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It was a mess. Pants, shirts, boxers, and even lingerie were hung at random places like the lamp, chair, and coincidentally, the doorknob. Luckily for the lady, her bra was on the side of the bed.


Chen Xiaobei woke up and felt a sharp pain on his back. It did not take long for him to realize that there were scratch marks on his back. That was the cause of his pain. Only when he got out of the bed that he realized that there were scratches all over his body! He was attacked by a cat!

Chen Xiaobei gulped. It was not hard for him to recall the memories of him wrestling in bed. Naturally, he had not forgotten about the goddess that was in the same bed as he.

She was sleeping soundly beside him. Despite the messiness, her hair was spread out on the bed. Her supple red lips were half open, they were so inviting to be kissed. Her ink-like hair was so silky that the tiniest breeze of wind would make them dance alongside the sheets. Her eyes were still closed yet it did not diminish the beauty of her snow-white complexion. She was tired. It was written all over her beautiful face. It was obvious that she had been 'tortured' thoroughly the night before.

"My god… I slept with the goddess…"

Chen Xiaobei moved his gaze slowly toward her lower half. Despite having a blanket over her, he could still trace the outline of her slender figure. Thankfully, her legs were not covered. he could enjoy the sight of her white jaded legs.

"This must be a dream. My first time… to a random stranger…" Chen Xiaobei rubbed his face. He was still having a little headache from the effect of the poison.


The goddess groaned softly in bed like anyone would before getting up from bed in the morning. She curled up slowly and gently. It was then that Chen Xiaobei knew that she had the smoothest skin. How else would the blanket just slide off her naked body as if it was marble?

Chen Xiaobei walked over to the other side of the bed to pick up the blanket. Just when he wanted to cover the precious thing, he realized something. There were droplets of blood on the white sheets. He was extremely horrified seeing the red spots that appeared all over her side like the red dates in the snow.

"Oh no…"

Chen Xiaobei felt horrible. He would not have thought that someone as beautiful as a real goddess was a virgin.

"F*ck Moon Lord! What the hell is that old fart doing…" Chen Xiaobei frowned. He was worried sick. How would she react when she wakes up?

The maiden had just become a woman in one unfortunate night and her partner in bed was an unknown man. How would someone react to that?

Shrinking from the thought of her freaking out, Chen Xiaobei quietly tip-toed to the bathroom to take a cold shower. After several minutes when Chen Xiaobei was drying himself, he heard a sound coming from the bedroom. When he came out of the bathroom, the woman that was on the bed had disappeared. She must have put on her clothes and left the room when Chen Xiaobei left the bedroom. He was standing alone, in the messy room. Her absence only made Chen Xiaobei unable to forget his sins.

"The young woman did not make a scene about the night. Why should I be worried about it?"

Chen Xiaobei steeled his mind and tried his best to forget about the night. At that moment, he felt a little guilty. "I should have asked for her name and contact number… It would be the right thing to do since she's my first woman."

"Oh right! I can ask the old fart!"

Chen Xiaobei dressed himself up and quickly found his phone among his other clothes.

Without delay, Chen Xiaobei bombarded Moon Lord's inbox with messages.

Chen Xiaobei: Moon Lord! You piece of shit! Come out and face me!

Chen Xiaobei: Moon Lord! You piece of shit!…

Chen Xiaobei: Moon Lord!…

Moon Lord: God Chen Xiaobei! Where the fire? Why are you scolding me in the morning?

Chen Xiaobei: It's because of you, stupid! I'd already inboxed you about the girl I wanted to get laid with! Her name was supposed to be Lin Xiang! You messed up! You messed with the entire fate!

Moon Lord: What? Did I make a mistake? (stunned)

Chen Xiaobei: Cut the pretense! How could you not realize your own mistake!

