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Chapter 468: Turf War

"Why not?" Chen Xiaobei frowned. "To think you've got my hopes up…"

"That land," Yap Liangchen explained, "was confiscated by the Six Doors Organization since it belonged to the Hundred Beasts Faction. It's going to be difficult to acquire the title deed."

"Six Doors Organization? That's easy! My honey is the boss of Six Doors Organization now, one call and the problem is solved!" Chen Xiaobei boasted.

"Yes, but Six Doors Organization is just one of the problems – there is another group of people waiting to stake their claim the land as well." Yap Liangchen said gravely. Though he was quite shocked about Chen Xiaobei's 'honey', he had no qualms in believing him.

"Who would they be?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"They are the Northwest Ghost Claw Faction. It seems like something good happened to them recently too – they are pretty confident that they could claim the land." Yap Lianchen said.

"I don't care," Chen Xiaobei's words were as cold as ice. "That land belongs to me. If they refuse to yield, we shall fight for it and see who comes up on top!" It was vital that he claim the land since it was almost a once-in-lifetime opportunity. To gain Spiritual Qi that improves his cultivation was absolutely worth fighting for.

"Actually, Bro Bei, we don't need to fight with

them. We just need to ask Feng Qingyang to come along. He is the boss of the Northwest Jianghu, and could easily settle the issue!" Yap Liangchen offered.

"Huh? How did you know that I could ask Feng Qingyang to come with me?" Chen Xiaobei asked, puzzled.

"News that Feng Qingyang wanted to become your disciple has spread across Jianghu. It sent a huge shock among the community, and almost everyone knows it by now!" Yap Liangchen said.

"If that's the case, I shall ask Feng Qingyang to come with me. I need you to set up a meeting between me and the Ghost Claw Faction now!"

Soon, everything was settled.

Both parties were to meet at the old base of the Hundred Beasts Faction. The members of Ghost Claw Faction were not there when Chen Xiaobei, Yap Liangchen and Feng Qingyang arrived, and so the trio took the chance to walk around and survey the area as well as the old building that served as the former headquarters of the Hundred Beasts Faction.

It was designed in typical traditional Chinese fashion with a spacious balcony, with its courtyard decorated by a man-made mountain, a small lake, and trees. Chen Xiaobei could already feel the streams of Spiritual Qi flowing in the area; he was now more than determined than ever to claim this land.

As if he could read his mind, Feng Qingyang tapped his chest.

"Sifu, don't you worry! The Ghost Claw Faction is just a random faction, their faction leader respects me a lot! I'll demand that they leave Dragon City once they arrive!"

Chen Xiaobei nodded.

"Winning the war without the fighting is a good strategy!" Yap Liangchen praised him with a thumb-up. "Elder Feng, you're really something. With you here, Bro Bei can claim this land without any complications!"

"It's always my pleasure to help my Sifu!" Feng Qingyang replied. "Furthermore, a weak faction like Ghost Claw Faction could never stand against my Sifu to claim this piece of land! I could destroy them easily if I still had my strength and youth!"

"Then it's great for us that you're old and weak!"

Suddenly, a voice rang from afar. Chen Xiaobei turned to find a middle-aged man making his way towards them. He had rather tanned skin and thick eyebrows, while a wild aura was wafting out of his body.

More than thirty men were following him.

"Gao Ziang! How dare you talk to me like that?! Have you forgotten how you begged me to take you in as my god-grandson?" Feng Qingyang shouted angrily.

"Hmph! That was when you were so powerful that the whole of Northwest Jianghu was afraid of you. Now, you are just a piece of old shit." Gao

shit." Gao Ziang retorted with the same tone.

"Ungrateful bastard! Do you really think you can get to where you are today without my help?" Feng Qingyang roared furiously.

"I'm ungrateful, and there is nothing that you can do. Bite me! Old piece of faggot, I'm going to cut you into pieces if you speak to me rudely again!" Gao Ziang laughed. He placed his hands on the handle of the daggers tied to his waist; he definitely wanted to kill the old man.

"I…" Feng Qingyang was infuriated, but there was nothing he could do. He who has the more powerful cultivation rules! It was true that he could not defeat Gao Ziang, and he had no one to blame except himself for bringing up an ungrateful bastard! 

"Sifu! I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do! Please forgive me for making empty promises!" Feng Qingyang frowned, sincerely upset for letting Chen Xiaobei down.

"It's fine. You can stand back for now." Chen Xiaobei waved his hands to show that he would not be laying any blame on him.

"Yes, Sifu!" Feng Qingyang gritted his teeth and walked behind Chen Xiaobei's back. He was rather forlorn, and it would have been better if Chen Xiaobei had scolded him.

"Hahahaha…" Gao Ziang and the Ghost Claw Faction laughed, and started to take turns mocking the elderly man.

"What a shame, Feng a shame, Feng Qingyang! You were so powerful, and yet look at you right now – you just called a boy younger than you your sifu!"

"Look at your stupid face in the mirror, you look like a retarded fool now! I think you really have lost your mind, calling a baby your sifu!"

"Sigh… The giant of Northwest Jianghu has fallen to such a pathetic state. You bring shame to the our Jianghu!

Chen Xiaobei responded with a cold glare at all of them. "I understand that a dragon can be bullied by a group of prawns when he enters the wrong territory," he said calmly. "However, a dragon is still a dragon – you guys are dead meat when the dragon recovers!"

"Huh? So you think that you're a dragon? But my eyes tell me that you're just a worm! Do you know why we chose to meet you guys here?" Gao Ziang grinned ominously.

"So you were thinking about killing us all along? Well, you have to ask permission from my people first." Chen Xiaobei's expression was unfathomable.

"Your people? Hehe… Yap Liangchen and Feng Qingyang can't do a thing to us!" Gao Ziang appeared quite confident about his combat power; he did not even consider the ten thousand combat power Yap Liangchen a threat.

"No. I'm not talking about this two. Look there. Hey! Come out now or they'll kill us!" Chen Xiaobei smiled darkly as he pointed towards the horizon.

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