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There was a saying: with money, even the devil would enter a bargain.

Those words also happened to be made famous by the Yap Family. As China's wealthiest clan, their wealth was so vast it rivals the national treasury.

In short, there was nothing that the Yap Family could not buy with money, or so they had come to believe. That was why Yap Tianlin readily offered Chen Xiaobei money when he was cornered - he thought he could use his wealth to buy his way to safety.

Little did he know that Chen Xiaobei was not the kind of person who would go blind at the sight of gold. The man did not even flinch!

"Noooooooo! Get away from me! What the hell is that?!" Yap Tianlin cried out in fear when he saw the tiny bottle Chen Xiaobei had pulled out from his pockets. He knew right then that whatever was in it was not good news!

"I wanted you to die with a little dignity, but there's a change of plans since you plan to touch my woman." Chen Xiaobei kept his slow and purposeful stride towards Yap Tianlin, and grabbed his throat. As the poor man opened his mouth to gasp for air, he swiftly poured half of the liquid in the bottle into it.

"What! What poison is this… I don't want to die… Give me the antidote!" Yap Tianlin's face was contorted, and did his best to cough out whatever Chen Xiaobei had feed him. He thought it must be the worst kind of poison - the kind that corrodes his innards!

"Oh, relax!" Chen Xiaobei grinned. "That's not poison. In fact, it has a cute name - the Obedience Elixir!"

"W-What…" Yap Tianlin blinked slowly as he felt his vision blur. He could feel blood rushing to his head - the same sensation when he was drunk.

Before he knew it, he had dropped to the floor, face-first.

Yap Tianlin got to his feet sluggishly; his eyes were milky, unfocused and lifeless.

Chen Xiaobei crossed his arms and shook his head at the pathetic sight. "Go find yourself an isolated room and masturbate until you die!" He bellowed.

"Yes… I will." Yap Tianlin nodded like a puppet, and stumbled slowly towards the mansion's toilet and locked himself inside. Without delay, he took off the clothing on his lower half and started stroking his own shaft faster than the movements of an Audi R8 V12 Engine's piston.

"Half a bottle of Obedience Elixir… That should be enough for the man to wank until he dies." Chen Xiaobei nodded with satisfaction and tucked the bottle safely into his treasure chest.

Just when he was about to clean things up and leave, the phone that was on the living room's table rang. Chen Xiaobei answered the call out of curiosity.

"Good evening, Master Yap! I've just arrived at your back door with the top-tier jade rabbit in hand. Do you wish to check on the product?" A slightly high pitch voice could be heard.

Jade Rabbit?

Sister Chang'e's Jade rabbit?

Chen Xiaobei arched an eyebrow and paused, and answered with Yap Tianlin's voice by using the True Sound.


There was a white SUV parked behind a mansion with a man standing beside it. He had a long chin that was as sharp and pointy as his mouth.

Sitting on the driver's seat was another man with a hawk tattoo on his neck. His Qi made it clear that he could hold himself in a fight, while his eyes was as sharp as the raptor print he had. He also appeared experienced.

"Bro Pi, someone's coming... But it's not Master Yap!" He said once he spotted Chen Xiaobei coming from the distance.

"Are you sure? Hawk, you better open them eyes! We need to bail out if there's a problem!" Bro Pi exclaimed vigilantly.

"There's no need," said Hawk calmly. "He's just a young adult, probably 20 years old or more. Doesn't look like he could take a punch."

"Oh. It's fine then," Bro Pi muttered as he stretched out his arms and relaxed himself in a carefree manner. When it comes to Yap Tianlin, he would present himself as a lowly businessman. However, when a young… whatever was sent to deal with him, there was no need for the formalities.

Finally, Chen Xiaobei arrived. "Master Yap sent me to check on the goods," he told Bro Pi.

"That's not how this works. Cough up first before touching the product!" Bro Pi narrowed his eyes and glared at Chen Xiaobei.

"Hmph!" Chen Xiaobei scoffed and folded his arms. "Do you really think that Master Yap wouldn't pay? There's nothing that he couldn't buy! I have the money right here. Once I'm done checking, you won't finishing counting money until next morning!"

"Bro Pi, let him have a look," said the man known as Hawk. "I'll make sure things won't end well if they're fucking with us."

"Fine!" Bro Pi cried out disgruntledly and opened the door on the passenger seat to reveal the 'product'.

Chen Xiaobei leaned down a little to see an extremely beautiful girl lying down with her legs spread out on the passenger seat. He immediately thought of the Goddess character in one of the Wuxia television dramas that he watched!

Her skin was so fair as it could be mistaken for snow; her eyes, despite closed, had the distinct curls of rivers. Chen Xiaobei sensed purity at a glance. Her thighs were plastered against her white dress, but somehow was still concealed beneath the fabric. The curves of her body were accentuated from the way she lay down on the passenger seat.

Everything about her gave the vague sensation of seeing a bit was seeing the entire thing. It would not be enough to say that she had just came out of a painting by the masters.

Words fail when it came to how lavish she was. There was no doubt that she would win even against Athena herself in elegance, royalty and grandeur. Every sick thought men tend to carry with them would vaporize the moment they saw her. Her complexion and face were so serene that she literally imbues tranquility into people.

One glance, and she will help you forget every other woman in the world.

"Boy! Had enough? Pay up!" Hawk had already got down from the driver's seat and stood behind Chen Xiaobei.

"Of course. However, I think I should deal with the both of you first. I'll continue with the bird once I'm done with the trash!" Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes and clenched his fist.


Hawk had pulled out a long machete and snarled, "It's best if you don't mess around, little man. It won't end well for you."

"You know… If you want to hurt me, you must be prepared for the same." Chen Xiaobei assumed a combat stance.

"Urgh…" The Goddess in the passenger's seat grunted ever so softly, before getting up and blinking her pair of starry eyes. She appeared completely intoxicated; she neither moved nor spoke.

Chen Xiaobei lowered his fist and turned to her. "I'll save you, don't worry."

"Seems like you're not Master Yap's man. That makes things easy - we'll just have to kill you." Bro Pi smirked evilly. "Hawk, get him!"


The blade in Hawk's hands danced around the air as he tried to get around Chen Xiaobei's fist to stab his neck. The blade glinted faintly, and Chen Xiaobei knew at once that there was True Qi imbued within the blade. If Hawk was fighting a regular man, that poor fellow would have died instantly.

"Urgh…" The beautiful goddess-like girl frowned, and shut her eyes before lying down again.


The sounds of bone crunching rang, and the man known as Hawk wailed.

"Urgh! Aaargh!"

Hawk's blade arm was broken as Chen Xiaobei twisted it in reflex; his entire arm now dangled lifelessly as if it was rope. Wrestling away the blade that was in the thug's hand, Chen Xiaobei struck Hawk in the head with the machete - just like cutting a watermelon!


"Heavens!" Horrified, the other guy tried his best to flee, but Chen Xiaobei had already sped to him in lightning speed and grabbed him by his neck. He vaulted a little off the ground so that he could pin him down like a dog.

"Bro! Hero! Papa! Please don't kill me!" And just like a dog, Bro Pi was instantly domesticated.

"You're in the kidnapping business, robbing young girls off their future just to earn some money from Yap Tianlin! I'm guessing this is not the first time." Chen Xiaobei growled icily. "People like you… No, animals like you shouldn't even beg!"

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