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Can't you just wash me clean? (2)

He was eating, and she was watching the television, it was very silent. They both didn't talk, and the atmosphere was not strange like this morning, instead it gave people a kind of happy feeling.

Song Ting Yu finally finished his meal, and placed the bowl and chopsticks on the table. He took the glass and drank the water, then he looked at Su Ran who was sitting down on his side, she seemed so serious while watching the television.

Song Ting Yu grasped her hand, and turned her body over.

"You are full right." Su Ran turned off the television: "Don't you have something to talk to me? Or you want to go to sleep first? It's not early anymore…."

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran's eyes: "Su Ran, actually you also really care about me right?"

He said it while slowly leaned closed to her, because now he was in the room, his temperature gradually returned to normal, so his approach didn't let Su Ran to feel cold, instead it gave her a scorching hot feeling.

Su Ran smiled: "What is the benefit for me if you are freezing to death?"

Song Ting Yu clutched her delicate chin: "You say one thing and mean another." He shifted his hand lower, and pressed to her heart: "Here you clearly care about me, if not, why did you run so rushingly? Look, you even didn't wear your shoes."

Su Ran clearly felt his hand which was covering her left chest deliberately pinched and rubbed for awhile, she patted his hand irritatingly: "Song Ting Yu, if you still do something foolish, then you just go out."

"I forget, you said, you always resent me dirty." Song Ting Yu looked as if he was laughing at himself. But his laughter let Su Ran's heart seemed to be poked for awhile, she was somewhat sad.

He hugged her, he buried his head on her neck, and with a lower voice: "Su Ran, since I went back from America I just only be together with you, in the future I also will not touch another woman again? Don't resent me because I'm dirty, can't you just wash me clean?"

Su Ran said with a low voice: "In the morning, you also said that I'm dirty."

"I said something wrong, okay?" This moment Song Ting Yu's appearance like a little kid who was wronged: "You don't know that you have a great influence on me. Your one sentence, your expression, all of it could affect me greatly. This morning I also lost my rationality that I could said those words. Su Ran, forgive me…."

Su Ran's eyes were teary, she didn't say anything.

Song Ting Yu raised his head to look at her: "If you don't say anything, I just think that you accept my apology."

This man really is a shameless, Su Ran shook her head helplessly, also didn't know since when he turned into like that. Before her impression toward him was not someone like this.

How could now he turn into something proud and charming, difficult, and shameless?

Song Ting Yu's smile deepened continuously, yet he noticed her bare footed was standing on the floor. His eyes changed, bent his waist and grasped her delicate ankle. He placed her both legs to rise up, and placed on his knees.

When Su Ran was still dumbfounded, he extended his hand and slowly massaged her. He said: "Even if you are worried about me, anxious to meet me, but also you need to wear shoes, how could you be like this? What if you are freeze? How could you never think about yourselves?"

The time this man was blaming her and he didn't forget to compliment himself.

Su Ran really didn't use to his kind of actions, although they has done many intimate movement, yet this not the same, he helped her to massage her feet, inevitably there will be a kind of very compassionate very warm atmosphere lingered.

"It's okay, now I'm not cold anymore. You just let me go first."

Song Ting Yu didn't willing to let down her foot, he treated as he didn't hear it, and continued to massage her legs.

This moment it looked like he was thinking something, so he once again raised his head to look at her: "Last night I was drunk, wanted you to pick me up, why did you just hang up my phone?"

Su Ran was startled for a while, she recalled the matter of last night, she also felt a bit anger: "Didn't you go out with Su lai? If you were drunk, she would send you home. Even if she was not drunk and couldn't drive car, she also able to call taxi to take you homem."

"I didn't be together with her…." He paused, and his smile was appearing: "Are you jealous?"

The tone before, if it was not jealousy then what was it?

In any case Song Ting Yu thought like that firmly!

Su Ran's face was blushing, she turned her face: "Don't you talk nonsense."

He got his face close, and said: "You didn't jealous, but how come your face was red now? Why don't you dare to see me in the eyes?"

Su Ran couldn't stand to be expose like that by him, so the time he said it, she immediately turned her head to look at him, yet he pecked her red lips for a while.

Song Ting Yu was successful in taking opportunity to kiss her, he naturally felt his mood to be better. He was smiling so brightly. This man is really a handsome man, the time he smiles, his eyes are also brighten.

"Song Ting Yu!"

Song Ting Yu raised his brows: "I was kissed by you that I return my mood?"

Su Ran glared at him, then ignored her.

He was still massaging her both legs, and sped up the circulation of blood, it was good for her and the kids inside her.

"Last night I didn't go out with Su Lai. I drove the car to take her, but halfway I let her to get off the car. Then I also didn't be together with her, then I went to the bar to accompany a client that came from Singapore…."

"You lie." Su Ran frowned: "Last night Su Lai clearly took your phone and called me."

Song Ting Yu's face immediately darken: "What did she say?"

"She said that you are drunk, let me pick you up. She also said that you don't let me to come, so at last she takes you to somewhere…."

Song Ting Yu's eyes were darken: "You believe her words?"

"She used your phone."

"Listen up, Su Ran." Song Ting Yu's face turned serious: "I don't know how could she take my phone, but I certainly let her got off the car halfway. If you don't believe me then you could ask Tang Zi Chu. Of course, you would say that Tang Zi Chu is my person, he definitely would stand on my side right?"

"So?" Su Ran asked: "In what way would you prove me your innocent?"

Song Ting Yu smiled: "I would let you see it."

"Okay." Su Ran also really wanted to know, how could this be. Since Song Ting Yu let Su Lai got off the car halfway, then how could she use his phone to call her?

Song Ting Yu finally let down her legs, and went to the shoes racks on the front door, he took a pair of shoes and placed in front of her: "Okay, it's not early anymore. Wear this then go up to sleep, I will go back first."

"You want to go back to Song house?"

Song Ting Yu took his coat and shook it for a while, and said: "Why? You hate to be part with me? You want to stay to accompany me?"

"Hurry go." Su Ran never met someone so shameless, at first she just carelessly asked, she just wanted to know whether he would go back to Song house or Song office, after all, these days he was sleeping in Song company.

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