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For Me, Other Women are no different than Men

Just like that he was tripped by something, he almost fell on the ground, luckily he got a hold of a chair on the side.

Su Ran heard some noises, she was woken from her dream, she extended her hand to turn on the light. She noticed the tall figure in front of her, she rubbed her eyes: "You are home."

Song Ting Yu sat on the chair, and massaged his knee. He used his legs to kick the box: "What is this?"

Su Ran already laid down again on the bed, she looked at the things on the carpet. She wanted to open the box before, but as she needed to accompany Song Wei Xi to play, so she forgot about it.

"That…." Su Ran's voice was somewhat vague: "It is Tian Mi's delivery, she said it is a present for you. There is a scissors over there, you open it by yourself."

"For me?" Song Ting Yu pointed at himself surprisedly. If he didn't remember wrongly, Su Ran's best friend didn't like very fond of him.

That night she helped Su Ran to place him outside during the cold weather for several hours.

"Em. Tian Mi said it is for you, she didn't let me to open it…." Su Ran waved her hands. Because she was sleepy, so she didn't want to respond to him anymore: "You just open it and look by yourself."

Song Ting Yu felt himself to be very curious. He took off his coat and folded his sleeve. He looked for a scissors, and teared open the wrap of the box. He opened the layer one by one, he really didn't expect this lousy box, unexpectedly had a lot of wrapping.

Finally he opened the last layer, inside it was covered with bubble wrapper.

He used scissors to open it.

Finally he could see what was inside. At the beginning, he didn't recognize what was it. But when he recognized it, his veins on his forehead suddenly frowned.

"What is this strange thing?"

Originally Su Ran closed her eyes and wanted to sleep again, but she heard Song Ting Yu's fly into a rage sound, she immediately woke up, and sat up: "What happened?"

Because she just awake, so she was not really conscious. She looked ahead, and noticed the thing on his hand. It was flesh-color thing, it was like a tall woman.

She once again stared at it, finally she could recognize it. She almost choked by her own saliva!

That was a doll, and it was a inflated doll!

From the start, Su Ran already knew that Tian Mi's full of devious thought. She didn't expect that she actually would give something like this Song Ting Yu.

This moment she didn't want to say anything, just wanted to lay down and pretended to be asleep. When she laid down, she pulled a blanket, and covered herself.

Very quickly, the blanket that covered her body was pulled forcefully by somebody: "Su Ran…."

"I'm asleep, I'm asleep. Don't you disturb my sleep…."

She said it then curled herself up for several time, she rolled up herself to a cocoon.

"Release the blanket! Do you want to choke yourself to death?" Song Ting Yu used his hand to pull open the blanket.

When the blanket was pulled away successfully by him, Su Ran laid down on her stomach on the bed, her back was facing to Song Ting Yu. She didn't look at him, her eyes were closed so tightly.

"Open your eyes. I have something to say to you. Look at the present Tian Mi gave, let us enjoy it together."

Su Ran didn't mind him.

"Are you asleep?"

Song Ting Yu's voice sounded a bit humorous: "Then I can do whatever I want." He said: "I want to take off your clothes…"

Su Ran didn't move, she felt Song Ting Yu's hand was on her shirt's collar and unbutton her clothes one by one.

When she felt her body would be exposed, Su Ran also couldn't hold it anymore, immediately extended her hand to grab his hand, she sat up: "Song Ting Yu, don't you be too shameless."

Song Ting Yu used his hand to poke her forehead: "Why don't you continue to pretend to be asleep?"

"I didn't pretend to sleep. I really sleep…"

"You pretended, continue to pretend…" Song Ting Yu crossed his arms, and looked at her for a while. He extended his finger and pointed at the doll on the carpet: "What is this? Look.

"It was too dark, I couldn't see clearly." Su Ran continued to reluctant to admit a mistake.

"It's okay." Song Ting Yu smiled: "Let me take it for you to look at."

He said it then raise up from the bed, he strode over and went to the carpet. He carried the doll from the carpet and took something out from the box. He put it altogether in front Su Ran: "Could you see it clearly now?"

Su Ran already noticed the doll, but she just saw what was inside the box. After she saw it, her eyeballs was almost came out.

She remembered the news that she looked recently. The news told that a certain village found a thing inside the well, it was called by people as squashy lingzhi mushroom…..

After the news exposed it, it was immediately booming. Everyone said that the female news anchor was too innocent, there was no squashy lingzhi mushroom, it was clearly something that man's use!

When she looked at the news, she was laughing so loud. But now it was on Song Ting Yu's hand, it was clearly the same thing. Although it was her first time to see it, yet she was very certain about it.

"Tian Mi's present, did you choose it with her?" Song Ting Yu held up the wall and poked it to Su Ran for several times.

Su Ran held the wall" "Didn't you see the wrapping? I could I know what thing she would buy for him?"

"My question is, did you choose it together with her?"

"No." Su Ran shook her head firmly.

"Then how could she know the matter between us?" Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at her.

"You still talk about it." Su Ran pointed at the purple kiss marks her own collar bone that were still there: "She is not someone who is blind, couldn't she see this? The night before last you took the opportunity during my sleep, and what did you do? You knew what happened, you really…. Rogue!"

Song Ting Yu crooked up his lips, and didn't care about the nickname she used for him: "For a man to unable to act roguishly to his wife, then it is real sorrow."

"…." Su Ran actually couldn't say anything to attack him back.

Song Ting Yu pointed at the thing on the bed: "So this thing was it your choice together with Tian Mi to buy for me?"


"Then you didn't know she bought something like this."

"I didn't know."

Su Ran said it, smiled: "Yet I felt it was quite true her to give something like that…."

"You feel that I need this kind of thing?" Song Ting Yu's voice was somewhat danger.

"Could it be that you don't need it?" Su Ran asked, and placed the doll on his shoulder: "Take it, don't be embarrassed. Go the bathroom and solve it. I wouldn't mind just make sure your voice is not too loud…."

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