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It's okay, I could let you understand (1)

Song Ting Yu's corner of lips crooked up, he put on his grey overcoat, then pulled her. He kissed her lips: "Good night's kiss."

This is the third time he stole the kiss successfully from her, Su Ran was mad: "Hurry up go away."

Su Ran looked at Song Ting Yu's leaving then went upstairs. Tian Mi already laid down on the bed, but the light in the room was switched on, she should switch on for her.

Su Ran laid down on the bed cautiously, then turned her body to turn off the light. Tian Mi held her arm: "You willing to be apart and go upstair? I thought you will immediately go home with Song Ting Yu."

"What nonsense are you talking about…." Su Ran patted Tian Mi's hand, even if in the dark, yet she didn't dare to look Tian Mi's in the eyes, she felt like Tian Mi was laughing at her."

"Am I talking nonsense?" Tian Mi laughed deceitfully: "Before you suddenly stood up from the bed, didn't say anything then went downstairs. You made me worried, I thought something had happened. I hurriedly chased after you, just realized that turned out you worried about Song Ting Yu, are you afraid that he would freeze to death by standing outside? So you felt a bit sad right?"

"I also don't know why myself could be that fearful?" Su Ran took a deep breath a while: "It's probably looked like you, perhaps I care about him more than I imagine…."

Tian Mi let go of her hand: "You are associate closely, it is impossible to have no feeling…."

"Perhaps." Su Ran smiled: "Let's sleep."

Su Hao looked at his daughter in front of him: "That night how was it? Between you and Song Ting Yu?"

"Nothing had happened." Talking about this, Su Lai's heart was full of anger. Originally she wanted to go out with Song Ting Yu, but didn't expect that man unexpectedly be so ruthless, he left her in remote cold place. If not she called her friend to take her away, maybe now she was still there.

Luckily, even if she was not succeed in going out with Song Ting Yu, yet at last she found his phone, and gave Su Ran a call. She dared to be certain, that call definitely influence Su Ran. But regarding how big was the influence, it depended on how big Song Ting Yu's place on his heart.

"That was a good opportunity, why didn't you seize it?" Su Hao was somewhat dissatisfied: "You told me that you take fancy on Song Ting Yu, then it means you need to make the most of that opportunity. I don't put my hope on Su Ran. Even she continued to be in Song family, she also wouldn't help me. At first I still want to put my hope on you…."

"Pa, I also want to seize it but Song Ting Yu just wanted to provoke Su Ran. So after leaving the house, on the half-way he let me to get off the car. You don't know how he harmed me…."

"He let you to get off, and you just got off?"

"Then what should I do? You also know what kind of person is Song Ting Yu? If that time I don't get off the car, he definitely would drag me down…."

"Really useless." Because he didn't hear any good news, so his face looked not too good.

"Pa, how could you say something like that? Do you think I will give up by only one failure? You also know that now I am really regretting that why at the first place I let Su Ran took the place and married into Song family. If it's me, then it would be good….." She said it, then loss in thought.

"That time that path was her own choice, it was you that rejected the idea. You were devoted yourself to that useless man." Su Hao felt somewhat resentful toward her for failing to meet his expectation.

Yet Su Lai didn't able to retort, because indeed she was silly that time.

When she was in rage, her phone rang. She looked at the screen, and her eyes brighten. She was so emotional that she forgot to answer it.

The she hurriedly answered the phone, "Ting Yu, you look for me?"

Song Ting Yu said something, then she immediately nodded: "I will, tonight I will definitely come."

Su Hao continued to look at her when she was on the phone. The time she was finished, he asked: "Song Ting Yu's call? What did he say to you?"

"He asked me to have dinner."

Su Hao felt something was fishy: Didn't yesterday he ask you to get off halfway? How could his attitude change overnight, maybe he wants to use again to provoke Su Ran."

"Then I also still want to go." Su Lai felt if there was something that could provoke Su Ran, why didn't she do it?

"No matter what is the reason. In brief, you need to seize the opportunity."

"Pa, I know." Su Ran already left in hurry, she wanted to dress up herself nicely. Tonight she would go out with him, then she needed to be appear completely exquisite.

At least to let him know that she was better than Su Ran. He could take a fancy on Su Ran, why couldn't he take fancy on her?

The next day Su Ran went back to Song house.

Chen Jing thought she was not coming back for one night, so she looked dissatisfied. Yet because of Madame Song, she could only be angry but didn't say anything. Now Madame Song was not pleased with her, if she did something wrong then Madame Song definitely would not let her go.

In the afternoon, Song Ting Yu returned home. He said that he wanted to take Su Ran out to have dinner. Su Ran looked puzzled, and said: "Why should we go out for dinner without any reason?"

"Hurry up and change your clothes." Song Ting Yu didn't reveal anything, he just patted her shoulder.

Although Su Ran was still puzzled, yet she also went to change her clothes: "I will call Wei Xi."

"Today don't bring Wei Xi, next time we will take him out."

"Why?" Su Ran frowned.

"Naturally I have my own reason, don't ask too many questions. That time you would know it." Song Ting Yu held her and opened the door.

Looked at how mysterious he was, she also didn't ask further, just asked Auntie Fang to take care well of Wei Xi.

He drove the car to take her to a restaurant. He already made a reservation, the waiter brought them to the reserved private room. When he opened the door, Su Ran noticed someone was sitting down inside.

She was startled, it was Su Lai.

She raised her head to look at Song Ting Yu, she apparently understood what was his reason to bring her here. Last night he told her that he would let her understand the last night matter.

Originally Su Lai, who was sitting down inside, felt so emotional. Yet the moment she noticed Su Ran's appearance, her face changed.

Quickly she calmed down her expression, then turned her awkward expression to a smile: "Ting Yu, Su Ran, hello."

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran got inside.

Originally Su Lai wanted to once again sit down beside him, but didn't expect him to block her: "I don't use to a stranger sit down by my side."

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