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I Give Your Mr Song Something


Su Ran nodded, suddenly she heard Tian Mi's scream. She about to frown, and asked her about her fussing. Tian Mi extended her hand and unbutton her collar, she opened it. Her hand held her neck: "My God, what is this?"

Su Ran lowered her head and casted a glance to her neck and collar bones, it was the purple kiss marks. She blushed, and immediately buttoned her collar again.

It was Song Ting Yu's marks, she already forgot it.

Yet Tian Mi hauled her collar, and all along shook her head and sighed: "Ckckck, you are a pregnant woman. And Song Ting Yu didn't let you go? How big is your kid? It's not good to be too intense? What if there is some problems to the kid?"

"No." Su Ran patted away Tian Mi's hand: "It's not as excessive as your saying, we didn't do anything."

"You lie to me." Tian Mi looked disbelief: "You guys didn't do anything, then how does this come from? Don't you say it was a mosquito bite. If it was because of the mosquito, it will not bite you like this. If it is true, then I really want to know what type of mosquito is it…"

"Tian Mi….!" Su Ran glared at her: "We really didn't do anything. I was sleeping. I just realized these in the morning. I really didn't know what did he do during the night…."

"Ckckck…." Tian Mi leaned back to the sofa, and casted a sidelong glances at her: "Your Mr Song  should have a vigorous capability and requirement, but how is it now? Supposedly he needs to endure it difficultly right? Did he ask you to help him do something about it?"

"Yes…" Su Ran's face was burning hot: "He wanted me, that…"

"What? What is it?" Tian Mi leaned close, and said a sentence to her ear. Then she asked: "Is it?"

Su Ran hugged the cushion and covered her face. She didn't say anything. For her, that words were really difficult to say it out loud. She just felt her face was really hot: "Let's not chat about this topic."

Tian Mi didn't willing to let her go. She took her cushion: "Tell me a bit. Maybe I could give you a way out?"

Su Ran's face was in doubt, she was looking at her: "Why do I feel that you are really expert in this? When did you have a boyfriend?"

Tian Mi's face was blushing immediately, she took a glass and finished it in one gulp: "It is… couldn't you learn from the internet? It was in the movie, could I not see it?"

Su Ran pouted: "Now the movie is really awesome, it could let someone inexperienced to be the expert."

"Humph!" Tian Mi coughed slightly: "Don't mind where did I learn it. In short, I feel liken someone like your Mr Song. His requirement should be very powerful. You also couldn't let him to bear it continuously. If he bear it and it broken, that time you would be the one who regretted it."

Su Ran's face was still blushing greatly: "Then what should I do?"

"That is his own problem…."

She used her hand to cover her face: "Are all of men experienced the same thing…"

"You really the lucky one. Luckily during your pregnancy of Song Wei Xi, he didn't be at your side. If not, hehe…"

Tian Mi looked like she was in the deep thinking. Didn't know what was she thinking, suddenly her eyes brighten: "I know."

"What do you know?" Su Ran was not only feeling puzzled over but also very curious.

"In short, I just thinking of the way you should do for this matter. I will help you, don't you worry." She said it then patted Su Ran's shoulder: "In short we couldn't let him to bear it until it is broken. Perhaps if he couldn't bear it, he would look for Bai Zhi Rui?"

"You are really mysterious." Su Ran didn't know what was her intention: "With me, you still keep me on tenterhooks."

Tian Mi used her legs to kick Su Ran's ankle lightly, her face was full of flattery: "In brief, I will help you to solve this. It is a hard thing for you to come here. This night I just ate cup noddle. I'm hungry now, could you cook rice fried with eggs from me? He he he…"

Su Ran used her hand to poke at her forehead, and pushed Tian Mi away: "I already asked you to enter cooking class. You always eat cup noodle and do take away. Don't you afraid that your healt will be badly influenced."

Tian Mi is a woman but she even couldn't cook a noddle.

Didn't now if It is because her laziness or her lack of cooking skills.

The next day.

Su Ran was on Wei Xi's room, they were sitting down on the carpet and played airplane. She heard a maid called her: "Misses, it is your delivery package."

Su Ran rarely does online shopping, so she was a bit confused. She put down the toys, and wore her slippers: "Wei Xi, Mama will go down and look first. Wait for me okay."

She went down, and took the package from the maid. It was a very big box, but it was not really heavy. She swayed the box for a while, and sticked it close to her ears to listen, but didn't hear anything.

"What is this?"

She looked at the bill, the receiver's name was her and the sender is a company but it was not clearly written.

She took the box upstairs, and placed it inside the room. Her phone rang, it was Tian Mi: "Ran Ran, did you receive a package?"

"I've received it. It is yours?" What is inside? Why did you send it to my house? Did you write a wrong address?"

"I didn't write it wrong, moreover just ignore what I bought. Anyway I just buy it for your Mr Song." Tian Mi's voice showed her reluctance to share with Su Ran. Su Ran was getting more curious.

"What is it? Why did you send it for him?"

"Ckck, listen to your tone? Are you jealous? Couldn't I give him something?"

"No." Su Ran protested.

Tian Mi laughed: "Just ignore it, in short just give it to your husband. It is not for you, don't you open it up."


Su Ran just be good and agreed, but she was so curious of it. She wanted to take the scissors and open it….

But that time, there was a little head came inside her room: "Mama, what are you doing? I'm waiting you for play."

"I will be there soon." Su Ran also didn't want Song Wei Xi waited for her too long, so she placed the scissors down and placed the box on the carpet. She wore her slippers and held Song Wei Xi's to return and play again.

At eleven o'clock in the night, Song Ting Yu finally came back to Song house. First, he went to Song Wei Xi's room to look, then he returned to his own room.

Su Ran already asleep, there was a tangerine yellow small light, it should be left for him.

Song Ting Yu took a light step then entered the room. He took his suitcase and placed it on the ground. Because the room was dark, so he felt that he kicked something when he was about to go over to Su Ran's side.

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