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"Please don't go. You're making me worry…" Lin Xiang rushed to Chen Xiaobei and held his arm to her chest, stubbornly refusing to let him go.

"No. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - I never allow my enemies to escape scot-free. I will have him suffer the way he wanted me to, and that will definitely teach him a lesson not to mess with me!" 

His expression smoldered so ferociously that Lin Xiang could not help feel conflicted.

"But…" She bit her petite lip; she was very worked up over him.

Chen Xiaobei shook his head. "Please understand, pumpkin. the enemy this time is different, I cannot allow them to run too far or I can't track him down!

"I understand how you feel," he said, and held her shoulders with both hands. "But you have to have faith that I'll be back. I had made a deal with the Moon Lord after all - I will definitely return for the hanky panky!"

Lin Xiang immediately blushed, and wiped away her tears. "You're such a rascal! Since when you became such a pervert…" Too embarrassed to look into his eyes, she turned away from him.

It was then that she saw the corpses strewn all over the courtyard. After a single shriek, she passed out.

Chen Xiaobei caught her before she could fall, shaking her head.

"Might as well be unconscious than to watch all this."

His little lamb had always been a scaredy-cat. It would have been weird for her to not freak out at the sight of the carnage instead.

Pulling out some Mengpo Soup from his treasure chest, Chen Xiaobei dipped his finger in the broth and slipped it into Lin Xiang's supple lips. When she wakes up, she would not remember any of this.

Soon, the mansion was bombarded by blaring police sirens. It was obvious that the sound of gunfire had alerted them. Since a large bunch of them had arrived, there should not be any threat to the mansion. And so Chen Xiaobei carried Lin Xiang back into her house, before putting on the Nightstalker Outfit and fleeing the place quietly.

The Lintian Mansion.

Built right beside Lake Xuanwu, its majestic beauty was not an unfamiliar sight to most. Though it was slightly less grand compared to the Yap Mansion, its location alone made it one of the top mansions around Dragon City.

Nonetheless, the only reason Yap Tianlin was able to procure the land to build his mansion was thanks to his family's connections. That alone was a sign of how influential Yap Family and their circle was. 

Right now, Yap Tianlin was chewing on a thick cigar in the common area. He had a frown in his face the entire night, but finally smiled when he heard of Chen Xiaobei's apparent demise.

"Are you sure that bastard is dead?"

"I'm positive. He took a bullet to the head - there's no way anyone could live through that!"

There was a middle-aged man sitting in front of Yap Tianlin, with a long rectangular case placed behind him.

He was the assassin hired to kill Chen Xiaobei; he had a long scar stretching from one end of his face to the other. His expression was calm, but it only made him look extremely fierce - the kind of aura individuals who went through bloodbaths had.

"Nicely done. As expected of Dongbei Gunlord, you're much better than that useless international assassin." Yap Tianlin said, and tossed a bank card on the table in front of him. "Here's your reward, as promised."

"Pleasure doing business." The middle-aged man nodded lightly, and made himself scarce.

"Hohoho. With that bastard gone, Lin Xiang will be my plaything!" Yap Tianlin grinned, but only for a while; he began to feel a little uneasy. "Lin Xiang should be guarded and questioned by the police for the night… How can I sleep without a woman beside me!? I think I should call Hawk; I hope I'm not too late."


Yap Tianlin's phone rang. Feeling odd to receive a call at this time, he picked up the phone.

An extremely perverted laugh blasted out of the speaker immediately. "Master Yap, hohoho! Are you feeling it tonight? Hawk just caught a top-tier jade rabbit for you! I kid you not, the first person I thought about was you!"

"Hmm." Yap Tianlin arched an eyebrow in suspicion. "It's been a while since you caught any jade rabbit - what is a top-tier jade rabbit worth?"

"You know me! Grey rabbit is 70 points, white rabbit is 80 points… Jade rabbit is 90!" The man's voice was extremely weird. It was almost the same as those perverted pimps trying to sell their "product" to customer!

"This top-tier jade rabbit is one of a kind. The best in Dragon City, if I may say so. It can only be 100 or even 99 points, I kid you not. This one is by far the best I've ever caught!"

Yap Lintian eyes widened, and quickly shouted into the phone: "Enough! I want it - money is not a problem! Bring it over this instance, and I'll reward you nicely if I'm satisfied!"

"Hohoho! As expected of Master Yap! In that case, I shall be in your care!" The man replied happily before his voice tone turned serious. "I'd bet on my head that you'll be in cloud nine when you're done."

"You have my thanks." Yap Tianlin hung up and realized that he was salivating heavily. Grinning, he jumped to his feet. "Hehehehehe. The best in Dragon City he said! That's better than the two bombshells of Dragon City - Luo Puti the Demon Ice qQeen and the lady of the Liu Family who always stayed inside her house. The two untouchables!"

"How lucky! Not only I can enjoy a rabbit who share the same beauty of Luo Puti and Liu, I can also claim the lady of my dreams. Tomorrow, I shall enjoy Lin Xiang! What a day! Not even the gods could be as happy as I am!"

*Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!*

Suddenly, someone was rapping hard on the front door. Yap Tianlin went to open the door by himself - he had sent away every servant in the house before he met the assassin.

Who also turned out to be the one knocking the door.

"Why have you returned?"

His expression was starkly different from just now. He was fearless before he left - and somewhat ferocious too. But now, there was no hint of that intimidating aura of his - instead, he looked spooked to the bones.

"Are you… trembling? What' s wrong with you?" Yap Tianlin grew impatient at his silence. Why was that cold, hard man feeling nervous?


In a split second, something cut through the air, followed by a long trail of blood that burst out from the sniper's throat!



The sniper's head dropped and rolled on the ground. The blood that had burst out of the stump that was his neck painted Yap Tianlin in crimson!

"What the f*ck?!" Yap Tianlin had a front-row seat view of the beheading of the famous Dongbei Gunlord!

Shocked to the point of almost losing his sanity, Yap Tianlin fell to the ground and almost wet his pants.

"Oh! That's a new one. I never knew you could feel fear."

Suddenly, a voice could be heard behind the corpse of the dead Gunlord. It was none other than Chen Xiaobei!

"I thought you were dead… How- How are- are you still- still alive?" Yap Tian feel every single hair on his body stood on end as he looked into Chen Xiaobei's deathly glare.

The sight of the now-headless Gunlord had shaken him to the core - not because of the gore, but because how clean and how surgically precise it was. He never thought that a neck could be severed so flawlessly!

There was also no question that Chen Xiaobei killed the assassin. Knowing that, Yap Tianlin now looked upon him like the reaper.

Slowly and deliberately, Chen Xiaobei stepped towards Yap Tianlin and stopped one pace away. "Please enlighten me. How do you wish to die?"

"I…" Yap Tianlin could not think straight - his brain had just melted into a pile of goo. Panicked and confused, he simply started to plead for his life. "I don't want to die! Please spare my life! Mercy, please! I-I-I-I-I-I I have money! Yes, I'll pay you! Just name your price!"

"Money? Do you think I want to touch your money?" Chen Xiaobei pulled out a small bottle from his back pocket and grinned like a child about to pull a nasty prank.

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