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The old headquarters of the Hundred Beast Factions.

"Master?! Are you going to deploy the mountain defense formation?"

Chen Xiaobei had brought Feng Qingyang along to the mountain - the old man was surprised when he was told to employ the spell in question.

To deploy the mountain defensive was pretty straightforward - it was nothing other than employing a huge protective magic circle that will cover the entire mountain range and prevent against interlopers. 

Feng Qingyang was a man of knowledge, and there were many occasions that he could simply say "been there, done that". However, he had never heard of making such a large protection circle - he had never heard of such a spell in the multitude of ancient scrolls and tomes he had went through.

"That's right. In 10 days' time, I'll build my own faction right here!" Chen Xiaobei snorted proudly. "When the time comes, I'll organize an auction. Many enemies would come for their revenge, or perhaps there would be some in attendants who would cause trouble. That's just one of the many reasons to have the protection circle."

Feng Qingyang stared at Chen Xiaobei in awe. "My apologies, but such a spell would require a huge amount of resource. Not even the Xuanjian Faction, China's most powerful martial arts faction, built such a protection circle."

Chen Xiaobei kept calm. "I have my own means to create the protection circle," he scoffed. "Even if I could not protect the entire Hundred Beast Mountain, I could still protect my own faction. Without my permission, no one could even stick a pinky toe in my territory!"

"Praise to the master! Nothing is impossible!" cried Feng Qingyang in wonder. However powerful the Xuanjian Faction was, they could never do the things his master, Chen Xiaobei, did! Like so many others, the old man saw Chen Xiaobei not as a human, but a deity.

An omnipotent god, to be exact!

If Chen Xiaobei decreed his fart smells like the flowers of May, Feng Qingyang would inhale it deeply without hesitation!

"I'm a little preoccupied at the moment. I require your help with the calculations of the Five Attributes, the Eight Doors, the Nine Hymns, the Thirty-Six Divine Nirvana, and the Seventy-Two Abyss Purgatory [1]. Once you're done with that, I need you to dig out a deep hole in these positions. You can do it, right?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"Hmmm… I do apologize again, my master. This young disciple could predict the positions, but I'm afraid that in my current health, it would be difficult for me to complete the second task…" Feng Qingyang lowered his head reverently.

Feng Qingyang was skilled in both Spiritual and Martial arts, and possessed vast knowledge regarding Taoist magics. However, his cultivation was destroyed, which meant that it was hard for him to even do the simplest of daily chores.

"Worry not. I'm not demanding you to physical dig them." Chen Xiaobei smiled and took out a Spirit Cage and the Great Priest Bean from his treasure chest.

"What in the… Is that the legendary spatial chest?!" Feng Qingyang almost gouged out his own eyes when he saw those objects materialize out of thin air.

"Huh, I guess so." Chen Xiaobei nodded. The old man had been completely honest to him the moment he called himself his disciple - he should probably not hide anything form him.

"Ha!" Chen Xiaobei tossed the Great Priest Beans into the air. They glimmered as they streaked through the air, briefly forming a starry sky.

Within moments, strange winds blew from all directions and out came hundreds of Evil Spirits from the Spirit Cage, which gathered around and entered the special yellow-golden beans.



Metallic sounds rang, reminiscent of the sound effects when a Transformer shifts its form.

The little beans broke apart, expanded, and gradually solidified into humanoids one after the other. An army of soldiers wearing heavy metal armor came crawling out of the earth; they were loyal to no one else but Chen Xiaobei!

"Beans turning to soldiers?!" Feng Qingyang's voice gradually turned into awed whisper. "Oh god… It's real. It's really happening… Praise the master! Master Chen the Almighty!"

"Enough," Chen Xiaobei waved him off. "Go do as you're ordered, and you will have what I own in the future."

"This disciple hears and obey!" cried Feng Qingyang like a child, his eyes sparkling with genuine hopes of becoming someone like his master. 

Once Feng Qingyang left and Chen Xiaobei was alone, the soldiers that had spawned out from the dirt came to him. He quickly pulled out his phone and opened his own brotherhood chat group to ask about the deployment of the protection circle.

