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You Just Don't Love Me (2)

"Sell it? Su Ran was somewhat surprised, after all it was the place where his grandmother live in all her life.

"Em. She's gone, it is no use to leave the place like this. It would just only add the sorrow. The house is sold. I will take the grandmother's thing today." Lin Cheng Huan continued: "Su Ran, do you have free time? If not let's go together? Maybe there's a lot of your childhood things left there."

Because that time Su Ran often went to grandma's house, sometimes she would draw, write words and do some handwork.

Su Ran was quite miss that moments.

After all, she was the only person who was willing to give her a smile, and she always treated her well.

"Okay, in a while I and Tian Mi will come to look for you, let's go together."

Lin Cheng Huan stayed silent for a long time, then said: "Ran Ran, you don't need to call Tian Mi every time you will meet me. I know your intention…"

"Cheng Huan…."

Lin Cheng Huan smiled: "Okay, later on I will look for you guys in the dancing studio."

Then he hung up, Su Ran sighed. Probably she should say that she understands, yet she always avoid it. No matter Lin Cheng Huan told her, her subconscious mind would always tells her to avoid it. She is not really a person who likes to avoid problems if she encountered one. She always afraid to lose him because it feels like she would lose her relatives.

Since her little age, she never has a relatives. When Qiao Qing insisted to be together with Su Hao, there was basically only both of them, other broke down their relationship. Yet Su Hao toward her also doesn't show any family love. Qiao Qing always cares about her beloved man.

So she always really treasures her relationship with Lin Cheng Huan.

She tidied her things, then finally didn't go to the dancing studio to look for Tian Mi. But she went alone to look for Cheng Huan. Seeing her come alone, Lin Cheng Huan didn't say anything. He took his car to send them to the grandma's house.

Actually grandma's remnant was not really many. She left her textbooks and notes, and a lot of students' homework.

All around the year, she always wears a plain and simple clothes. Even when she was young, she always be someone that simple, so her clothes was not really many.

Lin Cheng Huan flipped open one by one her books. Originally he only wanted to take the ones that are important, but the time he looked and looked at it. He felt every books are really important. How could he threw it, so he took a box, prepared to pack it up.

Like what Lin Cheng Huan said on the phone, Su Ran found a lot of her childhood things that left here.

With a great difficulty finally they could tidy it up, and moved it to the car. It was already in the afternoon, Lin Cheng Huan stood in the doorway. He looked at the house for a long time, that finally closed the door.

"Will you be sad because you will let it go?"

Lin Cheng Huan smiled and said: "I will."

Su Ran also smiled, and followed him to the car.

"You should be hungry, let's look for a restaurant to eat lunch."

"Okay." There were some words, she wanted to say.

Lin Cheng Huan is familiar with her food preference, so the time he ordered, he chose the one that she likes. During the lunch, he is still like in the past, helped her to pick the food. He even took out the fish bone first before gave her the meat.

"Cheng Huan, don't mind me anymore. You also eat it."

After the lunch, at first Lin Cheng Huan wanted to call the waiter to give their cheque, but Su Ran extended her hand to stop her: "I have something to say to you."

Lin Cheng Huan put down his hand, and looked at her: "What is it, you say." He smiled: "I feel today you are a bit different. Did my words today influence you? Don't put it inside your heart, I just casually say it, I don't have any different intention."

"No…." Su Ran shook her head: "Cheng Huan, actually this is my problem. For this thing, I'm too selfish and coward. I always avoid it, so…"

Hearing what she said, Lin Cheng Huan smiled became bleak: "I think, I understand your meaning."


Lin Cheng Huan looked at her: "Ran Ran, actually you want to tell me, your feeling toward me is like a feeling to a big brother right, a friend right?"

Su Ran nodded.

Lin Cheng Huan mocked himself silently: "Ran Ran, don't you say sorry to me. You just don't love me. Yet you also never give me any hope, it is me that always be the stubborn one. Actually sometimes, I also don't know what I am stubborn about. The time you marry to Song Ting Yu, I already wanted to cut it all. But after I saw how he threw you guys away and you didn't live well in Song family. I know you are forced to marry him. With your personality, sooner or later you will leave. So I think I will wait until you get divorce. I will say everything to you and we will be together. Yet this is my only sided of thinking. I forget to ask you about your thinking. Perhaps even though you left Song family, you also don't plan to be with me. Because love and friendship, are two different thing right?"

Su Ran's eyes felt teary, she used her hands to wipe her tears, yet this moment she couldn't say anything.

Lin Cheng Huan also stayed silent for a long time, he used his hand to stroke her hair: "Okay, don't be sad. Ran Ran, I am still your brother, still your relative."

His voice was became more hoarse: "I will try… I will not love you anymore…"

The atmosphere turned to complete silent, then Lin Cheng Huan broke the silent then pulled her hands: "Let's go, I will send you home."

"I want to go to Tian Mi's first."


The time Su Ran arrived at Tian Mi's place, Tian Mi just finished eating her cup noodle.

She looked at Su Ran on the doorway, and felt somewhat surprised: "Ran Ran, how could you come here at this time? Does Song Ting Yu bully you again?"

Su Ran patted her face: "No, don't always think that way."

"Then what happened?"

She locked the door, and followed Su Ran to the living room.

Su Ran sat down and hugged the cushion: "Today I went with Cheng Huan to grandma's house, we tidied up her remnant. That house, he prepared to sell it."

"Oo…" Tian Mi grumbled: "It's quite good, grandma is gone. It is no use to leave the house… Then you and Cheng Huan?"

"I say something to him…"

"What did you say?" Tian Mi asked it spontaneously, then suddenly she understood: "You open up?"

Su Ran nodded, and leaned on the sofa: "I don't want to avoid it again."

Tian Mi sat on her side: "At first in the past, I also quite want that you guys be together. After all, you are childhood sweethearts. But then you married Song Ting Yu, what happened then…. But feeling also couldn't be forced, so it's good that you say it clearly…."

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