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You just don't love me (1)

Su Ran pushed him, yet it was not use: "Which woman doesn't pregnant for a long of time? All of them also undergo this period of time."

"Yes, of course all women would have same time length of pregnancy, then how do those men settle the problem?"

The time Song Ting yu was still talking, his thin lips always from time to time, sticked close to her neck. Su Ran felt a bit ticklish, and constantly dodge away. He held down her shoulder: "Don't you move around."

"Don't you make joke." Su Ran said very helplessly: "Hurry up get up, I want to sleep."

"Su Ran, you are too ruthless, really too ruthless…."

Song Ting Yu said and said it again and again, he hugged her shoulder. He lowered his head and kissed her collar bone. At first, it was just a kiss, but very quickly he sucked it strongly.

Su Ran yelled, and pushed him. She used her hand to cover her neck: "Song Ting Yu, you are crazy!"

She immediately got off the bed and went to the front of the mirror of the dressing table. On her white skin, there was a red mark. This man certainly did it in purpose, so he kissed it there, that is the place that couldn't be hid by scarf. Moreover, it was so red, tomorrow definitely it would turn into mark.

She turned her eyes and glared at the originator of an evil practice, yet he just sat down on bedside, with his charming smile.

"Let's sleep." He looked like he was so satisfied, he patted down the bad mattress 

Su Ran laid down on the bed once again, she warned him: "Song Ting Yu, if you do it again, then I really will sleep in different room."

It was okay to cause a commotion with her once and twice would be okay, yet if he does it everyday, then she really unable to tolerate it.

Song Ting Yu turned his body, he used the blanket to wrap her body. Then he pulled her whole body over, and kissed her red lips: "I didn't do anything, I even cannot kiss you? Then why don't you ask me to be the Buddhist monk?"

Su Ran used her elbow to bump him, and said: "Then you just go be the Buddhist monk."

Su Ran already felt tired, so when she said that sentence, her voice was somewhat unclear. After she said it, she didn't move anymore.

Song Ting Yu leaned over and looked at her. He noticed she already closed her eyes and slept.

He kissed her temple, then said: "Goodnight."

Su Ran got up early the next day, but Song Ting Yu wasn't inside the room. She went out of the bathroom, suddenly remembered the thing from last night. So she went to the mirror and teared open her collar. She wouldn't know if she didn't see it, she was surprised when she saw it.

Except the last night trace on her neck, collarbones, and moreover chest…..

All of them are full of purple mark.

Yesterday, Song Ting Yu definitely seized the opportunity during her sleep to mess around with her. She used her hand to cover her hot face, she felt this man is really a crazy man.

"Pervert, rogue!"

She scolded him secretly, then opened her wardrobe to look for another clothes. Luckily it was still winter, she could wear a high collar clothes. If not, she really would fight with Song Ting Yu at all costs."

Originally she wanted to look for Song Ting Yu to get even with him, but she didn't find him.

She looked for Auntie Fang to ask: "Auntie Fang, where is Mister?" It was still early, he should still be at home.

Auntie Fang smiled and said: "This morning at seven o'clock, the driver sends Mister out. It looks like he has a nine o'clock flight…."

Auntie Fang hadn't finished her words, a very cold voice said: "You even don't know your husband whereabouts, what kind of wife you are?"

No need to ask, Su Ran also knew who was it.

She turned her body, and faced with her mocking face, then she greeted her: "Ma."

Chen Jing looked at her: "You slept until this late, it's no wonder you didn't know he leave home."

Auntie Fang couldn't help but said: "Madame, Mister said that now Mrs. is pregnant. She needs a lot of rests, so let us don't wake her up…."

Chen Jing glared at Auntie Fang: "The time I say something, when it is your turn to interrupt? What do you see yourself as?"

Auntie Fang's face immediately pales, Su Ran grasped her hand, and smiled: "Auntie Fang, you go up first and take care of Wei Xi."

Auntie Fang nodded, then left.

Su Ran didn't mind too much to Chen Jing's eyes, she had been Song house for so many time, actually already understands everyone's temperament. Cheng Jing is someone who looks down at people, no matter how, it is hard to change her thinking. She always dislike Su Ran, so when she looked at her, she always seizes the opportunity to mock and ridicule her. It was not too serious in the past, but after Bai Zhi Rui returned, it was getting even more serious.

But with this kind of person, the more you fight with her, she wouldn't let you go.

Su Ran didn't want to waste any time with her, there was meaningless for her.

Moreover, she also an elder, she is Song Ting Yu's mama so she is her mother-in-law so it was needless for her to fight over her words.

"If there is nothing else, Ma, I will go to have some breakfast first." Su Ran nodded, then went to dining room.

Looking at how Su Ran ignored her, she was so mad, but she couldn't do anything.

Su Ran was on the dining room. The time she sat down and ate her breakfast, she took out her phone. It was just eight o'clock, Song Ting Yu shouldn't be boarding yet. She dialed his phone. In a while it was connected, with his deep sweet-sounding voice: "You are awake?"

"Em." Su Ran nodded: "Auntie Fang said that this morning at seven o'clock, you already leave to go to he airport? Where are you going?'

"I just know you would hate to be apart of me." Song Ting Yu laughed lowly: "I will have a business meeting. It was decided yesterday, but I forgot to tell you…"

"Where is it?"


"For how long?"

"We even haven't separated yet you already miss me?"

With only hearing his voice, she could imagine his expression, definitely he would look full of self-satisfied.

"Song Ting Yu, could we talk nicely?"

Song Ting Yu laughed for a while: "I will be back tomorrow afternoon. Okay, it is time. I will board now, take a good care of yourself."


She said it, then hung up the phone. She also put it down, then ate her breakfast.

The time she finished her breakfast, her phone rang. She looked at the screen, and noticed from the screen the caller ID. She was startled, then answered it: "Cheng Huan, this early, have you had your breakfast?"

"I ate already, do I wake you up?" Lin Cheng Huan knew Su Ran was pregnant. Most pregnant women are addicted to sleep, so he wasn't certain whether Su Ran was awake or not.

"I already woke up. I'm having my breakfast. What happened?"

"Later on I will go to grandma's house for a while. I want to tidy up her remnant. For the house, I plan to sell it….

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