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"A girl should love strawberry, I will look for five strawberry…."

He said it then, then went outside the room.

Su Ran choked, she should not hear wrongly before……

He said five……

Supposedly she would be tormented by him the whole night, tonight she also couldn't have her sleep….

Song Ting Yu opened the bathroom door, and squatted down the cupboard on the bedside to look for. Now he was worried, it's been 7-8 months, could it be expired by now?

It shouldn't be expired that quick right?

He overturned trunks and boxes and finally found a box, he took it out. Inside it was so colorful, he looked for the strawberry. He took a look at the box and noticed its expiration date will be five years later so it was still long time.

But he didn't know whether this brand will be reliable, he temporarily didn't want her to be pregnant.

He lowered his head and with full concentration looked for the red color. He didn't notice that the bathroom's door was opened. A petite figure got inside and squatted down in front of him.

When he found all five of them and raised his head, he noticed a pair of healthy-looking, full of curiosity big eyes were looking at him.

In a flash he felt his body was petrified.

Song Wei Xi extended his hand curiously and took one of the colorful one, he held it. Then swayed few of them in front of Song Ting Yu's face: "Papa, is this bubble gum? Can I eat it?"

Song Wei Xi said it then smelled it, he said to himself: "It should be banana flavor…."

He then took another one, Song Ting Yu was too late to stop him. Song Wei Xi tore up one of them.

When he wasn't aware, Song Wei Xi just saw Su Ran came out from the bathroom wearing her bathrobe. He raised his little hand that held the condom. He was so happy: "Mama, Papa hides a lot of candies, he is discovered by me…."

Feeling that Song Ting Yu had been gone outside for a long time, so Su Ran came outside to look for him. Yet she didn't expect to see a big and a small boy squatted down on the carpet and looked at the pile of colorful condom.

Song Wei Xi gripped one and felt something wrong. It seemed to be like the rubber band that Xi Nuan Nuan used to wear.

"What is this….."

Song Wei Xi's face was full of doubt.

Su Ran quickly took the condom away and blushed: "Wei Xi, it's not candy."

She then glared at Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu also felt himself to be innocent, how can he know that the room was unlocked, and Song Wei Xi came inside….

Su Ran took Song Wei Xi hand then pushed all the pile toward him: "Tidy it up."

Song Wei Xi's attention was still on that colorful things.

Su Ran carried him up: "Song Wei Xi, it's not candy."

"Mama, then what is it? It's like a rubber band."

Song Ting Yu tidied it up, but Song Wei Xi was still gazing on the box.

Su Ran coughed: "….it's rubber band…"

"Mama, why did you buy a lot of rubber bands?" Song Wei Xi looked at her: "Mama, Xi Nuan Nuan likes pink. Give me two okay? Tomorrow I will give it to her."

Su Ran was getting more and more nervous. Song Ting Yu finished tidy it up and looked at her. He raised his eyebrows and waited for her explanation.

It's too much, it's clear that he was the one that created this mess. Now he wanted him to solve it.

Su Ran said: "It's not really good. Tomorrow Mama will bring you to buy several beautiful and nice one for Xi Nuan Nuan."

Song Wei Xi said: "Really?"

Su Ran smiled: "For real, we will go together tomorrow!"

"Great!" Song Wei clapped his little hand: "Mama, then later on buy the rubber bands that have fruity smell. Oh right, Xi Nuan Nuan likes peach."


Su Ran took Song Wei Xi to sit down on the sofa. She stroked his little face: "Why aren't you sleeping yet?"

"Before I played a game, I want to wait for Papa to come home and teach me how to go to the next level…." Song Wei Xi raised up his bright face.

Su Ran looked at the phone, it was still early. It was still eight o'clock.

She was a bit rejoice that Song Wei Xi came over. If not, she could be already tormented by this man.

"Then let Papa come over and teach you. But don't you play until late at night. You need to sleep by nine o'clock, okay?"

"Okay." Song Wei Xi came beside Song Ting Yu and pulled his hand. "Papa, let's go."

Unable to have a couple bath made Mr Song felt sad, but he couldn't show it to his own son. So he smiled: "Okay…."

He went outside with Song Wei Xi, but before that he said to Su Ran: "Wait for me."

Su Ran clearly knew what did he mean. He let her to wait for taking bath together.

Su Ran didn't plan to comply with him. Who asked him to just stand on the other side and didn't help her to explain.

So she just went inside the bathroom and came outside when she was done. Song Ting Yu hadn't returned, supposedly he was being tangled by Song Wei Xi.

She laughed happily, pulled the blanket away and laid down. She prepared to sleep before he returned.

Perhaps today she experienced a lot fo things so she fell a sleep quickly.

Song Wei Xi also couldn't sleep too late so Song Ting Yu just returned at nine o'clock. He thought that Su Ran would wait for him, he didn't expect that she will just leave him and go to sleep.

He leaned close to the bed and looked at how soundly she slept. Her eyes were a bit swollen.

He was somewhat enraged because she just left her, but he also felt sad for her. He stroked her long hair and kissed her forehead. "Goodnight."

Song Ting Yu was just about to get inside the bathroom, but suddenly he heard a knock. He opened the door and looked it was Madame Song.

"Grandma, why aren't you sleeping yet?"

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