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"Ran Ran, I beg you. Just see me as your ma begs you. Just forgive your father…." Qiao Qing cried louldy.

Su Ran moved forward to pull her up, but she didn't willing to stand up: "Ran Ran, please take pity on your father."

"If I take pity on hi, who will take pity of my daughter?" Su Ran laughed coldly: "When he did those thing, did he take pity on my daughter?"

Su Ran looked at her unwillingness to stand up, she just let her be. This kind of mother let her felt really tragic: "If you want to kneel down, then just do it. Su Hao should take responsibility of what he did!"

Su Ran didn't want to fulfill her request, Qiao Qing pointed at her: "Ran Ran, you are too cruel!"

"I'm cruel?" Su Ran blinked her eyes, she laughed: "Then just see me as cruel. Since you know that I'm cruel, I will not let him go. No matter how long you kneel down in front of me, it will be no use. Then can you leave now?"

Madame Song was shocked, she never saw this kind of scene between mother and daughter.

"Butler, send Madame Su home."

"Yes, Madame Song." Butler Wang immediately brought two people in front of Qiao Qing: "Madame Qiao, let's go."

"I will not go, Ran Ran. If you don't agree with me, I will not go! Ran Ran, I beg you…"

Madame Song was furious, she used her stick to knock the ground: "Butler, bring her home."

Butler Wang let two other maids to pull her up and brought her out.

But Qiao Qing wasn't willing to go. She ran inside again, took the fruit knife from the table and placed it on her wrist.

Her action let everyone felt surprised.

"Ran Ran, if you don't agree, I will just die in front of you. Try me if you don't believe me!"

Su Ran didn't dare to believe that she will experience this again.

She looked at Qiao Qing: "Five years ago, when I was not willing to marry into Song family. You also used this kind of trick. Five years later, you want to do the same trick, you are really willing to do this? You never understands me? I want to ask you, since you are really not cared about me, then why should you give birth to me? Why didn't you just abort me? You really regard me as a toy?"

Qiao Qing was influenced by those words, then grumbled: "Ran Ran, I…."

"You are not my Ma…." Su Ran said it then left the living room. She didn't care what would she do. She wouldn't care anymore. She is done with this all act of making her as pion for these years….

"Ran Ran!" Looking at Su Ran, she wanted to chase after her, but she was stopped.

Madame Song stood up: "Madame Su, at first I thought it was your family matter so I didn't intervene. But Ran Ran is my grandson's wife and also our Song family member so I hope she wouldn't be hurt. But Madame Su asked yourself honestly for awhile, these years how's your attitude toward her. How could you always place her behind your husband? Have you ever considered her? As her mother, how could you use your own life to threaten her. Don't you feel shameless because of it? Ran Ran is right, you are really not deserved to be her mother." She said then signaled the butler to move forward and take the knife.

"Madame Su is your own choice to do anything as you please. But now please just go, we as Song family will not welcome you…."

Very quickly, the butler let people to take Qiao Qing away. Madame Song sighed: "This woman is really selfish. This lifetime she keeps on thinking about her love, thinking about her man. Supposedly she gave birth to her child just for Su Hao…."

Song Ting Yu pursued his lips and looked at Madame Song: "Grandma, I will go up and see Su Ran."

"Go go." Madame Song said.

Song Ting Yu immediately went upstairs, opened the room. He noticed Su Ran was on the sofa. He knew that she was crying.

He went over and hugged her. He clutched her face and kissed her.

Su Ran was startled for a while and responded.

Su Ran frowned, this moment she felt unable to breath: "Song, Song Ting Yu."

She used her hand to hit lightly his chest and wanted to push him away. But he was clutching her hands. He placed her hands to hug his neck. He didn't plan to le ther go.

Su Ran was provoked by him, how could she continue to cry?

After a long time, Song Ting Yu let her go. Leaving her with a swollen lips: "You are not crying anymore?"

Su Ran looked at him: "It's only you that can think of this way to stop people from crying."

Song Ting Yu smiled: "But I think it's effective. If I hug you, you will cry even harder. When I kiss you, you immediately forget how to cry…."

Couldn't deny, it's only Song Ting Yu can do this.

But Su Ran felt better when she heard those words.

"Originally your eyes were getting better this morning, but now it's turned swollen again. How would it be tomorrow?" Song Ting Yu said it then went to the door. He asked the maid to take an icepack then got back to the sofa when he got it.

He used his long finger to compress her eyes.

It's cold, it soothed the swollen eyes.

She wanted to do it by herself, but Song Ting Yu said: "Let me."

Su Ran sat down calmly.

"Is it better?"

"It is." Su Ran smiled: "Thank you."

Song Ting Yu put the icepack down: "Don't thank me with words, I am more fond of action."

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