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Chapter 480: Dangerous Battle

After leaving the mansion, Lin Nan went to one of the nightclubs in town with his bodyguards while Chen Xiaobei and Lin Xiang rushed back to her house immediately.

She lived in a rather small mansion. Though it does not hold up against those that stood grandly around Lake Xuanwu, it was definitely more than enough for her and her brother.

Chen Xiaobei and Lin Xiang liked each other a lot since the start. Unable to hold his urges in any longer, he slipped his arms around her from behind once they stepped into the house.

Always the shy one, Lin Xiang blushed, but her gaze back at his was soft and promising. "What are you trying to do? You've almost scared me to death!"

"What do you think I'm trying to do?" Chen Xiaobei smiled naughtily and seductively, and lifted her chin to jam a passionate kiss on her lips.

It was the same for her too. Lin Xiang was really looking forward for this moment for a very long time; she started to move despite her slight chagrin.

The temperature between them kept elevating. It was time for them to step into the final frontier!


Suddenly, the lights of the living room were turned on just as both of them were ready to melt into each other.

"What the fuck! Lin Nan, you're an asshole! I thought you told me earlier that you are not coming home tonight?" Chen Xiaobei rolled his eyes. He was now beginning to believe that he would become impotent sooner or later.

"Hmmm… I heard something, so I came to check it out. You guys could continue…" A mild male voice can be heard, and the person could be heard walking away after he finished what he wanted to say.

"Shit! That's my dad!"

Lin Xiang's face turned red immediately, and quickly put her clothes back on.

"Your dad? Professor Lin?" Chen Xiaobei was dumbstruck.

"You're really impatient," she scolded, clearly frustrated. "Why would you do this at the common area? No one would have found out if we do it in the room!"

"What do we do now?" Chen Xiaobei felt really guilty. It was really embarrassing to get caught red-handed by parents.

"I don't know as well…" Lin Xiang frowned. My dad never had a fix schedule, and it's rare for us to meet too. Anyway, you should go home. I'll explain things to him – he loves me a lot, I don't he will make a big deal out of it…"

"Alright…" Chen Xiaobei scratched his head in chagrin.

"Mr Chen, please don't leave. Come to my study, I would like to talk to you in private…" The mild voice suddenly rang again, and Chen Xiaobei looked at Lin Xiang, visibly stunned.

She pursed her lips. "I don't think my dad is angry," she answered his unasked question. "Just go, the study is the first room at the second floor."

"I have to face him sooner or later anyway," Chen Xiaobei nodded and made his way upstairs. "I should just clarify the whole thing to him…"

Inside the study.

A kindly middle-aged man sat at the side of a table, and gestured at the chair beside him.

"Mr Chen, please. Take a seat." He offered.

"Thank you, uncle." Chen nodded and sat down.

Upon closer examination of the man, Chen Xiaobei found that he does bear a stark resemblance to Lin Xiang as Luo Puti told him. He carried an air of a gentle and educated man.

"Don't worry. I have spent eight years studying in Germany, so I'm quite open minded when it comes intimate relationships," he began. "However, I wish to discuss other matters."

"Please do."

"I'm sincerely grateful for

grateful for everything you've done. Thank you so much for taking of Lin Xiang and Lin Nan when I'm not around them, and then secreting them to Dragon City safely. You've even posed as my son to draw out all our enemies. Thank you!"

Lin Bo stood up and bowed thrice towards Chen Xiaobei.

"Sir, that's not necessary!" Chen Xiaobei quickly stood up. "You should also know that I really love Lin Xiang and I've always treat Lin Nan as my flesh and blood. I'm more than happy to do whatever it takes to keep them safe!"

"I know, that's why I want to show my gratitude!" Lin Bo said seriously. "I don't think I'm a good father. I'm forced to abandon my children due to unforeseen circumstances, while my wife contracted a chronic disease while travelling around with me. I've never been a good father until now, and it's hard for me to provide them with anything other than money. This is why I'm asking you now – become my son-in-law. Please take care of Lin Xiang!"

"Uncle, don't you worry," Chen Xiaobei said, shying away slightly from the proposal. "I will definitely take good care of them, while praying that you can finish your research as soon as possible to spend time with them every day!"

"Haha! I'm looking forward to that day as well!" Lin Bo laughed. It was his first meeting with Chen Xiaobei, but he already made it clear that he was his son-in-law. "Remember, I want a grandson. It will be a joy when all three generations stay in the same house!"

"Hmmm…" Chen Xiaobei was stunned. This was his second time being demanded for a grandchild.

Lin Bo then handed him a paper. "Anyway, here's a number – call it if you need anything. Just tell the person you're my son-in-law, and there'll be people who would come to help you!"

"Thank you so much!" Chen Xiaobei took it and tucked it away nicely.

He was surprised that a scientist would possess such unbelievable influence, before remembering that individuals like Lin Bo is the national treasure of China. Just like the scientists who completed the Two Bombs, One Satellite Project – China's defense would be boosted tremendously after their project was completed. Therefore, it was only normal for the country to value him!

"Alright, I've had my say. Now go, look for your Xiang Xiang…" Lin Bo smiled. It was almost as if he could tell what he was thinking.

"Uhm… I think it's better for me to meet her some other time. You two should spend some time together since you don't come back that often!" Chen Xiaobei scratched his nose and quickly left the house.

It was ten at night and Chen Xiaobei was absolutely ready to go home, when his cellphone rang out of the blue. He smiled when he saw the caller ID.

"What's up, my Flatboard Princess? Are you calling me to warm your bed?" Chen Xiaobei answered the call jokingly.

"Asshole Xiaobei! Help…" Xiaoyao cried.

"What happened?" Chen Xiaobei tucked away his smile and replied seriously.

"My dad is going to fight.. fight… for me…His opponent is really powerful… I think he's in danger… You are the only person I know in Dragon City… Can you come and help me…" Xiaoyao said between sobs.

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