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Chapter 469: Please, Take a Number and Get in Line!




Three black figures leapt down from a building in the distance; all of them wore a black mask and were dressed in full-black. They were clearly ninjas from Japan; the katanas they were wielding was telling.

"Huh?" Gao Ziang was stunned. He narrowed his eyes and glared at them. "So. The three of you want to protect Chen Xiaobei?"

Yap Liangchen and Feng Qingyang were puzzled. They never knew that Chen Xiaobei had placed three elites here as backup.

Why Japanese, though?

"We need to capture Chen Xiaobei alive! You are not allowed to kill him!" The man in the middle tried his best to speak in Chinese.

"Capture him alive?"

Everyone save for Chen Xiaobei himself was left dumbfounded. In other words, the ninjas were his enemies as well, and had been lying in wait to ambush him at the opportune moment.

"The three of them are really something… I never noticed them following us!" Yap Liangchen frowned. He was an elite at the latter phase of Qi refining stage with ten thousand combat power after all – the fact that he could not detect them made it

clear that the ninjas were quite formidable themselves!

The members of the Ghost Claw Faction were shocked. They knew that the three men in black were extremely dangerous to deal with. The trio were akin to venomous snakes hiding in the corner and biding their time, ready to deal a fatal blow in an instant.

Suddenly, their leader lifted his chin and laughed coldly. "All three of us here are high-leveled mid-tier ninjas. Staying undetected is our specialty. Not even those high combat power elites would notice us, let alone weaklings like you people!"

"Don't be so cocky! How good could you be when My Sifu noticed you three following us some time ago?" Feng Qingyang shot back snobbishly.

"I…" The lead ninja laughter stopped as he choked on his own saliva. All three of them then gaped at Chen Xiaobei, not quite able to understand how he sensed their presence.

Chen Xiaobei simply put on a straight face and ignored them. That was a perfect form of face-slapping – one achieved without saying a word! In truth, the ninjas were indeed stealthy. Chen Xiaobei would never have found them preparing their ambush if he did not activate his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes while checking out the building.

In short, it was mere chance that he saw them. Naturally, that was his secret and he would never tell them about it.

"Bastard! Stop being so arrogant! What can you do even if you did find us?! I will bring you back to Japan, no matter what happens today!" The head of the Ninja said determinedly.

"Oh, I don't mind that at all. However, you'll need to ask permission from Gao Ziang here!" Chen Xiaobei shrugged and replied sarcastically.

"Indeed! Don't expect me to let him go – the brat has thrown

thrown huge waves in Jianghu, and I will be famous and respected, once I kill him! Then, my boss will rely on me more, and invest more money on us. It's an opportunity not to be missed" Gao Ziang said coldly.

"So, end of discussion?" The ninja said in a deep tone; his murderous aura started to fill the atmosphere.

"You Japs don't even deserve to speak to me!" Gao Ziang said arrogantly and drew his daggers.




Those three Ninjas drew their katanas in attack, injected brown True Qi to their blades. It was as if their weapons were shrouded in brown flames that devoured the air around them.

"They look pretty strong… Judging from their True Qi, the three of them must be at the latter phase of Qi refining stage!" Feng Qingyang frowned.

"All three of them are almost at my level. I don't think I can handle them if they all attack at once!" Yap Liangchen gulped. "Bro Bei, we should get out of here…"

"Get out? Hehe…" Chen Xiaobei smiled. He found it reasonable for Yap Liangchen to panic, however, since they did not see each other for some time.

Turning on his Netherspirit Battlescouter, he checked on the three ninjas. His friends were right – the ninja trio were at the latter phase of Qi refining stage, and possess ten thousand combat power!

Then, Chen Xiaobei turned to look at Gao Ziang.


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 12000. Combat power: 12000!]

"Well,I know who is going to win this fight." Chen Xiaobei muttered, his eyebrows raised.

"I've heard about your kind, and I would have fled immediately if you guys were mid-level ninjas. Too bad that all three of you are weaker than me, so just rot in hell with Chen Xiaobei!" Gao Ziang swung both of daggers in his hands. The yellow True Qi around the daggers was focused, and threatened to blanket the area like a sandstorm.

"Too fast!" The head of the Ninja exclaimed. Before he realized it, both of his team members were screaming in agony. Gao Ziang had stabbed them both with his daggers, and his yellow True Qi destroyed their organs completely!

Killing two birds with one stone!

The head of the Ninja was at a loss. There was nothing else for him other than to flee the scene as soon as possible!

"I know you want to run, but I can't allow you to do that," Gao Ziang grinned darkly. "I really need to make a name for myself since I've only moved to Dragon City recently. Although killing all three of you here won't make waves across Jianghu compared to killing Chen Xiaobei, it's still something. I don't mind either way!"

"Mercy…Please…" The ninja started to beg.


He was decapitated before he could finish his words.

"Our leader is the best! Our leader is the best!"

"F*ck those ninjas. They're just a pile of garbage to our leader!"

"Our leader is going to be famous after this. The Ghost Claw Faction is going to bloom!"

The members of the Ghost Claw Faction were so thrilled they would have gladly used their tongue to lick Gao Ziang's boots.

"This guy is quite strong… No wonder he didn't care about me. I will definitely lose in a fight!!" Yap Liangchen exclaimed, his forehead was drenched with cold sweat.

"Gao Ziang is talented. That's was why I took him under my wing as my grand-godson some time ago. I just didn't expect him to be a rotten apple!" Feng Qingyang groaned.

"Brat! What say you? Just show me your neck, and I'll cut it. It'll be painless!" Gao Ziang glared at Chen Xiaobei.

"There are a lot of people who wants my neck too. Please, take a number!" Chen Xiaobei laughed.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed and charged towards them. "No one else can kill Chen Xiaobei, except me!" The man shouted with a hair-raising voice!

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