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Chapter 467: The Four Young Masters of Dragon City

All well's that ends well.

After helping Madam Diana to a full recovery, Chen Xiaobei graciously invited Elder Luo to his house for dinner with his family. The old man insisted on buying a few gifts before heading over.

When they finally arrived at the Wolong mansion, he was once again surprised and impressed by how much the young man had achieved especially given his meager age. Naturally, his first meeting with Chen Xiaobei's parents were cordial and jovial.

On the other hand, Luo Puti was not all happy that Chen Xiaobei was taking full advantage of the situation, but was reluctant to upset the elders too. Therefore, she forced herself to play along and maintain her cover as his girlfriend.

Thus did the night end on a peaceful and joyous note. 

Next morning.

Old Wang had streamed Mobile Legends for the entire night to rake in more fans. Now, he had fifty thousand fans – half of whom were his disciples, although he still had a long way to go to catch up with Chen Xiaobei's fan base.

Careful not to wake him, Chen Xiaobei left the house after making two calls.

His first call was to Song Qincheng

to ask after her and Wenyuan. It appears that the two of them were getting along pretty well. She took over the company officially, while Wenyuan signed some documents to work under her company. Both were quite preoccupied with their work too; they did not ask him to head to the city to keep them 'company'.

Next, Chen Xiaobei received a call from Yap Liangchen, who wanted to discuss the task he had assign him. He drove to the Yap Mansion immediately, which was located around the Xuanwu Lake as well. The Yap Family had only slight influence in Dragon City after all – even the Luo Family was more influential than they were.

When he arrived, the entire family had already line up by the front entrance to welcome him. It appears that the head of the family, Yap Lanshou had resolved to cling onto him since he could not get into the good graces of the Cao Family. He also wanted the rest of the family to have a good look at Chen Xiaobei, to make sure that they would respect and obey the young man in the future.

After some brief introductions, Chen Xiaobei went with Yap Liangchen to the study to discuss business. But before Yap Lianchen could say a thing, Chen Xiaobei asked: "I heard about someone named Yap Tianlin recently. Does he have anything to do with your family?"

Yap Liangchen stared blankly at him for a moment. "Our family has nothing to do with him at all," he said. "His family is one of the four most powerful and richest family in Dragon City. We were a single clan five hundred years ago, but now our family cannot be compared to his at all!"

Chen Xiaobei nodded. He had expected that answer.

"How much do you know about him?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"He is known as a genius when it comes to business, and he started since he was twenty-one years old. Five years down the line and his company was listed in the top hundred most successful organizations in China, and commonly acknowledged as the most influential amongst them too."

"The wealth that they have accumulated is unimaginable, which was why Yap Tianlin is now considered the sole inheritor of his Family. Some economists even predicted that in twenty years, he would become the richest man in this world after he takes over his family business!"

Yap Liangchen talked as if he was quite eager for it to happen too.

The information most certainly shock Chen Xiaobei, but he managed to keep a lid on it. There were a lot of thing in his treasure chest that he would never exchange for the world, and that alone kept him from being disturbed by the fact that Yap Tianlin would become the richest man in the world.

"How about Liu Chunyi? Know anything about him?" Chen Xiaobei asked nonchalantly.

"Of course!" Yap Liangchen nodded. "Liu Chunyi is known as the true prodigy of martial arts, having achieved True Nirvana Cultivation when he was twenty-seven years old. He's now considered the most powerful individual in Dragon City!"

"Achieved True Nirvana Cultivation at twenty-seven years old? That is pretty fast!" Chen Xiaobei winked and smiled. 

"That's right. Liu Chunyi himself is extremely talented, but he is also given strong backing by the Liu Family's Xuanjian Faction to improve himself indefinitely. In other words, there was truly no limits to how much he could grow. His juniors are being constantly crushed beneath his feet!"

"Where did Xuanjian Faction come to possess so many resources?" Chen Xiaobei asked in curiosity. Liu Chunyi's speed of improvement was many a dream of martial artists that ultimately proved impossible!

Still, his improvement was not as impressive to Chen Xiaobei's own. With enough Spiritual Qi, he could reach True Nirvana Cultivation way before Liu Chunyi did at his age. That was also why he was slightly interested in the resources possessed by Xuanjian Faction.

"The great-grandfather of the Liu Family is a top-tier Jianghu elite who achieved the Pinnacle stage of True Nirvana Phase. He's also the alliance leader of the entire Jianghu, which in turn helped Xuanjian Faction become the most powerful faction in Jianghu! Every year, tons of people try to join them, which give them more wealth along with loyalties paid by other factions. One way or the other, they would never run out of resources."

Yap Liang paused for a while. "That was also how the Liu Family became one of the four most powerful families in Dragon City," he concluded. "And their heirs, along with Cao Zhenyang, and Zhuang Bifan, are known as the four young masters of Dragon City."

"I see…" Chen Xiaobei nodded.

'Well, I'll treat them like my brothers if they are my friends…' he thought. '…and crush them if they stand in my way!' Chen thought.

"Bro Bei, do you have anything else to ask? I shall carry on with our discussion if you don't have further questions." Yap Liangchen asked, to which Chen Xiaobei shook his head.

The heir of the Yap family then took out a map and spread it over the table. 

"I found a great land like you've asked!" he exclaimed. "The location is surrounded by mountains. It is easily defensible, and difficult to attack. No one would ever know what we are doing inside if we secure the entrance, and it's a true utopia after we plant our peach trees there."

"Apart from that, there's a small pool of Spiritual Qi beneath the location and would benefit cultivation greatly. We would also be able to condense it if we can set up a formation that holds the Spiritual Qi around the area just like the holy land in Golden Dragon Temple!"

"There's a pool of Spiritual Qi?! That's what I need the most right now!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed excitedly.

There was a pool of Spiritual Qi beneath Wolong Mansion too. However, Chen Xiaobei refrained from absorbing any since his parents need the Spiritual Qi for nourishment. It was therefore a pleasant surprise for him that Yap Liangchen found another pool!

Chen Xiaobei did not burst out in excitement although he was utterly exhilirated. "Wait, something's not right…" he said hesitantly. "How is it possible that no one has staked a claim over it yet?"

"That's because it's where the Hundred Beasts Faction headquarters used to be." Yap Liangchen said.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go and claim ownership!" Chen Xiaobei said happily.

"We can't do that!" Yap Liangchen shook his head.

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