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"Boss Li! Why are you here?"

Wang Cangshuang put on a smile immediately after he saw someone powerful walking towards him. The man did not even care to look at Wang Cangshuang. He seemed sternly cool and unmoving. Finally, he put on a smile when he stopped in front of Chen Xiaobei.

"Mr. Chen! Hello! I'm the CEO of Xiangshan Film Base! My name is Li Haopeng."

The man extended his hand to shake Chen Xiaobei's hand.


Chen Xiaobei shook his hand. He looked really calm and steady. Song Qincheng was extremely shocked when she saw Li Haopeng acting so politely in front of Chen Xiaobei. On the other hand, Wang Cangshuang was freaking out. The way he looked at Chen Xiaobei had completely changed! Li Haopeng was the most powerful person in Xiangshan File Base! Every year, there were hundreds of movies and TV series being shot at this film base with his permission. Even the top directors had to pay their respects to him. Wang Cangshuang was just a normal director. Seeing Li Haopeng was like seeing his father.

He did not expect Li Haopeng would take the initiative to shake Chen Xiaobei's hand.

Wang Cangshuang almost peed himself. He asked fearfully, "Boss Li, may I know who this Mr. Chen is?"

"You pig! Listen carefully! Mr. Chen is a friend of the biggest shareholder of this film base! Don't drag me to hell with you!"

"Biggest… Friend of the biggest shareholder… This is not possible…"

Wang Cangshuang was shocked, slowly shifting his gaze to Chen Xiaobei. He was petrified. Li Haopeng was just the CEO of the film base! There were a group of shareholders above him that invested a huge amount of money to build this film base. Those people were the real powerful individuals! Wang Cangshuang would die a thousand times if they wanted him dead!

"Not possible? You should try it out! Today, you will be fired from Xiangshan Film Base if you are bold enough to mess with Mr. Chen Xiaobei! Don't even dream of working in the entertainment industry anymore!"

Everyone was shocked after hearing Li Haopeng's claim.

"Who is this kid? Why is he so damn powerful? It is already very hard to make friend with those shareholders! It is even harder to make those shareholders fire a director! There is only one explanation, Chen Xiaobei is not as simple as I thought he is!" Song Qincheng thought. She fixed her gaze on Chen Xiaobei, like a fangirl. Chen Xiaobei was younger than she was but he always managed to surprise her in various ways! It seemed like he could achieve all kind of things in this world!

"Mr. Chen Xiaobei… I'm really sorry… It was my fault just now… I hope you can forgive me…"

Wang Cangshuang was terrified. Sweat started to cascade down from his body like a waterfall. He quickly bowed in front of Chen Xiaobei to beg for forgiveness.

"I thought you want to beat me to death?"

"No… No… That was just a joke I would not dare to do that even if I had a hundred balls!" Wang Cangshuang said fearfully. He then lifted up his hands and started to slap himself!

"Are you going to give Wenyuan a line?"

"Yes! Definitely! Not just one! I will change the script immediately! I will make sure she will get some lines in every single episode! More exposure to the camera as well!"

"QinCheng, should we forgive him?" Chen Xiaobei smiled and asked.

"Sister QinCheng… I'm at fault…You are a generous woman… Please forgive me…"

Song Qincheng shot Wang Cangshuang a look of disdain. She was a smart woman. She realized that Chen Xiaobei just passed the power to her to make the call.

"Ms. Song, I think it's better to let him off the hook this time. You guys might work together again in the future. I don't want the bond to be affected." Li Haopeng might look stern but he still defended Li Haopeng at that crucial moment.

Song Qincheng was pleased. With a calm look and tone, she said, "Alright. I will forgive you this time for Boss Li's sake! I hope things like this will not happen again in the future!"

In other words, Li Haopeng just owed Song Qincheng a favor. Last time, Song Qincheng did not even have the right to talk to Li Haopeng. It was a huge thing for her to make Li Haopeng owe her a favor. From that day onwards, she knew that she and Wenyuan were going to have a smooth life in the entertainment industry. Deep down, she knew that Chen Xiaobei was the one that created this desirable outcome for her. One sentence from Chen Xiaobei changed Song Qincheng's and Wenyuan's future.

"Thank you so much… Thank you Sister QinChen Xiaobeig… Let me go and modify the script now… She will start to have her own lines in the next scene!"

Wang Cangshuang quickly walked away from them after being forgiven.

"Xiaobei… I'll leave you guys alone… I'm going to tell Wenyuan about this good news! She is going to be so happy!"

Song Qincheng put on a brilliant smile and left temporarily.

"Boss Li, I think you should know the question that I'm about to ask."

Li Haopeng was a smart man. He said, "Madam Diana is there… She wants to talk to you for a short while…"

Chen Xiaobei turned around and he saw a European lady was sitting in a mini sightseeing bus, who nodded at him.

Chen Xiaobei nodded back at the European lady. He walked towards the lady and said with a smile, "I did not realize that you are the biggest shareholder of this film base."

"I'm good at investing. I have invested a lot of things throughout Southeast Asia! I will invest in businesses that can earn me money!"

"You are a very straightforward person!"

"Thank you… Let me be frank with you since you know the kind of person I am. Recently, I'm interested in investing in a business. I would like to invite you to be my partner in this investment. Would you be interested in it?"

"Not interested. I have too many things on my plate. I'm afraid I can't spare anytime for investments," Chen Xiaobei said with a shrug.

Li Haopeng's mouth twitched slightly after hearing Chen Xiaobei's reply. He had never seen anyone reject a goddess of fortune like Madam Diana. There were a lot of businessmen that wanted to work together with Madam Diana but none of them had the opportunity to do so! However, Chen Xiaobei just rejected Madam Diana's offer without any hesitation. Li Haopeng thought that maybe Chen Xiaobei did not know how powerful and capable Madam Diana was. Chen Xiaobei would definitely have suffered if he offended Madam Diana.

However, Madam Diana was not angry with Chen Xiaobei. She smiled and said, "That investment still requires the locals of Dragon City. I need the land to build a factory. I don't think I can get it done anytime soon. Let me know if you are interested in this investment. You can join me anytime you want. Just call me."

The beautiful secretary that sat beside Chen Xiaobei passed him a name card. She then winked at Chen Xiaobei subtly. Chen Xiaobei was handsome and Madam Diana liked him. These two factors were enough to make the secretary fall be attracted to him because Chen Xiaobei's future was going to shine bright like a diamond.

Chen Xiaobei smiled and left the sightseeing bus after he took the name card from the secretary. She was frustrated because she did not get any response from Chen Xiaobei after she winked at him. However, she was instantly defeated when she saw Song Qincheng standing beside Chen Xiaobei. She could not compare to Song Qincheng. Song Qincheng was like a goddess and she was just like any other ordinary woman.

"Wenyuan is going to start acting soon. Come with me."

Song Qincheng held Chen Xiaobei's hand and dragged him to the filming scene.

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