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Murong Tian can win now?

Everyone around the arena was left dumbfounded, and stared at Chen Xiaobei as if he was an idiot. Murong Tian's situation could not be worse - he was badly hurt and his opponent outclassed him in every way. It was nothing but a pipe dream for him to win.

Even Xiaoyao and Jinliu stared with their mouths hanging open at Chen Xiaobei as well.

"I'm not asking you to come here to give us nonsense!" Jinliu said angrily. "You're supposed to help us!"

He never intended to vent at the young man, but right now Murong Tian was about to be killed. It was natural for him to get angry too - not even Murong Tian believed Chen Xiaobei entirely.

Against Hu Gaoyi, he could not do nothing but let out a quiet sigh.


The crowd looked on in shock as Hu Gaoyi - the seven thousand combat power Jianghu elite, the young master of Iron Gut, future apprentice of Xuanwu Faction, and the one everyone in the Iron Gut Faction admired fell mid-charge! He skidded for a distance, and finally stopped in front of Murong Tian's feet.

"Uncle Murong! Don't hesitate! Now's your chance" Chen Xiaobei was the only one who stayed calm. Like a director of a movie who had everything under his control, he acted as if everything would go his way as long his actors would follow his word.

Murong Tian was shocked too, but quickly moved according to his script.

"Death!" He cried, and grabbed Hu Gaoyi's throat with his right hand, choking it with the vice grip of a wild beast.

"Guuurk…" Hu Gaoyi suffocated as soon as he noted groggily that he failed to nullify Murong Tian's attack. His face soon flushed a crimson, and no amount of combat power could free himself. The outcome of the battle was crystal clear when the most vulnerable part of his body was caught.

"Hu Gaoyi! Will you surrender?!" Murong Tian was a true Jianghu boss again - the way he glared at Hu Gaoyi now was like that of a tiger glaring at its prey.

"I… Will never surrender… It's an accident… We need to have a rematch…" The heir of the Iron Gut faction could barely mouth the words, but he stubbornly refused to yield. Still, it was a far cry from the tough-guy expression he showed when he kept taunting Murong Tian.

Indeed, Hu Gaoyi would be completely humiliated if he decided to give up. He would not be able to hold his head upright in Jianghu once news of such embarrassment traveled to other factions.

"No? Don't blame me for being merciless!" Murong Tian finally showed his reputation as one not to be messed with. He choked Hu Gaoyi even harder. 

"Urgh…." The ugly man garbled in agony; he could feel his windpipe giving way soon.

"He yields!" Hu Haifeng roared sternly.

Finally, Hu Haifeng had opened his eyes and stopped meditating. Although he stood grandly, he was voluntarily surrendering to Murong Tian. 

All the disciples of Iron Gut Faction were stunned. They could not believe what they just heard - their leader was pleading mercy for his child, and from an opponent who was far too inferior!

It was incomprehensible!

"By the gods… Is… Is that real?" Murong Tian and Jinliu were left dumbfounded too, quite doubtful of what was happening right in front of their eyes.

"Motherf*cker! Die!" Hu Gaoyi refused to join the pity party. He struggled, hoping to land a lethal hit on Murong Tian.

"Stop!" Hu Haifeng shouted, his dominating aura spilling and stuffing the atmosphere.

"Yes…" Hu Gaoyi's body trembled involuntarily. He would never dare to disobey his father, and so he gritted his teeth and calmed himself.

"This… What the hell is going on?" Everyone around the arena still had a hard time to returning to reality. Hu Gaoyi was not winning - he had already won, which made it even harder for them to accept that he simply fell to the ground and let things slip so dramatically. It was utterly moronic!


"Brother Murong!"

Xiaoyao and Jinliu cried out as they quickly ran to Murong Tian to help him up.

"Dad! What just happened? I almost can't believe Hu Gaoyi was such an idiot!" Xiaoyao asked with tears of joy all over her face.

"I'm not too sure… But I think it has everything to do with Xiaobei… I would have died here if it wasn't for him!" Murong Tian said with a husky voice.

"Xiaobei?" Xiaoyao quickly turned and looked around to him. "That asshole was still playing with his phone just now! How would my dad's victory have anything to do with him?"

Jinliu stared at Chen Xiaobei, baffled. "However, Mr. Chen did predict that Brother Murong Tian is going to win in this battle!" He exclaimed, suddenly remembering. "Is that a coincidence? Or, did he do something secretly in the dark?"

The trio looked at the youth in question, who was still playing with his cellphone.

"It increased! It increased again, and tremendously too. It's like my first day seeing fans pouring in - they are complimenting that my Mouth of Curses is awesome! Also, they said that my stream is really exciting… Hahaha! So many presents, I just received a ton of Dried Fish! And another filthy rich dude just rewarded me with a Rocket… Xiaobei! I'm so happy right now!"

Old Wang exclaimed as he danced in front of his computer like one of those infamous man-child.

"I'm glad for you too. Anyway, let me settle my problem here first, I'll chat more when I get back. I'm hanging up now!" Chen Xiaobei said as he hung and walked towards Murong Tian.

"Uncle Murong, let me take a look at your injuries!"

Chen Xiaobei, who was well-versed at medicine, set Murong Tian's broken bone in seconds, before feeding the man a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion.


Murong Tian was quickly relieved of any pain. "Xiaobei!" He exclaimed in pleasant surprise. "What did you just give me? I feel like all my injuries have recovered!"

"It's a secret potion that my master passed to me. It works wonder on recent injuries." Chen Xiaobei quickly made up something to stop them from asking any more awkward questions.

"Master? I knew it!" Murong Tian smiled knowingly, growing ever fonder of the youth. "You're no ordinary boy…. However, I'm really grateful that you helped me win this fight!"

"Asshole Xiaobei! Thank you so much for healing my father…" Xiaoyao thanked him too, despite being the unreasonable one from time to time.

Jinliu, meanwhile, quickly apologized. "Mr. Chen… I offended you earlier… I hope you can forgive me…"

"None taken. It's fine, I understand that you were worried about Murong Tian. Anyway, it's all over now. Let's go-"

"Hold on! Did I ever mentioned that you can leave?" Hu Haifeng called out darkly.

"Leader Hu…" Murong Tian frowned. "You are still a reputable leader in Jianghu, you can't just break your promise!"

"Hehe… I always stick to my promise," the older Hu chuckled, narrowing his eyes and staring at them with an air of arrogance. "And like we agreed, your daughter can leave since you've won! However, you, that traitor Jinliu and that bastard who came out of nowhere aren't allowed one step out!"

Hu Gaoyi was breathed new life after he heard his father. "Brothers, surround them!" He flailed his arms and shouted. "Don't let them leave!"

All two hundred members of the Iron Gut Faction surrounded Chen Xiaobei and the others immediately.

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