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"Why is this happening?"

The elite of Dragon City were frowning. Amongst them were various politicians who knew Lin Xiang true identity. The order had even been given from the top that they should watch over Lin Xiang under any circumstances so that Dr. Lin would not be distracted from his research.

However, she was clearly losing the argument against Wang Yanrong. Some wanted to step in, but they would be dragged in too. In the end, all that was left is a crowd, watching nervously and doing nothing.

"Master Yap, this is great!" Bai Zhunyu was saying. "All you need to do is step out to deal with that Wang Yanrong, and Lin Xiang will owe you a huge favor. Those powerful politicians will definitely remember your good deed! That's what I call killing two birds with one stone. It's fantastic!"

Yap Tianlin simply stood at a corner, kept quiet and smiled. He was absolutely certain that he had everything under control.

Meanwhile, things were almost at a boiling point. Lin Xiang, who had always been shy and timid, essentially froze as Wang Yanrong bombarded her with question after question. She was defenseless under all the stares from the crowd. 

"What now? Speechless? I'm going to teach you a lesson today!" Wang Yanrong bellowed, and picked up a glass with every intention of splashing its contents on Lin Xiang.


Lin leaned on Chen Xiaobei unconsciously.

"It's fine. Let them both finish the drama!" Chen Xiaobei said calmly.

He was not worried, and even emphasized on the words 'both' because he could smell a rat.

"Hold on!"

As expected, Yap Tianlin shouted at the critical moment.

The crowd was surprised by his sudden appearance. His handsome face and charismatic aura showed that he was indeed a super elite in Jianghu!

As the four young masters of Dragon City, he had always been the brightest one. He was handsome, successful, and come from a powerful family, and had a bright future ahead. He was everything any girl ever dreamt of. Though he usually uses underhanded methods to get women, there were still more than enough of them who would willingly jump into bed with him.

"Ms. Wang! Please, in the name of the Yap Family, calm down. We can talk it over…" Yap Tianlin smiled.


Wang Yanrong had flung the glass of champagne on Yap Tianlin's face before he could finish.

The handsome young prince became a wet frog, leaving everyone awestruck.

"You… What the hell are you doing?" Yap Tianlin was caught way off guard.

No longer in control, his 'two birds with one stone' plan had dissipated into thin air while he started to lose his calm. He had never been humiliated since young - especially in a formal event such as this!

"Why should I calm down for your family? That bitch stole my lover! You're my enemy if you are going help her! Get lost or I will burn to you to death!"

Wang Yanrong was raving like a lunatic. Suddenly, she took out a lighter from her pocket - she really was prepared to burn Yap Tianlin!

"Oh my God… You… Don't… Don't be angry…" Yap Tianlin was scared out of his wits. Covered in alcohol, he would at best be disfigured if Wang Yanrong dropped the lighter on him.

"I don't care about you! Get away from me if you don't want to die!" The woman screamed. Right now, even the Yap family did not matter to her.

"Okay… I will get lost… I will get lost now…"

Yap Tianlin quickly ran backstage. He never expected that Wang Yanrong could be that savage - it was impossible to reason with her. He was in for a world of hurt if he insisted to talk some sense into her.

"Heavens! That woman is so fierce! She just gave Master Yap one big slap in the face!"

"Boss Yap just humiliated himself… Shit is about to get real…"

"Yeah. Being chased off by a woman in public… The reputation of the Yap Family has gone down the drain!"

The crowd was amazed.

They would not have believed what just happened if they did not witness it firsthand. All those elites were shaking their heads as he ran off. On the surface, he was merely losing face, but the elites were also already thinking about how immature and unreliable he was.

In short, he had been dealt a severe blow with tremendous consequences!

"Xiaobei… What is going on?" Lin Xiang asked, uncertain.

"Just a bunch of clowns trying to entertain us!" Chen Xiaobei shrugged. He was not affected by the incident at all; he looked Wan Yanrong as if looking at another clown.


"Master Yap, let me help you wipe it off…" Bai Zhunyu called as he ran to Yap Tianlin with napkins in hand.


Bai Zhunyu was rewarded with a huge slap from Yap Tianlin, and fell painfully on the ground.

"F*ck you! Didn't you tell me that you have everything under control?!" Yap Tianlin bellowed.

"I did do what you said! I promised to pay her as long as she poured alcohol on Lin Xiang!"

"Did you tell her stop acting like a crazy bitch after I made my appearance?" Yap Tianlin asked, seething.

"Erm… That… I didn't tell her because you didn't mention it! I didn't dare to make my own call!" Bai Zhuyu replied, as he forehead sweated buckets.

"I…" Yap Tianlin felt as if he was caught in a stampede of a thousand horses. It was no wonder Wang Yanrong was bold enough to humiliate him - she was told to ignore the consequences.

"Idiot! You're hopeless! I just made myself looked like an idiot in front of everyone! You fucking pig! Simpleton! Fuck you!"

Furious, Yap Tialin kept kicking and punching Bai Zhunyu. Stupid teammates like him were the worst!

"Ouch… Ouch…"

Bai Zhunyu cowered and tried to shield himself as he got hit, but did not dare to strike back.

Meanwhile, Wang Yanrong's tantrum in the auction was still going.

She took another glass of wine.

"Bitch! I'm going to teach you a lesson now! I won't stop even if the king is here!"

"Woman, you're sick!" A voice suddenly called.

It was Chen Xiaobei, although he sounded like he was joking.

"You are sick! Your whole family is sick! Even Yap Tianlin ran away from me. Mind your own business!" Wang Yanrong screamed as she glared at Chen Xiaobei.

"Calm down, I'm a doctor. I'm telling you that you are sick! I'm not scolding you, you need to treatment immediately!"

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