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"Do I look like an idiot to you? How can you be a doctor as such a young age?!" Wang Yanrong said darkly as she glared at Chen Xiaobei haughtily. "Don't try to change the topic! I won't change my mind whatever you say!"

"That kid is just too naïve. His lame excuse will never work on Wang Yanrong - that woman just threw Yap Tianlin's face into the drain! Why would she listen to him?"

"That's right. I bet she is going to beat him up!"

"That woman is crazy… There's nothing she wouldn't do…"

The crowd chattered away, but still did not lift a finger to help. They were definitely afraid of Wang Yangrong after what she did to Yap Tianlin. 

Nevertheless, Chen Xioabei ignored the crowd and Wang Yanrong's insults, and went straight to the point.

"Your mouth and nose are extremely dry in morning, you have insomnia, and you are easily angered. However, your appetite is extremely good - you have cravings all the time!"

"You… How did you know?" Wang Yangrong was genuinely surprised.

She was left in disbelief - the young man did not check her pulse or ask her anything else. The way he diagnosed her was simply magical - nobody would believe it if they were not seeing it firsthand.

"You believe me now? You really are sick." Chen Xiaobei grinned.

"So… So, I'm really sick? Tell me more about it… What the hell is going on?" Wang frowned and asked.

"There is something wrong with your stomach. Stomach Qi is stuck inside your body, and you need to let it out."

"How do I do that?" Wang Yanrong asked, uncertain.

"Easy. Just do what I do and press here!" Chen Xiaobei pressed a finger on his Qihai Pulse.

"Is that some kind of trick?" She asked hesitantly.

"You're the patient, it's up to you. Well, the illness is not actually lethal. In the worst-case scenario, you'll become fat due to endocrine disorder."

"What did you just say…" Wang Yanrong's expression changed immediately. She was in her twenties, an age when ladies cared about their physical appearances the most. Losing all her doubts, she quickly imitated Chen Xiaobei's move.

"Yes, that's it! Press harder! Xiang Xiang, hold your breath!" Chen Xiaobei silent tugged at Lin Xiang's hand pulled her a few steps back.

"Huh?" Lin Xiang did not know what he was trying but held her breath all the same.


A weird sound rang from Wang Yanrong's backside. Soon, the aroma of rot spread across the room immediately.

It was one long, loud fart!

"Damn! So smelly!"

The crowd was left in disgust, and swiftly took a few steps back as well. However, they were defenseless in front of the 'biological weapon', and started to hold their breath like Chen Xiaobei and Lin Xiang did. 

"Bastard! How dare you trick me?" Wang Yanrong was so embarrassed she wanted to dig a hole to bury herself.

"I'm not tricking you," Chen Xiaobei shrugged. "It's just that stomach Qi is actually fart! Earlier, you were farting through your mouth. Now, I'm teaching you the right way to release your inner gas. You should be thankful!"

"You're the one farting from your mouth! So… you were just trying to help that little bitch… Why the hell did I believe you?!" Wang Yanrong shot him a fiery glare.

"Seems like more fart is coming out from your mouth!" Chen Xiaobei laughed mockingly and took a few more steps back with Lin Xiang.

"Son of a bitch! Don't run away from me!" There way no way Wang Yanrong would to let them off the hook. She put a foot forward, intending to give chase!






Deafening farts poured every time she moved, filling the room with the horrendous smell again! The crowd quickly evacuated; they could not endure the stink anymore.

Even Wang Yanrong herself was so disgusted she closed her eyes in exasperation. She did not dare to move another step; she was afraid of something more disgusting that her body might eject.

"Damn… She is really something. Her fart is more potent than chemical bombs!"

"Nope. I think her fart is more potent than nuclear bomb! We should just bring her to war!"

"This is so disgusting. I'm leaving - I'll die if I stay here any longer!"

Nobody wanted to stay in the ballroom any longer. It was empty in minutes.

"Bastard! You're dead!" Wang Yanrong screamed where she stood.

She simply wanted to kill herself - it was already too humiliating for her to keep on living.

Chen Xiaobei and Lin Xiang left the hotel when she turned to him.

"Xiaobei… Is she okay?" She asked softly.

"She's fine," he replied. "Her illness is real, too. I just taught her a more direct way to release her inner gas. One way or the other, she has no one to blame because she dared to humiliate my Xiang Xiang in front of everyone. I simply made her pay, and she was utterly shamed in return!"

"You're so sweet… I guess I don't have to worry even if the sky comes tumbling down as long as you are with me!" Lin Xiang exclaimed, and held on to his arms and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"That's for sure." Chen Xiaobei said seriously. "I am your man after all - I will help you whatever happens!"

"You are not my man yet…" Lin Xiang purred.

"Oh, but we can do something about that. Let's head home now! Hehehe…" Chen Xiaobei wrapped a hand around her waisted as they rushed home immediately.


"I'm done… I'm so done… That son of a bitch just ruined my auction and ruined my perfect image as well! I'm going to kill him! Fucking kill him!" Yap Tianlin screamed hysterically.

The auction was a huge occasion for the Lintian Organization. While the items were somewhat lacking in luster, it was the guests present who were the real highlight of the event.

It was already not easy to invite them to this auction, and from now on they would be reminded of toxic bomb at Yap Tianlin's auction whenever they saw him. How could they still form partnerships after such a disgusting incident?

Yap Tianlin gritted his teeth.

"Night Phantom. Go, now! Kill that man and bring the woman to me!"

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