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"Let's have a glass of wine first."

Lin Xiang lit a few candles and took out a bottle of red wine when she and Chen Xiaobei arrived at her home.

"Nice!" Chen Xiaobei smiled. "A small glass of wine can help with the romantic atmosphere."

The atmosphere was relaxed. He did not need to worry about the success rate of losing his virginity - Moonlord did gave his guarantee after all.

"This bottle of wine is from my father. I heard it was produced in a European vineyard. Its quality should be quite good… Although I've never had a taste of such premium quality stuff before."

Lin Xiang took out two wine glasses and poured the ruby red alcohol that glistened against the warm and comforting candlelight. The atmosphere grew heavy with passion. Both of them gazed into each other's eyes. Their mutual feelings to one another were powerful, and was still growing by the minute. Whatever shame, guilt, or shyness melted away with the candle wax.

Lin Xiang pursed her lips while as she took a few sips from her own glace of wine. She started to blush, and Chen Xiaobei found that awfully cute and seductive of her - he can't wait to push her down on bed and ravage her.

"Xiaobei…" Her lips parted. She had something that she wanted to tell Chen Xioabei, and right now, she had the courage.


Someone was knocking on the door.

"I want to check on your water meter!" A woman shouted.

"…It's nine at night… Why would there be someone here to check my house's water meter?" Lin Xiang was puzzled.

Chen Xiaobei almost vomited blood. 'The Moonlord is a big fat liar!' He thought. 'He promised me that I can finally lose my virginity tonight. This is killing me! I'm definitely giving him a piece of my mind later!"

"Let me check it out. It must be some sort of prank…" Pure and innocent, the possibility of foul play never seemed to cross Lin Xiang's mind. She stood up, intending to open the door and let the person calling out enter her house.

"Let me go instead!" Chen Xiaobei quickly stopped her.

This was unusual. Lin Xiang's mansion is heavily protected, and it was impossible for anyone to just come in and fool around.

Chen Xiaobei walked towards the door and activated his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes. The door became transparent, and he saw a woman with ordinary looks and red hair standing outside. Her right hand was holding a dagger, and there was a row of blades inside her jacket too. Her high-heels were metallic, and he even saw a small knife concealed inside her bra.

She did not come here to check anything; she was here to take his life! There were five muscular men standing behind her as well, each of them holding a different weapon.


The red hair woman knocked on the door again, before turning to glance at one of the men - a black muscular guy. Nodding, he walked towards the door and prepared to kick the door lock with his brute force.


But before his foot reach the door, it was suddenly opened. Chen Xiaobei had saw through their plan, and quickly grabbed the black man's leg and pushed it upward. The black man lost his balance and fell to the floor.

Channeling Dragon Force to his leg, Chen Xiaobei landed a powerful King Kong God Strength Kick on the black man's backbone. His movement speed was fast as lightning, his action merciless.


Caught defenseless since he was mid-air, the black man was sent flying and landed on his own allies after the cracking sound briefly thundered through the air. The rest of the muscular guys fell as well.

"Ouch… Ouch…"

The backbone of that black man was shattered. There was no chance for him to recover from that! He opened his mouth and vomited a mouthful of blood, and started to scream in agony.

Meanwhile, the rest of the muscular guys were freaking out - the black man had been the strongest among them, but he was defeated with a single kick!

"Wow… That brat is strong!"

The remaining four men had fear in their eyes. Earlier, they had been complaining about how the mission was too simple and boring. It was not challenging at all for them to kill a young man - they never expected him to fight back!

"Calm down!" The red-haired woman was extremely shocked as well, but quickly calmed herself. "He's good, but don't forget that I'm an A class international assassin! I never fail to take down any target. Since the kid wants death, let's not disappoint him and use our trump card!"



The red-haired woman armed two grenades and threw it at Chen Xiaobei.


Chen Xiaobei panicked. Although his health had reach 13,000, his body was after all flesh and blood. It was impossible for him to block any weapon, let alone explosive damage from a grenade!



There was no explosion - the mansion was filled with smoke instead.

"A smoke bomb!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed in relief. He thought the sound of explosion would attract the attention of the Thunder Kirin Special Force. When they arrive, the assassins would not be able to flee from the scene even if they managed to kill Chen Xiaobei.

However, the smoke bomb's detonation was rather quiet. It was quite effective to - the front yard of the mansion was covered in smoke, which soon started to surge inside the mansion too.

"Cough… Cough… Xiaobei! Are you okay?" Lin Xiang called out. "It's very hard for me to breathe in this smoke…"

"I'm alright! Don't come out. Use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose."

"You are going to die! You should take care of yourself before you take care others!" The woman was laughing darkly. She sounded really confident that she could kill Chen Xiaobei regardless.



Two of muscular men charged at Chen Xiaobei from left and right in perfect synchrony. It turns out that the woman's mockery was a distraction, and the pair were there to ambush him when he was off guard.

They each held a dagger, one of them was aiming at Chen Xiaobei's heart and the other at his throat. An ordinary human would definitely be killed before they realized what was happening! That was exactly why the red-haired woman was so assured of her success.

However, she was oblivious of Chen Xiaobei's Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes! Mere smoke would not affect him, and in turn the fast and brutal attacks that utilizes it as cover was useless! The young man had already thought of a way to nullify their attacks!

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