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With a little pressure applied to the neck, Chen Xiaobei broke it easily like a twig. The man that was called Bro Pi died almost instantly. His lifeless head now twisted to the side, with his eyes locked onto the girl.

Before Chen Xiaobei could even sigh, an even louder sigh came from behind him.

"Ahhhh… I want it…"

The goddess that was in the car finally spoke. Her soft and seducing voice rang like a bell in Chen Xiaobei's ears. It was definitely not the first time he heard the voice of a woman in heat, but it was the first time he heard it coming from a beauty like her.

Chen Xiaobei almost collapsed to the ground when he heard the soft voice whispering in his ear. Frantically trying to find his footing, Chen Xiaobei said, "Woah. What's wrong with you?"

Chen Xiaobei turned around only to get the shock of his life.

The goddess' face that was originally as white as snow, had turned deep red. It was not the red of anger. It was the heat, the craving for it. The intense craving for another human!

Before, when Chen Xiaobei killed the bad guys, she was sitting still, unmoving. Yet, she had just jumped up to her feet and tackled Chen Xiaobei. Her voluptuous body pressed against his and Chen Xiaobei could feel the fiery heat of her lust. Without any warning, she planted her lips on Chen Xiaobei, and kissed him passionately. He was careful to not hurt the girl, hence he could not muster any strength to push her away. She, on the other hand, pushed him down and continued kissing him, longing for him to be in between her thighs.

In an instant, Chen Xiaobei realized the reason behind her irrational lust over him. No normal girl would just suddenly jump at him and kiss him.

"Lady! You've been poisoned! It's an extremely potent one at that! It's an aphrodisiac!"

The reason why she was quiet from before was that she was intentionally controlling her blood flow and breathing. It was to reduce and suppress the spreading of the poison. However, when she thought that Chen Xiaobei was about to be killed by her kidnappers, her heart rate shot up and incidentally allowed the poison to spread to the rest of her body. Instantly, her conscience faded and lust took over her will. She wanted a man like never before and even tried to devour Chen Xiaobei like a hungry tiger.

"AHH!" She moaned ever so erotically. "Kiss me! Mmmph… Kiss me more…"

The goddess bent down and held Chen Xiaobei tightly in her embrace, smothering him with her breasts. Her clothes were so thin that he could feel the heat emitting from her flesh. He was, after all, squeezed between her two honkers. Chen Xiaobei was so aroused that his blood pressure shot up high. He was almost at the point of having a nosebleed!

Enraged with himself, he pushed the beautiful girl with force and got away.

"I must stand strong! I am but a young man with dignity! How can I take advantage of a girl in distress! Better yet, she's a stranger!"

Chen Xiaobei shook his head violently and suppressed the urge with all his might.

"I must find a place to neutralize the poison! Such a potent aphrodisiac… I'm going to need a lot of water!"

Chen Xiaobei aimed at the girl's neck and pressed his finger on her pressure points. Within seconds, she lost consciousness and fainted. 

With haste, Chen Xiaobei carried the woman into the bad guy's car and headed towards the nearest hotel.


[You have eliminated a second-generation evil guy, you have received 20,000 merit points!]


[You have eliminated a first-generation evil guy, you have received 10,000 merit points!]


[You have eliminated a first-generation evil guy…]

As he drove, the Netherspirit Battlescouter promptly displayed notifications of Chen Xiaobei obtaining merit points.

The one with 20,000 merit points must be the man that was known as the Dongbei Gunlord. Killing Bro Pi and Hawk was 10,000 points. The assassin that he killed earlier was even lower.


[Your current merit points is 200,000 You need another 100,000 merit points to proceed to the next level. (Charm: 20,000, Luck: 20,000)!]

"Not bad, that's over 40,000 merits points!"

Chen Xiaobei was happy, yet there was something that was still troubling him. "Luckily for me, there was no danger, only surprises. There are even merit points! The only thorn in the bush was Moon Lord not keeping his promise! I will have him take responsibility for this!"

No sooner, Chen Xiaobei arrived at the hotel. He quickly got a room and headed to it.

Unfortunately, when Chen Xiaobei entered the room and placed the goddess on the bed, he had lowered his guard and allowed the girl to kiss him on the lips.


Chen Xiaobei was stunned. He started to feel dizzy. The scent of the girl's lips lingered around him like the devil itself.

"Oh no…"

Chen Xiaobei almost drowned himself from the effect of the aphrodisiac. He quickly returned to his senses and found that he was also being affected by the poison!

The potency of the poison was so strong that it made Chen Xiaobei too aroused. His urge built up like an oversized balloon ready to explode.


Chen Xiaobei bit his lips to feel the pain in order to stay conscious of his actions. He quickly withdrew the Seven Fragrances Treasury Pouch to neutralize the poison in him.

"Please… I beg you. Kiss me! Please kiss me…"

In an unexpected turn of event, the goddess jumped to Chen Xiaobei and took the pouch away from Chen Xiaobei. Without thinking much, she hurled the pouch somewhere which Chen Xiaobei could not track any longer.

"F*CK ME!"

Chen Xiaobei knew that without the pouch, the poison would spread to his entire body. There would only be one outcome. Succumb to the poison.

His lust went out of control as the poison started to control his thoughts and actions. Slowly yet surely, Chen Xiaobei lost himself to the effect of the poison.

As if the girl had accomplished what she had done, she slowly lifted Chen Xiaobei up to her eye level and allowed Chen Xiaobei to unbutton her clothes as she helped him unbutton his pants…

Yap Tianlin was found in the toilet, 6 p.m. the next day.

Being a Yap Family member with all sorts of connections and money, the man was about to breathe his last before the butler of the house fed him an expensive pill that restored his energy.

The man was rushed to the best hospital in Dragon City and was treated by the best doctor, stayed in the best facilities, and had the most thorough check-up.

Not until 9 a.m. the next day, the doctor in charge of Yap Tianlin came out from the room with his report in his hands.

A cold, stern looking man that was sitting down at the corner of the waiting center shot to his feet and rushed over to the doctor.

"What happened to my son?"

The man was Yap Tianlin's father. Yap Honglie was the man that was controlling the Yap Organization.

"Mr. Yap…"

The doctor was stunned at the man's sudden appearance. "Young Master Yap… He is physically fine… but…"

"But what?! Explain! Don't delay!" Yap Honglie was furious.

He read the early diagnosis of his son and found that the man had been masturbating for nearly 24 hours! In his heart, he knew that something bad would happen to his son.

"Young Master Yap is physical fine. But, there's a problem with his… Um…"

The doctor then relaxed his hands and place it on his groin.

"What? WHAT PROBLEM!" Yap Honglie snarled.

The man had high hopes for his son to continue the family name. If he had problems with his wee wee, how would he produce the next generation of Yap?!

"Yes… Um..." the doctor paused. "Young Master Yap had been rubbing it for far too long. All the muscles around it had been damaged severely. There's chronic internal bleeding and… Well. In short, it may be difficult for him to use it for the time being."

"His penis… bleeding?!" Yap Honglie almost had a heart attack when he heard the new. "What does 'for the time being' mean?! I'm warning you! You best heal him back to he was before or I'll make sure you'll share the same fate as he did!"

"Calm down Master Yap! We will try our very best!"

The doctor looked calm but he was sure that he had almost peed himself.

"What are you still standing here for! Go back and heal my soon!" Yap Honglie roared so loudly that the doctor dropped his files and left the place.

"Uncle Ying! Get to the bottom of this!" Yap Honglie muttered under his breath. "My son would never do such a thing to himself. Someone is behind this and I will have his name!"

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