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Looking at how they would start the fight start, Su Ran hurriedly came in the middle fo them. She pushed Lin Cheng Huan a bit and stood in front of Song Ting Yu. She looked at Lin Cheng Huan: "Cheng Huan, let's go out for a while."

Lin Cheng Huan nodded, and went outside first.

They both went out and for avoiding them to fight, Su Ran kept on holding Song Ting Yu's arm. She looked at Lin Cheng Huan and said: "Do you know the reason Su Hao and Su Lai was being sent to the police station?"

Lin Cheng Huan looked at her and didn't say anything.

Su Ran continued: "In the past I told you that my daughter's death is related to Chen Jing. She let my nutritionist drugged me that lead to premature baby. Turns out the one that plot it out, is my so-what father, Su Hao. These period of time, Su Hao and Su Lai kept in touch with Bai Zhi Rui. At first we couldn't find the lead. But last days Ting Yu set up plan. Su Lai called Bai Zhi Rui, and assistant Tang found them out, he immediately also discovered the involvement of Zhang An Nan…."

Lin Cheng Huan laughed coldly for a while: "I think I know the reason for what happened yesterday outside the operation room, you don't let me do the transfusion to Wei Xi….."

His smile gradually turned somewhat desolate: "But Zhang An Nan originally is my subordinate, Wei Xi was injured, when he was with me. It's understandable that you are suspicious of me."

Looking at his smile, Su Ran felt so sad. The atmosphere around them was so happy, it let people had difficulty to breath…"

"Cheng Huan…"

Lin Cheng Huan looked at Su Ran: "Ran Ran, do you even have a moment to believe it is unrelated to me? That I even don't know about this?"

Su Ran nodded: "Yes."

"Then it's enough." Lin Cheng Huan smiled, then looked at Song Ting Yu: "Give Zhang An Nan to me. My person, I will interrogate him. If it's really his doing, I will not side with him…"

Song Ting Yu turned his body and called Tang Zi Chu: "Send Zhang An Nan to Lin Cheng Huan."

He finished the phone call and came back to Su Ran's side. Lin Cheng Huan also said: "I will go first, take a good care of Wei Xi."


Su Ran kept on looking at his figure: "Ting Yu, I believe Cheng Huan. I feel it's not him. I feel he is being framed."

No one likes to be misunderstood, especially by someone that he loves most. It will be so sad.

Lin Cheng Huan's expression was like that.

Song Ting Yu hugged her shoulder and patted: "Em."

Song Wei Xi woke up after three days. He just experienced the big surgery so his body was still very weak, his little face was really pale.

Doctor Xu said that he needed to stay in the hospital for a while.

These two days Song Ting Yu stayed at hospital, until Song Wei Xi woke up. Su Ran told him: "Recently Song company is in busy period because of the garden project, Wei Xi is okay now. You can go to work, if there's something wrong with Wei Xi, I will call you."

Song Ting Yu nodded and took his suit. He went to Wei Xi's side and stroked his head: "Wei Xi, Papa will go for a while. Be good and listen to your Mama."

Song Wei Xi was eating something, he didn't have any energy so he just waved his hands.

Su Ran sent him out, and he smiled: "Take a good care of him."

After a while, Lin Cheng Huan came. Su Ran saw his face was serious:"Cheng Huan, what happened?"

Lin Cheng Huan said: "Last night Zhang An Nan ran away. I found someone to look for him, he ran away to Singapore."

Su Ran was startled for a while, just heard: "I already looked for someone to find him, and will report to you later."

Su Ran nodded: "Okay."

She was silent for a while then let Auntie Fan to look for Song Wei Xi for a while. She pointed to the door, then went outside.

Lin Cheng Huan followed her. They both stood in the corridor to talk.

Su Ran looked at Lin Cheng Huan: "If Zhang An Nan is really a betrayer, then who do you think the person behind him? Will it be your brother Lin Tian You?"

"Except him, there will be no one else."

Su Ran remembered something: "In the past you said, that in Italia you almost lost your life. Was it his plan?"

Lin Cheng Huan nodded: "yes, it's him."

"No matter what, Zhang An Nan is my subordinate. I will not avoid my responsibility, I will check it out throughly."

"You need to be careful. Now Lin company is still in auntie and uncle's hand. He still wants to take it all, you need to be more careful as he will do any kind of method to snatch your position."

Lin Cheng Huan smiled: "Hearing what you said, Ran Ran, don't you have doubt in me? What if it's all my plan? What if I am the one who asked Zhang An Nan to do it? What if I am the one that let him go to run away?"

Su Ran was silent for a while: "Cheng Huan, I want to choose to believe you."

"I feel you still the little girl that I saw from the window."

Her smile so gentle and bright like the sun.

These days Su Ran slept on the hospital to accompany Song Wei Xi. At night, because Song Wei Xi didn't have any vitality, he already slept early.

Song Ting Yu was also busy for the company.

One night she wanted to go home for awhile. Auntie Fan stayed and took care of Wei Xi. Today Song house is very quiet.

Madame Song and Song Ming Xuan weren't sitting at the living room as they used to. She asked Butler Wang and knew that Song Ting Yu also went home, even Gu Dong Cheng. They were all in the study room, discussing about something.

Su Ran knew that there should be something wrong with Song company, if not why would they be inside the study room.

Song Ting Yu always discusses less business matter with her, it's not because he doesn't rust her, but she doesn't really understand about it.

Didn't know whether is related to the "hanging gardens" project…..

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