Moon Lord: Oh my…I really did make a mistake…(blush). God Chen Xiaobei! I am extremely sorry! I drank too much yesterday and accidentally pulled the wrong red thread…[1]

Chen Xiaobei: WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK! You drank too much?! How can that be?! No wonder there are so many weird romances in the world! I messed up because of you! (Angry glare)

Moon Lord: Please don't get angry God Chen Xiaobei… There's just too many fated couples in the three realms. It would be impossible to keep it right all the time… There's this one time when I had too much to drink, I'd accidentally pulled the thread of a man and a female pig together. Compared them, you're lucky. (Blush) (Whistle)

Chen Xiaobei: Are you saying that I should thank you for messing up my fate? (Glare, Glare, Glare, Glare)

"Stupid f*ck! Such a useless old fart! I'll never ask any favor from him anymore! There'll be a chance that he will even join my thread with another unknown being…Oh god…"

Chen Xiaobei was so frustrated that he could not stop pulling his hair. The Moon Lord's silence was not helping either. Only he would know where he went.

Chen Xiaobei put down the phone and groomed himself a little before picking it up again.

Moon Lord: God Chen Xiaobei! You'd really need to thank me now! No! You need to thank me with all your heart! (Sunglass smirking)

Chen Xiaobei: Thank my ass! You're such a thick-faced old man! How dare you ask me to thank you when you messed up my fate! (Glare)

Moon Lord: Hey hey. Listen to me before you say anything. The girl that you were with last night. Was she extremely pretty and still a virgin?

Chen Xiaobei: Uhm…That's right…But that's me being lucky, to begin with! Who knows what will you link me to next! I'll be damned if there's a dinosaur coming to my bed!

Moon Lord: There you go again. Listen to me. Your luck has always been good. The girl that you spent the night with has increased your fate count! It's now more than 10 times the amount now!

Chen Xiaobei: Fate count? 10 times the amount? What is that? (Surprise)

Moon Lord: It's simple. I'll cut to the chase. That girl can bring you some really really really really really good luck!

Chen Xiaobei: Bring me good luck? Do you mean even after marriage?

Moon Lord: Something like that. But it's not the same kind of luck! It's really really really really good luck! This kind of paring only exists once every a few hundred years! Like that the famous Liu Pang and Lu Zhi! Once the both of you got together, you could even become the world's king and queen!

Chen Xiaobei: Hey. Are you daft? There's no such thing as kings and queens in this era.

Moon Lord: That's true but you need to understand this. Even if I want to pair the both of you, I could never have found the perfect match in the middle of billions of humans around! The only reason behind this super fate is FATE itself! I am to report this matter to the Jade Emperor soon!

Chen Xiaobei: F*ck! This is awesome! What is the woman's name! Please tell me!

Moon Lord: I'm sorry. I cannot reveal this to you. I can never tamper with such a special fate. You must find her yourself! If I do reveal it to you, karma will seek us out!

Chen Xiaobei: Damn…I don't even know her name. How do I even seek her out in the first place!

Moon Lord: Young man. There's no such thing as a difficult task in the world, only ill-willed humans. This old man needs to report to the Jade Emperor. Such a wonderous super fate will definitely rock the heavens!

After that last message, the Moon Lord stopped replying.

Chen Xiaobei sat down on the unkempt bed and stared at nothingness.

"How do I find a single girl in a sea of humans…"


Chen Xiaobei's phone rang in his hand and he quickly picked it up. Since there was no way for him to search the goddess at that very moment, he thought that he should just drop the matter.

"Hello there little Wenyuan, why aren't you sleeping still? I'm surprised that you would call me at such early hours," said Chen Xiaobei while smiling.

"Hehe. Ever since I came to the Dragon City, I have never overslept again! I'm diligently working every single day!"

"That's nice to hear. How's your work? Future superstar?"

"I'm going to film a movie tomorrow! It's going to be my first debut! Xiaobei hubby! Would you come and cheer for me?" said Wenyuan seductively. 

"Sure! I'll definitely be there!" said Chen Xiaobei.

Translator Note:

[1]: Red Thread: It's a Chinese believe that if a person is fated to the other, a red thread will link them both together. The Moon Lord is the god that determines that connection.

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