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The recording was proof that made things clear as day. What more, the words came straight out of Hu Gaoyi's very own mouth!

The truth never takes sides save for the one called 'justice'. And nothing could be done to stop it!

Meanwhile, the disciples of the Iron Gut Factions squirmed, somehow starting to feel actual physical pains all over. Some of them knew it was one almighty and fatal blow against their faction - it was, after all, too common a scene that was too often used in tv dramas and soap operas.

Either way, the truth was out in the open now.

"Hmph! Hu Haifeng, of everything you spouted, even the punctuations were all fake! Did you really think that you could fool us that easily?" Luo Han bellowed, flailing his arms and shooting a glare that could decapitate the faction leader. "Seize that man and throw him into prison! 500 whips and 10 days of jailtime for that conniving bastard!"


Two men from the law enforcer team quickly grabbed Hu Haifeng and handcuffed him with both his hands behind his back.

"Urgh… I…" Hu Haifeng was speechless; his face was as white as sheet paper.

How clever he was, thinking that he could push the blame and have Chen Xiaobei dance between his fingers. Little did he know that the youth was one step ahead of him all the time by secretly recording all their conversations!

And now, there was nothing he could do after the truth was revealed. As the Six Doors officers came at him, Hu Haifeng did not dare to even flinch.

Now, he faces 500 whippings that were more than enough to have his flesh striped from his bones. If he had tried anything funny, he would be resisting arrest - another crime that would only make his punishment more severe. If that really happened, he might lose half of his remaining lifespan.

"Asshole Xiaobei! That's so smart of you!" cried Xiaoyao. "I thought you were only playing with your phone like you always do. I never thought you were actually using your phone to record the conversation!"

"We're so lucky to have that recorded…" Murong Tian muttered. "How else could the four of us counter the testimony of all 200 mouths of the Iron Gut Faction…"

Jinliu put his hands together and bowed at Chen Xiaobei with utmost respect. "Mr. Chen is a young hero, with both brains and brawns!" He exclaimed. "It's an honor!"

Chen Xiaobei did nothing but smile lightly in return. He was still calm as a cucumber - everything went as planned for him, which meant that there was nothing to be excited about.

"Hmph. Seems like it's my loss," Hu Haifeng snarled. "However! You may have won this battle, but you've not won the war just yet. In 10 days… 10 days, I will come for you! All things Jianghu will be settled within Jianghu. An eye for on eye, a tooth for a tooth! I will come for you, mark my words!"

"What are you still babbling about? Officers! Take him away!" Luo Han growled.

The other officers nodded and quickly moved Hu Haifeng out of sight, while Chen Xiaobei and the rest followed the other officers and descended the mountain.

Along the way, over 200 members of the Iron Gut Factions stood idly by. Without a leader, they were mere sheep roaming without proper directions; they would not dare to dissolve the faction by leaving the mountain either.

Still, for Chen Xiaobei and his allies, their problems were solved.

After leaving the mountain and bringing everyone back to the Wolong Mansion, Chen Xiaobei told his parents that Murong Tian and Jinliu were hired as gardeners, and that Murong Xiaoyao - Murong Tian's daughter was also staying with them.

His parent never suspected a thing, and even welcomed them to the house by preparing their rooms.

During their stay, Xiaoyao was completely respectful, and helped Mrs Chen around the house all day. Mrs Chen quickly grew fond of the her, showering incessant praises on her for being such a fine young lady.

After the ordeal, everyone rested and slept soundly until the next day.

Both Murong Tian and Jinliu were up early to make their debut as gardener. Murong Tian did exceptionally well, too; he was a veteran when it came to botany. Watching him tending to the flowers was almost zen - it did not look like he was working at all.

Xiaoyao woke not too long after her own father, and started helping Chen Xiaobei's mother to prepare breakfast. Her beauty notwithstanding, Xiaoyao had brains to compensate her chest size. She quickly learned that Mrs Chen was the "commander" of the household, and that as long as she was on her good side she could "tame" Chen. She could even make Chen Xiaobei her young brother and report his misdeeds to his mother!

