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The Iron Gut Faction.

Their headquarters was located at the north of Mountain Wangfeng, a peak which shares the same vein of Qi Pulse with Mountain Wolong. While there was a dozen of other factions who were based within that area, their influence was comparable to the Hundred Beasts Faction.

It was eleven at night when Chen Xiaobei arrived outside the building. However, every single light of the faction was turned on and every member seemed animated despite the time - it appeared that something interesting was happening inside.

Xiaoyao and a rather plump person were already waiting for him at the entrance when he arrived.

"Let me introduce you two. This is Chen Xiaobei who I mentioned earlier, and this is Uncle Jinliu - my father's best friend. Let's head inside right now!" Xiaoyao threw a hasty introduction before entering the building - Chen Xiaobei could see a tear mark on her face. He and Uncle Jinliu simply nodded at each other before following her inside.

Most of the faction members seemed to have gathered around the building's arena, which was why there was no one else around the other parts building.

"Tell me. What happened?" Chen Xiaobei asked Xiaoyao as they hurried ahead. 

"My dad wanted to join the Iron Gut Faction once we landed in Dragon City," she replied. "Everything was fine in the beginning, although we were told that we have to wait for the faction leader to return before we can join the faction. However, everything changed when he did come back…"

"What happened? Did the faction leader changed his mind?" Chen Xiaobei frowned in disgust, while Jinliu suddenly looked rather guilty.

"No, but the faction leader returned with his son - the young master of the Iron Gut Faction. He wanted me to become his wife once he saw me, and told my father to agree before we can join the faction… I just met him once! It's impossible for me to say yes!"

"So, my father decided not to join the faction and we prepared to leave," she continued. "However, they wouldn't let us, and said that we can't just simply run away after we came. They then challenged my dad to a fight, and we can't leave if he loses!"

"What the hell?!" Chen Xiaobei said angrily. "They don't allow you to join or leave?! They are totally messing with you guys; their faces are thicker than concrete walls!"

"It's my fault actually!" Jinliu replied guiltily. "I was boasting about Xiaoyao being the most beautiful girl in Green Vine City… If not, Hu Gaoyi definitely wouldn't have messed with them…"

"Uncle Jinliu, it's not your fault!" Xiaoyao pursed her lips. "That degenerate would have met me even if you didn't say that - and it isn't possible to control his decision either. I'm to be blamed for all this - nothing would have happened if I just stayed with Wenyuan. I really shouldn't have clung on my father!"

"No." Chen Xiaobei cut her self-accusation short. "You are separated from your father for such a long time, it's only right that you spend time him! If there's anyone to be blame, it's that fucking pervert - he shouldn't force you to marry him. I'll deal with him later, don't worry!"

"Xiaobei… You are so nice…" Xiaoyao was touched.

Jinliu thought it was a bad idea, however. "Young man, don't risk your life!" he exclaimed. "Hu Gaoyi is extremely powerful, and they have around two followers… It won't end well for you!"

Clearly, Jinliu thought that he was just another young man. He was not very happy with Chen Xiaobei making such absurd claims, and could not figure out why Xiaoyao would insist on asking him to help them either.

"Uncle Jinliu, don't worry," Xiaoyao said seriously. "Xiaobei is really powerful - he has at least six thousand combat power!"

"What?" The plump man called out in shock. "Six thousand combat power at his age? That… That is unbelievable… I really shouldn't judge the book by its cover."

He was almost fifty years old, and had only reached six thousand combat power recently. He blushed, never expecting that the young man who stood in front of him possessed the same strength. It was fortunate that he did not mock Chen Xiaobei - how embarrassed he would be otherwise!

However, he and Xiaoyao remained unaware that six thousand combat power was just half his real combat power! Xiaoyao also believed that Chen Xiaobei's combat power had not increased since he left Green Vine City; she had no idea that his strength had increased tremendously after some intensive training at Golden Dragon Temple.

"I admit that you can be considered as a prodigy when you achieve six thousand combat power at your age," Jinliu suddenly said. "However, it's still not enough to defeat Hu Gaoyi, who has around seven thousand combat power. He would walk all over you!"

"Xiaobei, I also think you shouldn't risk your life," Xiaoyao quickly turned on her panic mode too. "I didn't know Hu Gaoyi was that powerful… And then there's his father and two hundred faction members!"

"Don't worry. I could handle it!" Chen Xiaobei said confidently; he fought back his urge to laugh.

"But…" Xiaoyao and Jinliu were really worried for him, but could not offer any further protest. 

The trio finally arrived at the arena, where the battle between Murong Tian and Hu Goayi had already begun. There were two hundred faction members watching the show, all keenly anticipating the moment Murong Tian become joke of the night.

There was a throne-like chair in front of the arena where the faction leader Hu Haifeng sat.

He was fiddling with two little jade balls in his hands, and judging from his lazy expression, the whole fight was a farce.

"Murong Tian!" Hu Gaoyi yelled darkly. "Are you sure you won't lose to me? I'm marrying your daughter sooner or later anyway. I'm helping you save face, so please don't embarrass yourself here!"

The man was around thirty plus years old, with black teeth and a contorted mouth that does not sit well together with his other facial features. He would never be a match for a beauty like Xiaoyao. 

Not that a legendary hero of Jianghu like Murong Tian would simply cave to his whims.

"If the price of surrendering to you is a happy life for my daughter, I would rather be killed." Murong Tian replied gravely.

"Shit, now I'm offended!" Hu Gaoyi screamed in fury. "I'm the young master of Iron Gut Faction and would soon be qualified enough to join the Xuanjian Faction. My future is brighter than the stars - you should be honored that I want to marry your daughter!"

"What? The Xuanjian Faction!" Murong Tian exclaimed shock.

"Why? Afraid of me so much now you'll let me marry your daughter? Hahaha…" Hu Gaoyi laughed arrogantly. "Xuanjuan faction is the most powerful faction in Jianghu. Soon, you can't even kiss my ass if you don't let me marry your daughter now!"

"Cut the crap, I'm not surrendering! Let's fight!" Murong Tian shouted.

"Hold on!" Chen Xiaobei suddenly shouted.

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