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At Xiang Shan Film Base.

It was located at the east side of Dragon City. A few years ago, a number of parties invested over tens of billions to build it. It was a huge project. From afar, Chen Xiaobei could see a large number of ancient buildings. He felt like he had traveled to another realm.

"Zhuang Bufan! Zhuang Bufan…We love you…Ah…."

At that time, there were thousands of fans gathering outside the film base. The actor that they wanted to meet was not there but that did not stop them from screaming their lungs out. Zhuang Bufan could be considered as an extremely handsome man! He just ventured into the entertainment industry not too long ago. The combination of his handsome visage, talent in acting, and support from filthy rich people made him a famous actor. He had tens of millions of fans around the country. At the same time, he became the most in-demand actor as well.

Chen Xiaobei was not the kind of person that liked to worship superstars. He could not help but felt excited.

"Zhuang Bufan is the lead actor of Ling Yue the Heroine. Is the lead actress, Tang Mengwan going to be here as well?" 

Ling Yue the Heroine was the most-talked movie of the year. The entire movie was made possible by a top-tier director, actors, and actresses. Earlier, Chen Xiaobei's First Love Peach stole the thunder of this movie. Thus, he could remember it clearly. Chen Xiaobei preferred the lead actress more than the lead actor.

Tang Mengwan had perfect facial features and perfect curves on her body. She was the queen in three major fields of the entertainment industry; movie, TV series and singing! She was definitely more famous than Zhuang Bifan!

"I wish I can meet Tang Mengwan later!"

Chen Xiaobei was looking forward to it. He then drove his car into the film base from the side entrance.

At number 66 filming set.

"Director Wang, can you give Wenyuan a line of dialogue for the next scene? Any dialogue is fine by me! Just one single line…"

Song Qincheng was standing beside a plump man. She asked politely.

"She is just a side character. She should feel grateful that I'm willing to let her show her face in this episode! Don't even think about having a dialogue of her own!"

Wang Cangshuang twitched his mouth and said condescendingly. His stare was indulging slowly on Song Qincheng's body. He could not stop looking at her. She wore a set of loose and comfortable casual clothes to work today. It would make her feel more comfortable when she worked. Her sexiness was half covered but she was still very seductive. Her sky-high snow mountains [1] could easily kill all the men within her sight.

Song Qincheng was not happy about it at all. It had been a few years since she started to work in the entertainment industry. She had seen all kind of people with disgusting personalities and attitudes. She continued to say softly, "Director Wang, please give Wenyuan a chance to talk in this episode. She is very talented. She will become extremely famous if you let her express her talent!"

"There are a lot of people with great talent. Everyone wanted me to give them a chance to express their talent. Why should I give it to Wenyuan? Of course, everything is negotiable! Just ask her to have a one-night-stand with me. I will give her a solid role in the movie if you both can serve me tonight! What do you think? Quite a good deal, right? Hehehe…"

"Director Wang! Why are you talking nonsense when you are not even drunk?"

Song Qincheng gritted her teeth. She had an urge to land a few tight slaps on his face.

"Hehe…You have been working in this line for quite some time now…You should have known the hidden rules better than anyone else here! You used to have Fan Family at your back! People from the entertainment industry were afraid to lay their hands on you! However, you are a divorcée now! Stop acting like some pure and innocent girl! Do you believe that I will take away the side character role from Wenyuan?"

"I…" Song Qincheng was shocked and speechless.

Fan Tong and Song Qincheng were just a married couple with no intimacy. However, Fan Family was like a big tree for her. Most of the time, it shielded her from all kind of problems. People would start to attack her when her shield was gone! Director Wang Cangshuang was not going to be the first one or the last one!

"You have ten seconds to consider it! Give me what I want or get the hell out!"

Song Qincheng frowned. She just wanted to slap him, turn around, and walk away. From afar, she could see Wenyuan dressed in an ancient servant outfit. She was reading the script that had nothing to do with her in a serious manner. She just could not make herself to do it when she saw all the effort that Wenyuan put in her acting career recently. Wenyuan's dream would be shattered if she chose to walk away.

Song Qincheng was in a dilemma. She felt so helpless.

"Director Wang, I think you should give her a line of dialogue!"

At that moment, Chen Xiaobei marched towards them.

"Motherf*cker! A side character like you has no right to tell me what to do and what not to do!"

Wang Cangshuang turned around and took a look at Chen Xiaobei. He saw that Chen Xiaobei was handsome and his body was quite perfect as well. Unconsciously, he thought Chen Xiaobei was one of the side characters.

"Don't be angry. It's just a line of dialogue. I'm not asking you to give it out for free. I will give you some medicine to cure your weak kidney! I can guarantee that your combat power in bed will be increased tremendously. Nobody will call you The Flash anymore!"

Weak kidney?

The Flash?

Song Qincheng almost laughed out loud after hearing Chen Xiaobei's comment. However, she tried her best not to laugh to avoid offending Wang.

"Son of the bitch! Do you have a death wish?!"

Wang Cangshuang shouted angrily. He was embarrassed.

Actually, a weak kidney was pretty common among the population. However, it would be extremely embarrassing for the person if someone announced it out loudly in public. That was a classic face slapping moment. Face was more important than a weak kidney!

"I think you are the one that is going to die soon! Judging from your look, I know that you allow yourself to overindulge in sex! Your body had been emptied out! Sooner or later, you will definitely die while you are having sex with other women!"

"Motherf*cker! How dare you curse me? Security guards! Drag this son of the bitch out from my filming set and beat him up!"

Soon, a group of muscular security guards surrounded Chen Xiaobei. All of them were ready to beat Chen Xiaobei up.


Song Qincheng quickly rushed to Chen Xiaobei to hold his hands.

"Eh? Rumors have it that the reason you divorce with Fan Tong was that of a young boy! Is this side character the young boy in the rumor?"

Wang Cangshuang narrowed his gaze and said mockingly.

"This is my private matter! It is not necessary for you to put a leg into it! Xiaobei! Let's go!"

"Hold on right there! Do you guys really think you can leave this place unharmed after humiliating me? Dream on! I'm going to cripple this bastard if Song Qincheng does not give me what I want!"

"I'm afraid that Chen Xiaobei will cripple you if I don't bring him away from you!"

"Him? Cripple me? Hahaha… This must be some kind of joke! Go and beat him up now! Beat him to death!"

Wang Cangshuang swung his arms and ordered.


At that moment, a man with suit walked towards them.

Translator Note:

[1] snow mountains: Author was describing her boobs.

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