Sometime after breakfast, Murong Tian and Jinliu called for Chen Xiaobei for a private chat at the garden.

"Xiaobei, Hu Haifeng will be released in only 10 days. What do you think?" Murong Tian asked earnestly. "That man is known for his vengefulness!"

"What do I think? Honestly, I have no plans for him," Chen Xiaobei shrugged the question off with a straight face. "However, if he does come to make a fuss here… Let's just say he won't be walk away - or walk, for that matter." 

"Mr. Chen, I beg you to reconsider. You mustn't be reckless," Jinliu raised his voice in slight panic. "Hu Haifeng's combat power is fifteen thousand, and is well versed in various martial arts. He isn't the same as Hu Gaoyi!"

"Don't worry, I have everything accounted for," Chen Xiaobei replied flatly. "I have something in mind to raise my own combat power in ten days."

"Can you become strong enough to stand against Hu Haifeng in just 10 days?" Jinliu frowned worriedly.

"With enough Spiritual Qi, I can." Chen Xiaobei muttered to himself. He also had the manual for brewing a Bone Burning Pill in his treasure chese, which was his second option to raise his strength within 10 days.

Even that was overdoing things. He still had Cangjing Gu, the Japanese combat prodigy who was at the Half-Step True Nirvana stage! There was virtually nothing to be afraid of.

However, Cangjing Gu's existence in China was somewhat complicated - as a martial arts prodigy in the land of the rising sun, his appearance in Jianghu could cause ripples that spell nothing but trouble.

In short, Chen Xiaobei had to be careful, and only ask for his help when the situation calls for it. Before he heads to Japan himself, Chen Xiaobei would have him stand by his parents as their bodyguard - their very safety mattered if he were to fight with a calm mind.

"Is 10 days really enough?" Jinliu asked. "If needed, I can tell you the location of a Spiritual Cave located deep within the Iron Gut Faction's territory. It has been gathering 20 years' worth of Spiritual Qi."

"What?! I need it! I absolutely need it!" Chen Xiaobei cried, his eyes glinting with joy. "Don't you know that taking enemies' stuff is one of my favorite hobbies?"

How could he not be excited when he powered-up whilst trampling on the face of his enemies? What else could be more fulfilling?!

"In that case, have a look at this. This is the location," Jinliu pulled out his cellphone and displayed a series of images. "It's a forbidden land for Iron Gut Faction members. It was only by coincidence that I managed to snap these images. The entrance to the cave is also blocked by a special iron door, I don't think it'll be easy to open it…"

"Hoho. Opening locked doors had never been a qualm." Chen Xiaobei smirked. "Although I have a question: which would be better, the Spiritual Vein in the Golden Dragon Temple, or the one in the Iron Gut Faction?"

"Hmmm… I think the one in the Golden Dragon Temple is better." Murong Tian quickly replied, to which Chen Xiaobei nodded.

"Hmph. Alright. Change of plans. With the Spiritual Qi in the Iron Gut Faction, I can be stronger within 5 days!"

"H-How?!" Both Murong Tian and Jinliu gaped at the young man.

How could one consume 20 years' worth of Spiritual Qi in 5 days?! Both believed it to be impossible, but little did they know that Chen Xiaobei had once consumed 10 years' worth of Spiritual Qi in the Golden Dragon Temple in less than 5 days! It was not remotely a challenge for the young man.

"5 days to train and 5 days to plan." Chen Xiaobei was silent for a few moments as he considered and made mental calculations. Soon, he grinned. "If I am to play, might as well go big!"

Murong Tian and Jinliu were speechless. Though Chen Xiaobei was standing right there, they felt that his words was of another realm. How could anyone understand him when they could not even believe him?

Nonetheless, 'go big or go home' was precisely what Chen Xiaobei was thinking. To him, Hu Haifeng's threat was nothing but child's play, and he would go all in to crush the leader of the Iron Gut Faction once and for all. What else could he possibly think?

"I'll head out in a while, just stay at this place for the moment. You'll be safe here," Chen Xiaobei left the two men in the garden, his face stretched in a broad grin.

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