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"Who do you think you are? You have no right to interfere when there is a duel in the Iron Gut Faction!" Hu Gaoyi glared at Chen Xiaobei snobbishly.

The rest of the faction members, too, glared at him hostilely - any fight, even within a faction was serious business. They would never allow any outsider to interrupt.

Meanwhile, the faction leader, Hu Haifeng squinted and continued with his meditation. Chen Xiaobei's appearance did not bother him in the least.

"I'm Uncle Murong's friend," Chen Xiaobei said. "I'll fight you instead!"

"F*cking retard!" Hu Gaoyi rolled his eyes and mocked him. "Do you even know what you're saying? Taking his place - do you have a death wish?"

"That brat is insane. Challenging our young master… he doesn't want to live!"

"I think he's here to die for Murong Tian!"

"I've seen many idiots during my time… But I couldn't believe how fast they popped up. Just when I thought Murong Tian was an idiot dumb enough to fight our young master, there's another dumber one here to ask for his death!" 

Every faction member began to laugh and mock Chen Xiaobei.

"Xiaobei, don't get involved!" Murong Tian frowned.

He glowered at his own daughter, clearly blaming her for dragging the young man into this mess. Meanwhile, she and Jinliu were whispering to Chen Xiaobei in a last-ditch effort to pull him away. Naturally, he ignored them.

"Do you have the balls?" He asked Hu Gaoyi flatly. "Yes or no?"

"Just die. However, I can only fight one opponent at a time, it's faction rules! No one can interrupt this battle. I'll crush Murong Tian first, and trample you like an ant!"

"That's…" Chen Xiaobei was suddenly frowning after a glance at Hu Haifeng.


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 15000. Combat power: 15000!]

'Hmmm. That old bastard is too powerful… I don't think I can defeat him even if I use my Blood Chaos Sword Essence - not that I can pull my treasures out as I like!' Chen Xiaobei thought, and started formulated plans to weasel out of this one.

"Uncle Murong," he called out to Murong Tian. "Hang in there, I'll think of something!"

"Sure!" Murong Tian nodded, although he was not really feeling hopeful give their current circumstance. No one could interrupt his fight against Hu Gaoyi - and he was already prepared for the worst-case scenario.

"Murong Tian, I'm giving you one last chance to surrender!" Hu Gaoyi grinned and clenched his fist.

"No. I'll never sacrifice my daughter!" Murong Tian replied determinedly.

"Dad…" Xiaoyao was so emotional she could not hold back her tears.

"Shit… Shit…" Jinliu was really nervous.

Through it all, Chen Xiaobei was trying to get someone with his cellphone.

"Mountain Splitting Hammer!" Murong Tian roared, his fists poised at Hu Gaoyi's head as he leapt into the air. He had mustered all five thousand combat power of his - it looked powerful enough to split a mountain!

"Garbage! You should have surrender to me since your combat is so much lower than me!" Hu Gaoyi shrugged arrogantly and raised his right fist. It appeared that he was not going to dodge, but would counter Murong Tian's offense with brute strength.


Hu Gaoyi broke Murong Tian's attack with all his might.


The sound of something breaking followed, and Murong Tian's left arm was dislocated. He screamed in agony


"Brother Murong!"

Xiaoyao and Jinliu screamed.

Infuriated, Chen Xiaobei glared at Hu Gaoyi with eyes that could kill. However, he did not put away his cellphone.

"Pick up the call! Pick up the call…" he muttered.

"That's the price for not surrendering to me!" Hu Gaoyi laughed.

Although Murong Tian was essentially out of the fight, he maintained his offense, charging towards his opponent and landing a kick on his rib cage.




Murong Tian had at least three ribs broken - the sound of his bones breaking echoed in everyone's ears. He stumbled a few steps back as blood started to gush out from his mouth; he barely had the strength to keep himself aloft.

"Dad!!!" Xiaoyao screamed hysterically, her eyes even more puffy as she was forced to watch the brutal assault on her father. She would have ran on stage and tore Hu Gaoyi apart if Jinliu did not hold her back. 

"Haha! Our young master is the best! Our young master is the best!"

"This is the underworld king of Green Vine City? He's just a garbage in front of our young master! Hahaha…"

"I'm so proud of our young master! In the future, he will become Liu Hengyi's Shidi after he joins the Xianjian Faction… And we will profit too!"

"That's a fact! Our young master's future is bright!"

The faction members of Iron Gut were excited, and were already taking turns groveling at their future leader. Their almost overwhelming bootlicking made Hu Gaoyi felt like he was in cloud nine.

"Old Wang! Have you reached your limit on cursing others?"

The mortal deity finally answered Chen Xiaobei's phone call after some time. The others were too busy watching the battle to paying attention to him.

"I have one last curse left for today… My fans are getting bored of me because I've been using my ability for too many times recently… What should I do?" Old Wang asked nervously.

"Now's the chance to get more fans, then!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed. "I'm going to video call you right now, so connect our video call to your stream. Just curse that ugly man in front of all your viewers!"

Within seconds, Old Wang did as he was told - he had become rather tech savvy after streaming for just a few days. Meanwhile, the general chat section of Old Wang's stream was flooded with baffled messages. 

 [Master Wang! What the hell are you going to do? Are you stopping your Mobile Legends stream?]

[What the f*ck! Are you live streaming some kind of competition? Is that an underground fighting club? That old man over there looks like he is vomiting blood…]

[That other guy looks so damn ugly. Punch that fucking face - I hope the old man wins his face!]

[Impossible, he's already vomiting blood… How could he win - wait, I know! Master Wong can curse that fuckface with his ability!]

[Master Wang! Do it!]

"Sure, but I need all of you to bring others to my stream frist. I need the right timing to use my ability!" Old Wang glued his eyes to the screen, prepared to unleash his ability at a moment's notice.

The stream now resembled a scene out of a martial arts movie.

"Murong Tian, I've only broke few of your ribs," Hu Gaoyi laughed arrogantly. "You can get a doctor to fix that in a second, but if you insist I'll hurt you so bad you'll spend the rest of your life on a wheelchair!"

"Dad, just surrender! Don't get hurt because of me… Sob…" Xiaoyao was bawling in despair now, her face full of tear marks and her body was trembling. There was simply no hope in sight.

"No! I will never surrender!"

[Who is Murong Tian?]

[He is that legendary hero!]'

[Well, he's no longer a hero if he surrenders to that ugly bastard!]

"Don't blame me for killing you!" Hu Gaoyi shouted and charged towards Murong Tian like a lion pouncing at its prey.

"Uncle Murong, don't be afraid. You can win now!" Chen Xiaobei suddenly shouted.

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