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Chapter 470: Impenetrable King Kong Skin

"Is… Is that a human or a spirit?"

The members of the Ghost Claw Faction were stunned, and then excited, before being gripped by cold, dripping fear.

The shadow was a humanoid, but his eyes were blood red and he had two fangs protruding from his lips. He also had a pair of metal claws, which made him look like the lovechild of a vampire and Wolverine!

Most of the Ghost Claw Faction had never seen a creature such as this. Their faces quickly paled, their hair stood on end, and they would have fled if not for Gao Ziang's presence.

However, even elites like Gao Ziang and Yap Liangchen were afraid.

"The Deathbane Family shall be the ones who take Chen Xiaobei's head. This is for our very pride. Puny humans the likes of you shall not stand in our way!"

White True Qi filled the area as the grey shadow charged towards them, and the temperature around them plummeted.

"He is a count of vampires!" Feng Qingyang exclaimed. He was the most knowledgeable person among them. "They are the most powerful members in a vampire family possessing high combat power and special combat abilities. They cannot be compared to the viscount of a vampire family!"

"Vampire?" Gao Ziang was suddenly thrilled. "I can't believe that the stories were truer! I should capture it and offer it to my boss… He might reward me a couple billion!"

"Really? We'll be super rich! That monster looked pretty powerful, but the risk will be worth it!" The other Ghost Claw Faction members were really excited when they saw their faction leader being so confident.

However, they seem to forget that Gao Ziang was the type of person who puts money before everything else in life.

Swinging his daggers, he charged at the vampire.

"Idiot!" Chen Xiaobei stared at Gao Ziang coolly as if he was dead meat.


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 14000. Combat power: 14000!]

The vampire was definitely stronger than Ye Linlong – not even a hundred Ye Linlongs would be able defeat him!

In other words, Gao Ziang has doomed himself by charging at the vampire. 



Both of Gao Ziang's daggers managed to struck the vampire, but the man was left gaping at the scene before him.

The combination of his combat power and his two custom daggers would cut through stainless steel! However, the count had simply grabbed hold

hold of his daggers with his bare hands, the edge not even grazing him.

"No-No way!" Gao Ziang exclaimed in shock. It would have made sense that the count was more powerful than he was, but it was utterly inconceivable that he could also grip his blades with his bare hands and take no damage!

"By the gods… What… What kind of monster is that? Our faction leader's daggers can cut through steel, but he failed to hurt the vampire?!"

All of them were scared witless. Seconds ago, their spirits were high as Gao Ziang strutted and attacked the vampire. Now, fear crept into their mortal physicality once more as they witnessed the impossible!

Even the faces of Yap Liangchen and Feng Qingyang were sheet-white. It was as if terror had finally managed to invade their souls.

"Bro Bei, I think we should flee now…" Yap Liangchen whispered, his entire body trembling in fear.

However, Chen Xiaobei remained calm. He stared at the hands of the count and asked: "Is that the special ability of the vampire?"

"That's right." Feng Qingyang nodded despite his fright. "Different vampires possess different kinds of abilities – this one in particular is called the Impenetrable King Kong Skin. It can protect the user's body from being edged weapons! However, this vampire is just a count; he can only apply it to his hands!" 

"Impenetrable King Kong Skin?" Chen Xiaobei giggled.


The vampire snatched Gao Ziang's daggers with brute force.




He swung both of his hands at the same time; his movements were so fast none of them could keep up.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of gashes appeared on Gao Ziang's body. Blood started to gush out from those wounds, and he was blanketed in his own blood before he could beg for his life.

The vampire, however, did not kill him quickly; he wanted him to die of blood loss. It was much more cruel and inhumane than plain murder!

"Crap, our leader is dead… Run, everybody run!"

Frightened to the core, the rest of the Ghost Claw Faction Members started to scramble and run for dear life.

"Did I permit any of you guys to leave?" The vampire asked darkly, and dashed towards one of the young members, twisted his neck and bit into it.



Seconds later, he dropped the youth like a rag doll on the ground, and there was no trace of blood in his body anymore.

"Mercy… Please let us live… "

The rest of the members stopped running. Fearing that any one of them could be the next victim, they gave up on escaping and simply knelt, begging for their lives. Though Yap Liangchen and Feng Qingyang were still standing, it was clear that them too, were in despair.

It was then that Chen Xiaobei started to walk towards the vampire with a black sword in his hand.

"Bro Bei! What are you trying to do?" Yap Liangchen yelled.

"Hmmm? I'm going to kill the monster, of course" Chen Xiaobei replied calmly.

"What?! Don't do that!" Both Yap Liangchen and Feng Qingyang screamed.

"The brat has lost his mind! He's crazy!" The remnant of the Ghost Claw Faction looked at Chen Xiaobie as if he was an idiot.

"Hmph! Did you really think you can kill me after you killed Ye Linlong? How naïve!" The vampire smiled haughtily and shrouded himself in white True Qi. The temperature around him plummeted so much, that his claws were covered in frost.

"Try to block my attack this time then!" Chen Xiaobei charged at him in blinding speeds, leaving everyone else gaping in wonder.

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