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Su Ran knew that he was trying to trap her, but this time she didn't want to fall into that trap: "Then let me owe it to you first, next time I will….."

She stood up from the sofa and prepared to wash her face. She felt she had been crying for a day.

It's really not a mature thing to do.

Su Ran shook her head, actually she really doesn't like this side of her.

She was just stood up, and Song Ting Yu pulled her hands to stop her. He threw her back to the sofa and pressed her down: "I don't like people owe me. For this thing, it should be sorted directly, what do you think?"

He was smiling happily and charmingly. When he lowered his lips to kiss her thin lips, Su Ran used her hand to cover his lips: "I'm not in the mood now."

Song Ting Yu pushed her hand and smile: "Women always be ones with hypocrisy, now you say that you are not in the mood, later on they will beg….."

When he planned to say more, Su Ran used her hands to cover his lips again.

"I will not beg okay?"

"Then you also need to settle this account now, don't forget that I'm a business man, I am not fond of loaning!" He said then pulled her skirt: "Be good, lay down and don't move around. Let's settle the account."

Su Ran: "………"

"Can I refuse?"

Song Ting Yu used his hand to clutch her chin then asked with a smile: "What do you think?"

Su Ran glared at him: "Unscrupulous businessman!"

Song Ting Yu bit her collar bone: "Unscrupulous businessman's wife, hi."

When Su Ran felt he put too much pressure, Su Ran frowned and kicked his lower leg: "Song Ting Yu, be gentle."

"Your underwear seems to be bigger."

Su Ran was speechless and looked at the ceiling: "It's all from the last time you bought it for me, you bought too much that I haven't finished wear it all…."

Song Ting Yu played with the shoulder strap of her bra: "The underwear should be fitting to your body, if not, it will affect you body."

"….. You seems to be very experienced…."

Song Ting Yu leaned on the sofa, and looked at her body "for your body, I could conclude all the experience…"

He once again pulled her to lay down on the sofa: "Honestly, don't wear those that I bought you last time. Wait until you are pregnant with twins then you can wear it again. Tomorrow I will buy new ones…"

He said and felt proud: "Su Ran, you really hit the jackpot that you can find a husband like me, even for your underwear I could helps you worry about it."

Su Ran pushed him for a while: "I could buy it myself."

"No, it's better for me to buy it for you." Song Ting Yu pinched her chin: "I feel I am understand it more than you."

Su Ran hooked her hands on his neck: "Then isn't it mean that I should thank you?"

"No need to mention it. I said before I like a gratitude action from you rather than word. So now it's two times." Song Ting Yu hugged her waist and let her body to stick close to his: "Which one you prefer here or bathroom? If not let's go inside the bathroom? Then when we are done, it will save time to do it once more in the bathroom…."

Su Ran felt that she isn't have an active part in this, even he kept on asking her suggestion, at last he will do what he wants.

So she felt: "…… It's up to you….."

Song Ting Yu hugged her and carried her up. He clicked his tongue and: "Indeed I am married to a virtuous and noble wife. Look at my Mrs Song, even for this matter she wishes to do as my wish."

Su Ran laughed because his joke: "So you feel that it's related to your last lifetime act of rescuing our galaxy?"

Song Ting Yu turned serious: "No, it should be rescuing the whole universe."

Su Ran hugged his shoulder: "Song Ting Yu, in the past did you always say this sweet speech and honeyed words toward your women to make them happy?"

Song Ting Yu immediately flattened his face: "I just ever said these words to you."

"But you said it all to be so fluent, it's not like the first time for you!"

"Then what should I do, it's my innate talent."

Su Ran pinched him: "So you feel very proud about it right?"

He snorted slightly: "Of course, it's kind of talent, why shouldn't I be proud of it?"

Su Ran felt once again she was defeated by him: "You win."

Song Ting Yu smiled and carried her to the bathroom.

He placed her on the marble vanity unit stand. She leaned on the mirror and looked at him.

It's his favorite moment.

He said: "Su Ran, it's better that we don't have a twins first?"

"You want to have just one?" Su Ran controlled her laughter, it seemed he thought that he could control it.

"No." Song Ting Yu lowered his lips to her: "I don't want to have one first. The time you are pregnant, my days are too hard to live. I just experienced seven months of torture. I don't want to experience it again. So let's have other one later?"


"Ten years later."

"By ten years I will be thirty five years old, it's a venerable age to be pregnant." She looked at him: "You also will be thirty eight years old, are you sure you want to have that late?"

"You feel that when I am thirty eight years old I couldn't let you conceive?" Song Ting Yu's voice turned higher: "I tell you. Even when you are seventy years old, I also able to let you conceive. As many as you want."

Su Ran pressed her forehead: "I don't mean that way…. I mean, if it's late, that the time your kid finished college, you will be sixty years old….."

"Then what should we do? We also couldn't let me to hold it back continuously right?"

Su Ran tried to discuss: "We could do it two years later."

"No, it's too fast." Song Ting Yu refused.

"Then three or four years."

Song Ting Yu shook his head: "It's too short."

"Song Ting Yu, for real how thirsty and hungry you are…..!" Su Ran couldn't control her rage and glared at him.

"How could he look as if he keeps on hungry?!

"It's because of your fault…."

Su Ran: "……."

Lastly he blamed her.

"Since you be like this, then looked for condom." She used her fingertips to kick him: "the last time we went to Huai Hai city we got a box of gift with a box of condoms inside. Look for one."

"How can one is enough?"

He raised his eyebrows: "What flavors do you like?"

Didn't know whether it was because of the hot temperature in bathroom or not, Su Ran blushed heavily: "Up to you."

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