage it."

Song Ting Yu obeyed her: "How is Lin Cheng Huan? Has he found Zhang An Nan?"

"Not yet." Su Ran said, "He runs away to Singapore. Currently Cheng Huan couldn't find him. But he has asked someone to find him. Moreover, Cheng Huan also asks someone to watch over Lin Tian You to see any clues."

"If there's any news, tell me."

"Em" Song Ting Yu nodded and pulled her hands. He let her sit down on the sofa: "After these matters are done, Wei Xi is healthy. Let's go on vacation."

Su Ran smiled: "Okay."

The phone was ringing, Su Ran was woke up by it. She took the phone. It was still one o'clock. It was Lin Cheng Huan.

Lin Cheng Huan would not call her after the midnight without no reason. There should be an urgent matter.

She answered: "Cheng Huan."

"Ran Ran, I found Zhang An Nan. Now he is in my car. I hear me out now I'm…."

He hadn't finished his sentence, Su Ran just heard an ear-piercing sound. Then the line was dead.

Su Ran didn't feel good about it. She called him again, but it was off.

Su Ran turned on the light and sat up from the sofa.

Because of her movement, Auntie Fang also woke up and asked: "Mrs, what happened?"

Su Ran's face was not really good: "It's okay. Just sleep."

She didn't even wear her slipper. With her pajamas, she opened the balcony and went out. She tried once again to call Lin Cheng Huan, but it was still off.

She knew she shouldn't wait anymore, Lin Cheng Huan should be in trouble.

She called Song Ting Yu, Song Ting Yu today was sleeping in the Song house.

It was answered, Song Ting Yu said: "What is it?"

"Ting Yu, Cheng Huan is in trouble?"

"What is it?"

"He called me before, he said that he found Zhang An Nan. He is on his car. But something happened, he wanted to say something to me then it's too late. I just heard some bumping noise. Then the line was dead, I tried to call but it was off…" Su Ran was really worried

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