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He said: "You don't believe me?"

There's nothing that could make him sadder rather than her answer.

"No…" Su Ran shook her head, yet she didn't what should she said.

Now her brain was confused, she didn't have heart to mind this matter first. She just wanted Song Wei Xi to be okay from the operation.

Lin Cheng Huan didn't say anything more, he just waited with everyone outside the surgery room.

The sky started to turn dark. After a long time, finally the door was opened. Everyone came forward.

Doctor Xu's face was calm and looked at everyone. He smiled and said: "The surgery is successful. Wei Xi now is still unconscious. Let him to have a good rest in the patient room. Please wait calmly for him to wake up. After a while, if there is no any negative effect, Wei Xi will be okay. Okay, it's very late, just go home and have a good rest."

"Doctor Xu, thank you." Madame Song smiled.

"Madame Song is too modest." Doctor Xu waved his hand and greeted everyone then left.

Everyone followed him to the patient room. Naturally, tonight Song Ting Yu and Su Ran would stay here and everyone else will go home.

Tian Mi and Gu Dong Cheng also Lin Cheng Huan went down together. When they reached the car park, Tian Mi said to Lin Cheng Huan: "Let's go, you also hurry go home and have a rest."

Lin Cheng Huan didn't seem very healthy. He just smiled and nodded: "Em, you also have a good rest. Don't sleep to late, it's not good for pregnant woman and the baby."

Gu Dong Cheng opened the passenger door then after Tian Mi got on the car. He said goodbye Lin Cheng Huan then left.

Tian Mi looked at the window and looked at Lin Cheng Huan went to his own ccar.

She said: "Dong Cheng, do you know? I always feel that Cheng Huan is a miserable one…"

"Why?" Gu Dong Cheng drove the car and said it softly.

"Originally if it's not because of Su Hao's plan, Su Ran should be together with him…."

"It's not a definite thing." When she hadn't finished her sentence, Gu Dong Cheng just said it.


"Su Ran doesn't love him. It's not certain that they will be together. It's hard to be sure. Life is unpredictable. …"

Tian Mi leant on the carseat and nodded: "It's true. Ran Ran doesn't love him. But I think he is a pity and I also feel very sorry for him…"

Gu Dong Cheng held her hand: "Do you regard me as a transparent man that you say that you feel sorry for another man?"

Tian Mi patted his hand, and snorted: "It's just my feeling for a friend. It's nothing. Moreover, I've been known him for several years. If we have something special, shouldn't we be together? Why should I wait for your appearance?"

Gu Dong Cheng smiled and shook his head.

"Honestly, today outside the operation room, Ran Ran and Song Ting Yu's response was a bit strange, also grandma and uncle. Seems that they were hesitated to let Lin Cheng Huan to give his blood for Wei Xi. What happened?"

Gu Dong Cheng retreated back his hand, then put it on the steering wheel: "I also don't know."

"Liar." Tian Mi pointed at him: "You are lying. Before you pulled me to the other side, and let me be quiet. Your response showed that you know something."

Gu Dong Cheng laughed helplessly: "I really don't know. I pulled you to the side, because under that kind of condition, it's better to be quite. Everyone didn't have heart to say anything, understand?"

"Okay." Tian Mi frowned: "It's just I feel there is something wrong, but I don't know what was it…"

"Okay. Now Wei Xi is okay. No need to worry too much, no need to think too much. Wait for a while then we will ask Su Ran okay."

"Em." Tian Mi said.

After everyone left, Song Ting Yu went over the bed side and patted Su Ran's shoulder: "Wei Xi is not awake yet, go wash your face. Brush your teeth, then sleep."

"Okay." Su Ran nodded and pulled Wei Xi's blanket to cover him properly. Then she went inside the bathroom.

The time she went out, she was pulled by Song Ting Yu to the sofa: "Tonight sleep here."

The maid brought the blanket before and Song Ting Yu took it off and covered her.

When he wanted to go the bathroom, Su Ran pulled his hand.

He turned his head: "What is it?"

"Is there any news from Zhang An Nan?"

"He doesn't want to say anything." Song Ting Yu said lowly.

He knew why did Su Ran ask him this thing, she wanted to make sure about Lin Cheng Huan's involvement.

Su Ran nodded and let his hands go. "Then go to wash up."

Song Ting Yu got inside the bathroom and Su Ran looked at Song Wei Xi again. Then she pulled her blanket up and she recalled what happened today.

Her response today should have hurt Lin Cheng Huan.

But that time she was really afraid…

She closed her eyes and massaged her temple.

The next day, in the afternoon, Lin Cheng Huan also came to Wei Xi's room.

He went to see Song Wei Xi: "Wei Xi is okay, right?"

"He hasn't awake yet. Doctor Xu said that we need to wait, he should be okay." Su Ran said: "Yesterday…"

Didn't wait for her to finish her words, Lin Cheng Huan turned his body and looked at Song Ting Yu: "You caught Zhang An Nan?"

Song Ting Yu nodded: "Yes."

Lin Cheng Huan said coldly: "Why did you bring him? What do you want?"

Song Ting Yu's face was cold too. They were looking face to face.

"This makes me want to know what did you let Zhang An Nan do?"

Lin Cheng Huan laughed coldly: "What is it related to you? He is my subordinate, do I need to report to you what I asked him to do?"

Song Ting Yu clutched Lin Cheng Huan's collar: "I don't care about what you ask him to do, but you provoked me, you said I don't need to care?"

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