Yanwang: Hmm… Truth be told, deploying a spell of such enormous scale would be difficult. Usually, it will require hundreds or even thousands of magical items to power the core of the protection circle, just like the protection circle that is in Hell, River Styx. 

Chen Xiaobei: I don't need it to be that big; I just need it to be around five miles radius.

Xiao Tianquan: Since the radius of the circle isn't too big, you won't be needing any magical items since there aren't many strong entities on earth. You can use certain special materials instead!

Chen Xiaobei: Ah! Will the Wind Thunder Divine Stone be sufficient?

Chang'e: Yes! And it makes things simple too - all you need is to use a Talisman Marker to convert the Wind Thunder Divine Stone into a Talisman Glyph. After that, just place the Glyph in the Formation Core and you're done!

NeZha: Hey, don't forget that a large protection area requires a strong magical item to work!

Chen Xiaobei: Thanks! Hmmm… I have a Tesseract Thunder Pool with me, but I don't have a Talisman Marker…

Monkey King: Here I am, Bro Bei! Take this!


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelop from Monkey King. You have received a blueprint of Tesseract Thunder Pool. It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

"A blue print!" Chen Xiaobei's eyes sparkled.

He had once deployed the Hundred Ghost Formation, which was how he learned to use a blue print. As long as he follows its instruction, it would be easy for him to deploy the protection circle.

Monkey King: Last time, I only manged to explained a tiny bit about the Tesseract Thunder Pool since I was caught up with some business. So, I'm giving you he blue print as compensation. As for the Talisman Marker… You did snatch the Bull Demon King's Red Envelope, which contains the best material to craft one!

Chen Xiaobei: Thanks, monkey bro! Yeah… I did snatch that dude's Red Envelope, but it only had some kind of feather of a Spiritual Beast?

Monkey King: Yeah, that's the one! I can help you craft it if you don't know how, but it might take up some time!

Xiao Tianquan: There's no need for that much trouble. God Chen could craft it by himself! In fact, it would be faster!

Chen Xiaobei: Huh? I can do it myself? Really… How am I not aware of that? (Sweat)

Xiao Tianquan: You can just upgrade the Ma Liang Divine Pen with the Feather of the Spiritual Pen. That way, you can utilize the Talisman Marker's effect! 

Chen Xiaobei: Hmm… Wait! How did you know that I had a Ma Liang Divine Pen?

Xiao Tianquan: God Chen, your perversion knows no bounds! Tales of your lecherous quirks will be passed on to thousands of generations! Together with us, you will reign over the realm of perverts!

Chen Xiaobei: Damn it! I never thought that you're one of the experience players… But please keep those kinds of conversations out of this chat group. There's girls in here!

Chang'e: Was God Chen such a degenerate? I never knew... Hmph! I'm ignoring you! (Hmph)

Chen Xiaobei: Oof… Please don't… (Crying)

Chang'e: Fufu. I'm just playing with you! Who's not a little perverted? Those who deny it, supply it!

Chen Xiaobei: Hahahaha... Well said! Alright, back to the main topic. how do I enhance the Ma Liang Divine Pen?

Yanwang: Simple. Use the Sanmei True Fire and burn it for a day. It's the fastest way!

Chen Xiaobei: The Sanmei True Fire? Oh right, I just remembered. Hong Haier would soon be come looking for me! In that case, I won't be troubling Monkey Bro - I have everything ready, and the only thing I'm waiting for is for Hong Haier to drop in!

"Haha! I'd always thought that the Sanmei True Fire was a ticking time bomb… I'd never thought that it could help me out like this! No matter how well Jiang Ziya schemed, he could never tell that I would require the Sanmei True Fire!"

The thought of pissing off Jiang Ziya once more made Chen Xiaobei a little happy.

Chen Xiaobei then bid farewell to the people in the chat group. But before he could pocket his phone, he received a phone call.

"Xiang Xiang? Why are you calling me at this hour?"

Translator Note:

[1]: It is also known as fengshui position. 

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