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"There's an auction tomorrow night. I want you to come with me. Is that alright?" Lin Xiang asked softly, but Chen Xiaobei could tell she really wanted him to go with her.

At the same time, she sounded a little hesitant - perhaps she was worried that he might be busy? 

Nonetheless, Chen Xiaobei agreed to it happily. "Sure! I'll go pick you up tomorrow night."

"Don't you want to know about the auction?" Lin Xiang asked.

"I don't really care about the auction. I just want to spend some time with you!" Chen Xiaobei said affectionately.

"Eeeek… Did you apply honey to your lips? Your words are so sweet..."

"Hehe… My lips is coated with chocolate too. Care to have a try?" Chen Xiaobei grinned evilly and licked his lips.

"No way, you meanie… My body became soft as jelly after each passionate kiss we shared…" Lin Xiang purred. "Did you know that I felt so empty after you left? I don't want to go through that anymore…"

"Are you trying to seduce me right now?" Chen Xiaobei asked mischievously, narrowing his eyes.

"You're such a meanie! Don't act innocent and follow me home after the auction ends tomorrow night. You aren't allowed to leave my house whatever happens!" Lin Xiang squealed, finally finding the strength to express her thoughts thanks to her… libido.

"Holy crap! Are you going to take my virginity?" Chen Xiaobei feigned anxiety although he was really excited.

"You're right… You're the man that I want, and I can't wait any longer. I shall take your virginity, and I will offer my own body in return!" Lin Xiang said determinedly, finally overcoming her own timid personality to throw sparks into their relationship.

"Don't worry! I'm going to have a chat with the Moonlord; I'll make sure both of us can lose our virginity to each other successfully!" Chen Xiaobei said determinedly too.

"Stop talking nonsense! I don't believe you know Moonlord… I'm hanging up - I need to put on a beauty mask and make myself look as pretty as I can when I see you!"

"Okay! See you tomorrow then!" Chen Xiaobei's smile lasted long after the call was finished.

"Well… I do know Moonlord personally," he mused to himself. "It's just that he never really crosses my mind… Whatever. This time, I must lose my virginity!"

However, Moonlord did not reply to his text.

"Hmmm. I can't just sit here and wait. I'll deal with some important stuff then, time is precious after all… Since Hong Haier isn't here yet, I can't activate the Tesseract Thunder Pool. Maybe I should deploy the Puzzling Formation first!"

Chen Xiaobei took out the yellow palm-sized Puzzle Flag from his treasure chest that resembled more of a mini toy than a magical item. Still, its Spiritual Attribute was similar to the Great Priest Bean, and it connected to Chen Xiaobei's consciousness once he held it in his palm to transfer the know-how of deploying its formation.

"Such ingenious formation!" Chen Xiaobei's Scholar Heart allowed him to be fused with the new knowledge within seconds.

"The mountain will be filled with mist once I activate this formation, and the combination between that and the peak's vegetation will form a complicated maze in the mountain. It's impossible for normal human beings to locate my newly purchased land once I activate it!" Chen Xiaobei uttered in surprise.

"Now, I have to be worried about the Thirty-Six Talisman Glyphs that I need to support the core of the formation! It does not require rare materials like the Tesseract Thunder Pool, but it still needs some top-quality jade stone… And better jade quality means more effective formations…"

"But I'm so poor right now! I can't even afford a normal jade stone. I need to figure out something to earn some quick cash!"

Initially, Chen Xiaobei thought he could earn some quick cash by auctioning several martial art manuals, but that only came ten days later!

Furthermore, he was still an outsider without any connections in Dragon City. No one would respect him if he came up with a new faction out of nowhere - and it would crumble soon enough. Therefore, it was vital he unveil his faction on the day of the auction so that he could grab the attention of Dragon City's Jianghu. Such a fearsome reputation they would gain that way!

"Now I guess I have to figure out some other way to earn money…"

Chen Xiaobei knew what he had to do, and soon came up with an idea. He called Yap Liangchen to meet up with him.

"Bro Bei, how can I help you?" Yap Liangchen asked over the phone. "You seem to be in quite a rush!"

"I want to ask about the enhancement pill markets. Do they worth much in Dragon City?"

"Of course!" Being born and bred in Dragon City, Yap Liangchen knew quite a lot about life in the metropolis. "Good alchemists are extremely rare in Dragon City, so most of those pills can make a killing. As for pills with special effect, they can earn you a fortune!"

Chen Xiaobei was shocked. "So… How much does the Fire Pill of the Hundred Beasts Faction cost?"

"The Fire Pill that allows users to increase their combat power by twenty percent, right? If I'm not mistaken, they cost around three million each!"

"Three million! Hmmm. What a coincidence, I have the recipe of the Bone Burning Pill that is even more superior than the Fire Pill… Either way, it seems like the pill making business is pretty lucrative!"

"Bro Bei, you really know how to concoct a pill? Then you should know that alchemists are the rarest occupation in Jianghu - they number even less than shamans. An ordinary alchemist would already be getting special treatment from powerful factions. Experts, on the other hand, are worshipped by all elite factions, and even serve as consultants in special government outfits!"

That caught Chen Xiaobei's full attention.

"Wow! I cannot believe being an alchemist is so awesome… By the way, who is the best alchemist in our country right now?"

"It's Huangfu Muming, and it goes without saying that he's affiliated with the Xuanjian Faction now. There were other groups who tried to recruit him by offering all that they have, but he refused! One way or the other, he stands at the pinnacle of China's alchemy scene, and it's extremely expensive to buy his pills. Even the most powerful people in Jianghu has to tip-toe around him!"

Chen Xiaobei became visibly excited at that.

"Seems like concocting pills is the way to get rich fast. Let's do it now!" He exclaimed. "Bring to me buy some medicine now, I want to start concocting pills immediately!"

"Bro Bei… Are you serious?" Yap Liangchen was left in disbelief.

"I have the Green Jade Tripod, and the recipe for several special pills. I will become the greatest alchemist in no time! Bahahaha…" Chen Xiaobei laughed, his eyebrows dancing. 

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