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It's Okay, I will let you understand (2)

Su Lai felt a bit depressed, but didn't break it out. She pointed at Su Ran, who was sitting down beside him: "Doesn't she sit beside you?"

"Is Su Ran another person for me?" Song Ting Yu sneered at her.

Su Lai bit her lips, turned her body and pulled out the chair at the opposite of him.

At first she thought this dinner would be attended by her and Song Ting Yu, yet now there was Su Ran. So when she noticed their appearance together, she thought that possibly it was a dinner to provoke Su Ran again. She also didn't think about it too much so she just especially wanted to sit down beside him. But she didn't expect that he would those kind of words, words that let her to feel a bit embarrassed.

Since he didn't want to have a dinner alone with her, and also didn't want to provoke Su Ran. This moment Su Lai was a bit confused the reason of Song Ting Yu's invitation to have dinner.

Yet Song Ting Yu seemed to be calm, he passed the menu to Su Ran: "Look at it what do you want to eat."

Su Ran ordered several dishes according to her taste and also Song Ting Yu's taste, but she didn't order Su Lai's favorite dishes.

She finished ordering and passed the menu to Song Ting Yu. Song Ting Yu didn't look at it. The time she passed the waiter and it streaked across Su Lai's front. Su Lai wanted to take the menu, when she about to reached it, the waiter already took it and left.

Su Lai's smile stiffened immediately, her both hands was clenching so hard.

The dishes were served out, Song Ting Yu served a bowl of soup to Su Ran, and picked some dishes for her. He even picked the fish bones for her, and fresh the tender meat of the fish into her bowl.

Su Lai just could look at it, and felt extremely envious.

"Thank you." Su Ran took a chopsticks and started to eat, they both ate the food quietly, as if they ignored Su Lai, they just regarded her as an invisible woman.

Su Lai was feeling more and more fidgety, this moment she really wanted to leave. Yet she also felt somewhat unwilling. But sitting down here and facing a table full of dishes, she didn't have any appetite because it was not her kind of dishes.

She really didn't understand why did Song Ting Yu ask her to come here? Was it for watching their lovey-dovey action?

With a great difficulty, she was waiting until Su Ran and Song Ting Yu placed down their chopsticks. Song Ting Yu took a napkin and wipe his mouth for awhile, and looked at Su Lai: "Are you full?"

"I'm full." Although actually Su Lai didn't eat anything.

Song Ting Yu smiled slightly: "Do you know why I ask you to come?"

She asked: "Why?"

"I heard that the night before the last you took my phone and dialed Su Ran?" Song Ting Yu placed his finger on the table, and knocked the table down slightly. His face was full of smile, yet his smile brought a coldness.

Su Lai just felt her brain to buzz for a while. She thought she should understand the reason Song Ting Yu asked her to come.

She thought recently their relationship was a bit stiff, Su Ran wouldn't say about this matter to him, yet didn't expect these two people to be in good relationships that Su Ran would talk this things out to him. So Song Ting Yu now looked for her to confront her….

Su Lai held both her arms tightly because she was too nervous. Her hands were sweaty, but she didn't want to show her nervousness out, she didn't want to confess without being pressed.

"I didn't." Su Lai felt the one thing she could do know was denying: "Ran Ran, you are wrong right? That night I called you but I used my phone to call you. I said that I was drunk, I asked you to come to pick me a while…"

Su Ran cut her off mildly: "No, you said that Song Ting Yu was drunk, let me to pick him up. That night I was not asleep yet, also wasn't drunk. How couldn't I recognize the number which was calling?"

"But I really didn't call a…." Su Lai exposed an innocent and being wronged expression.

"That day I let you to get off halfway right?" Song Ting Yu asked.

Although this moment Su Lai really wanted to deny to provoke Su Ran, but she wasn't able to . She was even more wanted to protect herself, if not she didn't know what would happen then.

"Yes, I got off from the car."

Su Lai bit her lips: "Since I got off from the car, then how could I be together with Song Ting Yu?"

Song Ting Yu swayed his wine glass for a while: "That day did you go to the Ye Se club?"

Su Lai's face was paled, it was the place that she met him, of course she didn't want to admit: "No."

Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at her: "Really? Are you certain?"

"Certain. I don't lie to you. That day my friend took me. Afterwards because we saw how cold was the weather, we went home directly. How could I go to Ye Se club?"

Song Ting Yu clapped his hand: "Your making story skill is really good. Next time I will introduce you to performers and production teams okay?"

Su Lai's face was getting paler than before: "Ting Yu, I don't know what are you talking about…"

"It's okay, I will let you understand."

Song Ting Yu said it then stood up. He took his phone and opened the recording application. Then he placed on Su Lai's front: "This is your friend's number right, the one who picked you up?"

Su Lai glanced at him hurriedly, of course it was a familiar number. She nodded stiffly.

"Before I called her, she said that day after picked you up, she went to Ye Se club together with you. You were there throughout the night, it was different from your stories before. " Song Tign Yu said, and looked at her: "Do you still have anything else to say?"

"It just your one side of the story, it didn't show that I really did it."

Song Ting Yu clapped his hand again: "I already said that I would let you understand throughly, so now it's okay for you to deny. Later on don't deny it.

He said it then took a roll of video tape out. He played it out it was the CCTV record of Ye Se club. Although there was a lot of people, but Su Lai could easily recognized because she wore a thin sweater.

Song Ting Yu pointed at that women: "This isn't you?"

This video could show the actual face of Su Lai, she couldn't deny it again.

After she watched the video, she felt she was slapped by a cold water let her body to be really cold.

She wanted to calm down, nodded and said: "It's me."

Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows toward her: "Didn't you say that you didn't go to Ye Se club? Could it be that you lost your memory for a while before?"

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