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Chapter 479: Vomiting Blood From Rage

"What the hell! Where is my heirloom, the Hetian Jade? How did it turn into Du… Du… Du…"

Bai Zhunyu was livid, but could not utter another word. His face had turned tomato red, and he could fell blood gushing out from his mouth!

On the big screen, Yap Tianlin's face darkened. He was clearly not too happy either.

Suddenly, a shout rang, clearly intending of adding oil to fire.

"What the fuck! Boss Bai! Your family is simply amazing! So you people treat a pack of Durex as a heirloom? It's fucking amazing!"


His frustration blowing past his limit, Bai Zhunyu could not stop himself from spurting out a mouthful of blood. There was no way to wiggle himself out of this one.

Meanwhile, the crowd slowly recovered and started chattering away – their comments came wave after wave, each dealing a further blow on Bai Zhunyu.

"Did Boss Bai lose his mind? But… presenting a packet of Durex in public place like this, he is really too damn cool…"

"You're right. However, Lady Lin is a reputable and upright lady. He is obviously trying to kill his own standing in society, giving a packet of Durex to Lady Lin as present. It's a whole new threshold of making a fool of himself!"

"Boss Bai, just do it! Your heart and guts are truly lecherous. I respect you for being a real gentleman!"

The crowd stared at Bai Zhunyu as if a clown on stage despite their shock as the man himself stood, bewildered and frozen on the platform. He needed a hole he could dive into so badly – it was his first time experiencing such an embarrassing moment!

All of a sudden, a familiar voice could be heard from the crowd.

"Boss Yap! Earlier, you mentioned that Bai Zhunyu is a man with good traits and a leader in the Tianlin Organization! Giving a packet of Durex to a lady as a gift in public is definitely a good idea. It's no wonder your company can be so successful – you people are insane!"

Everyone was left dumbstruck once more, and tried to look for the culprit.

"That guy is awesome! Seems like it wasn't fun enough for him to slap Bai Zhunyu's face – he's now slapping Yap Tianlin too! The madman!"

In the end, they could not find who said it, because Chen Xiaobei was the had used True Sound Mastery to spread his voice, making it impossible for others to locate where it come from.

Lin Nan himself knew the truth, and was force to keep holding on to his own stomach and laugh out loud.

"Goddamn! My brother-in-law, you are a god. How did you do something so awesome?"

"What did I do? How come I have no idea?" Chen Xiaobei smiled innocently despite knowing that all credit belonged to him.

The crowd eventually gave up on looking for the culprit of incitement after a while, and turned their attention to the big screen – where Lin Xiang stood, questioning Yap Tianlin.

"Boos Yap, you're my brother's first friend in Dragon City but also the one who introduced this lecherous bastard, Bai Zhunyu to us. I don't want anything to do with you anymore if you fail to give me a proper explanation!"

Yap Tianlin frowned and spoke solemnly after weighing the matter seriously.

"I'm also really surprised that this sort of thing happened under my nose. I never thought that Bai Zhunyu was such a hypocrite, and I'm truly sorry for this shameless act. However, he also brought shame to the Tianlin Organization, and I will therefore make it official – Bai Zhunyu no longer has any ties with our company and its various subsidiaries, nor will we reconsider having him with us."

Tears cascaded down Bao Zhunyu's cheek after hearing that he was getting the sack.

"Master Yap! Boss Yap! You can't fire me… Have you forgotten that both of us are friends since young? Didn't you promise never to fire me whatever happens? Please… I beg you… Don't fire me… Just demote me! I'm willing to have a lower position and less salary… Just don't fire me…" 

Bai Zhunyu knelt in front of the big screen and knocked his head on the stage floor.

The others sighed for his loss – the CFO position in Tianlin Organization was a highly coveted position. Removing Bai Zhunyu from the post was worse than killing him!

"Cut the crap. Nothing will change my mind!" Yap Tianlin roared. He might seem selfish and dictatorial, smarter individuals could tell that he was actually extremely upset – which was natural for having his hand forced as one of the four young masters of Dragon City.

"Lady Lin, are you satisfied now?" he turned to her. I'm leaving first if you are happy with my decision. I have another meeting I need to attend!"

"Boss Yap, feel free to leave – I'm leaving as well!" Lin Xiang replied coldly. Lin Nan, where are you? Stop fooling around, let's go home!"

"Sister! Look who's here!" Lin Nan pushed towards her from the crowd while Chen Xiaobei followed him slowly. Lin Xiang unwittingly purred as she saw the latter's smile. She was bemused as something powerful ravaged her body, drained all her energy and made her body soft like jelly.

'I want to melt in his embrace!' She screamed inside her heart.

All her cowardice and meekness were abandoned. Ignoring how others would see her from now on, she used what strength she had left and ran into his embrace. A warm and secure sensation filled her instantly. This was the safe harbor that Lin Xiang missed the entire time!

"I'm really sorry. I was too much in a rush to buy anything." Chen Xiaobei said softly as he stroked Lin Xiang silky hair.

"It's fine. You're the best gift ever!" Lin Xiang lifted up her head, and everyone could see genuine sweetness brimming from her soulful eyes. The crowd was bewildered.

"Oh my god! Who is that guy? He just made Lady Lin fall in love with him instantly!"

"Actually, I heard that Lady Lin has a boyfriend. That could be him!"

"That brat is so damn lucky. I can't believe he managed to capture Lady Lin's heart – he might make a fortune from it as well!"

"Isn't that right? This is ten thousand times better than winning a jackpot. I'm so jealous of him right now!"

Everyone watched as Chen Xiaobei left with his arms around Lin Xiang's waist, Lin Nan in tow. The big screen turned black after they left, and soon Bai Zhunyu's cellphone rang. It was Yap Tianlin.

"Idiot! You just ruined my meticulous plan!" He shouted.

"Master Yap, please don't fire me… I'll definitely think of a way to solve this problem…"

"I don't want you to solve any problems. You must destroy Lin Xiang's reputation, and make her an outcast within her own social circle!"


"You'll never understand my intention, you dumb f*ck! Just do what I say!"

"Yes… Yes… Yes…" Bai Zhunyu nodded, and called for his servant after hanging up.

"That Wang woman, is she still here?"

"She's still throwing a tantrum outside the house; she insisted that she won't leave until she sees you."

"Alright! Tell her to come to my study!"

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