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The two men charged towards Chen Xiaobei grinned, absolutely certain that he could not dodge their attacks. He was a dead man, and the bounty on his head was enough for them to entertain themselves in Las Vegas for few months!


Suddenly, the sound of bones being crushed echoed in the air even as the both of them reveled in cloud nine. The burly man to Chen Xiaobei's left had his neck broken, dropped to the floor and stopped breathing.

The other man coming from the right did not even react - he kept sprinting to his right, believing that he could stab Chen Xiaobei's heart.

The young man, however, stretched out his right arm and grabbed the muscular man's arm with his hand, nullifying his move. He then used the Bone and Muscle Shifting Technique to break his arm and push the dagger in the man's hand into his own chest.


The dagger broke through bone and went through his heart. He was killed instantly.

"What… What the hell?!" The red-haired woman exclaimed. "That kid… killed two of our allies!"

All her confidence was replaced by horror. It was not the first time she used the smoke grenade strategy. However, she had never failed with that trick - she even took out a 20,000 combat power elite before! She simply could not understand why his perfect strategy was not working on Chen Xiaobei.

"Not two but four!" Chen Xiaobei bellowed, his murderous intent was spilling into the air. It was not necessary for him to show mercy since they were here to kill him.

"Shit. Run, quick!" The red-haired woman screamed, trying to get the remnant of her squad to flee.

"Run… Run…" Terrified, the remaining two men fled as fast as they could.

"Do you really think you can run away from me?!" Chen Xiaobei said coldly, and caught up with one of them in no time at all.

With the help of Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training, Chen XIaobei could raise his 9000 combat power to 12,000, allowing him to surpass the A class international assassin in both speed and power.

Therefore, outcome was set in stone. Wrapping his arm around his victim's neck, Chen Xiaobei pulled his face down to his knee!


The power behind that hit was comparable to Iron War Hammer - bending his skull. His face looked fine but the bone underneath his face was completely crushed! His brain was thumped into mush and he died instantly.

Meanwhile, the other muscular man has escaped hundred meters away from Chen Xiaobei. He relaxed, thinking that he has escaped the grasp of a reaper.

Suddenly, he heard a shout.

"Sword! Go!"

A blood red flash tore through the smoke and quickly covered the distance against him.


The sword struck the man once and returned to Chen while the head of that muscular man dropped to the ground with a dull thud.

"Well, looks like you're the only one left!" Chen Xiaobei smiled at the red-haired woman, his blood red Chaos Sword Essence floating on his palm. He was now shrouded in a blood red mist with overwhelming murderous intent that surged towards the assassin. She could feel her heart thumping against her chest, suffocating her.

Instead of a target and a young brat, what she saw now was a blood red reaper walking towards her as the smoke dissipated. The horror was too much for her to handle.

*Deep breath*

The red-haired woman's body and soul were trembling under Chen Xiaobei's terrifying presence. She knew for certain now that it was impossible to defeat him, and that there was also no way for her to escape the blood red Chaos Sword Essence. The only thing she could do was plead for mercy.

"I yield… Don't kill me… No…"

The red-haired woman tossed her dagger to the ground, opened up both of her arms and begged.

"There is no grudge between us. I'm paid to kill you, but I'll abandon the mission now! I will leave China as soon as possible if you are willing to let me go… I won't never set foot in this land anymore!"

"Hehe… Weren't you quite confident just now? What happened? This isn't a challenge at all!" Chen Xiaobei laughed haughtily. His tone was calm, but his voice spilled absolute control and domination. Only people as powerful as he was could stay calm in situation like that!

"I don't know that you're so strong… I swear I won't come near you anymore…" The red-haired woman was petrified; she almost fell to her knees.

"Then tell me. Who sent you?"

"Will you let me go if I tell you everything?" the red-haired woman asked tenatively.

"You've no right to make a bargain. Well, I guess I could give you a tip. You might live if you tell me, but you will die if you don't!"

 "I'll tell… I'll tell… It's Yap-" The red-haired woman nodded.


A gunshot could be heard in the distance, and a bullet pierced the red-haired woman's head from the side before she could finish.

'Headshot! A sniper has been camping somewhere for quite some time!' Chen Xiaobei's heart tightened.


The sniper fired a second shot - the bullet moved faster than Chen Xiaobei could dodge, and blew a hole through his head. He fell limply to the ground immediately.

In the distance, the sniper grinned with pleasure from his shot. He packed everything up immediately. The loud shots would definitely attract the police - he had to flee while he can.

"Xiaobei! Are you okay?! Please don't scare me like this! Xiaobei…"

Lin Xiang rushed out from her mansion to him. Tears started to well out from her eyes when she saw him sprawled motionlessly outside the house.

"Pumpkin, I'm alright."

Chen Xiaobei leapt up like a dolphin, unhurt! That bullet did pierce through his head, although the Ultimate Protective Puppet saved his life by nullifying the lethal attack.

"Why were you lying on the ground if you're alright… You freaked me out…" Lin Xiang mumbled sadly; she was ready to die with him. 

"I was trying to fool the sniper. The enemy now thinks I'm dead, but it's now time to make them pay. I'm positive they are very relieved right now because I'm dead, so this is their most vulnerable moment. Nobody should dream of having a good life after messing with me!"

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